St. Mark's Day Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Oh who shall dare in this frail sceneA
On holiest happiest thoughts to leanA
On Friendship Kindred or on LoveB
Since not Apostles' hands can claspC
Each other in so firm a graspC
But they shall change and variance proveD
Yet deem not on such parting sadE
Shall dawn no welcome dear and gladE
Divided in their earthly raceF
Together at the glorious goalG
Each leading many a rescued soulG
The faithful champions shall embraceF
For e'en as those mysterious FourH
Who the bright whirling wheels upboreH
By Chebar in the fiery blastI
So on their tasks of love and praiseJ
This saints of God their several waysJ
Right onward speed yet join at lastI
And sometimes e'en beneath the moonK
The Saviour gives a gracious boonK
When reconciled Christians meetL
And face to face and heart to heartM
High thoughts of holy love impartM
In silence meek or converse sweetL
Companion of the Saints 'twas thineN
To taste that drop of peace divineN
When the great soldier of thy LordO
Called thee to take his last farewellP
Teaching the Church with joy to tellP
The story of your love restoredO
O then the glory and the blissQ
When all that pained or seemed amissQ
Shall melt with earth and sin awayR
When saints beneath their Saviour's eyeS
Filled with each other's companyT
Shall spend in love th' eternal dayR

John Keble


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