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  • The First Tooth
    There once was a wood, and a very thick wood,
    So thick that to walk was as much as you could;
    But a sunbeam got in, and the trees understood.
  • Dressing The Doll
    THIS is the way we dress the Doll:â??
    You may make her a shepherdess, the Doll,
    If you give her a crook with a pastoral hook,
    But this is the way we dress the Doll. ...
  • The Cat Of Cats
    I am the cat of cats. I am
    The everlasting cat!
    Cunning, and old, and sleek as jam,
    The everlasting cat! ...
  • Polly
    Brown eyes,
    Straight nose;
    Dirt pies,
    Rumpled clothes; ...
  • Little Ditties I
    Winifred Waters sat and sighed
    Under a weeping willow;
    When she went to bed she cried,
    Wetting all the pillow; ...
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Abunoody: "you are more than the earth, though you are such a dot: you can love and think, and the earth cannot!" william brighty rands.
Litcharts: new guide! the flowers by william brighty rands
Hollingwoodpay: this week, our reading ambassadors have recommended some poems for you all to have a read of: the raven by edgar allan poe the cat of cats by william brighty rands the little turtle by vachel lindsay eid-mubarak by marian swinger
Attielime: one of the poems my mum used to recite to me at bedtime... 'godfrey gordon gustavus gore — no doubt you have heard the name before — was a boy who never would shut a door!...' by william brighty rands
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