Sonnet. On A Picture Of Leander Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Come hither all sweet Maidens soberlyA
Down looking aye and with a chasten'd lightB
Hid in the fringes of your eyelids whiteB
And meekly let your fair hands joined beA
As if so gentle that ye could not seeA
Untouch'd a victim of your beauty brightB
Sinking away to his young spirit's nightB
Sinking bewilder'd 'mid the dreary seaA
'Tis young Leander toiling to his deathC
Nigh swooning he doth purse his weary lipsD
For Hero's cheek and smiles against her smileE
O horrid dream see how his body dipsD
Dead heavy arms and shoulders gleam awhileE
He's gone up bubbles all his amorous breathC

John Keats


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