The Beggar Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Encouraged by thy wordA
Of promise to the poorB
Behold a beggar LordC
Waits at thy mercy's doorD
No hand no heart O Lord but thineE
Can help or pity wants like mineE
The beggar's usual pleaF
Relief from men to gainG
If offered unto theeF
I know thou would'st disdainG
And pleas which move thy gracious earH
Are such as men would scorn to hearH
I have no right to sayI
That though I now am poorB
Yet once there was a dayI
When I possessed moreD
Thou know'st that from my very birthJ
I've been the poorest wretch on earthJ
Nor can I dare professK
As beggars often doL
Though great is my distressK
My wants have been but fewL
If thou shouldst leave my soul to starveM
It would be what I well deserveN
'Twere folly to pretendO
I never begged beforeD
Or if thou now befriendO
I'll trouble thee no moreD
Thou often hast relieved my painG
And often I must come againP
Though crumbs are much too goodQ
For such a dog as IR
No less than children's foodS
My soul can satisfyR
O do not frown and bid me goT
I must have all thou canst bestowT

John Newton


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