Fragment. Welcome Joy, And Welcome Sorrow Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'Under the flagA
Of each his faction they to battle bringB
Their embryo atoms ' MiltonC
Welcome joy and welcome sorrowD
Lethe's weed and Hermes' featherE
Come to day and come to morrowD
I do love you both togetherE
I love to mark sad faces in fair weatherE
And hear a merry laugh amid the thunderE
Fair and foul I love togetherE
Meadows sweet where flames are underE
And a giggle at a wonderE
Visage sage at pantomineC
Funeral and steeple chimeF
Infant playing with a skullG
Morning fair and shipwreck'd hullG
Nightshade with the woodbine kissingB
Serpents in red roses hissingB
Cleopatra regal dress'dH
With the aspic at her breastH
Dancing music music sadI
Both together sane and madI
Muses bright and muses paleJ
Sombre Saturn Momus haleJ
Laugh and sigh and laugh againC
Oh the sweetness of the painC
Muses bright and muses paleJ
Bare your faces of the veilJ
Let me see and let me writeK
Of the day and of the nightK
Both together let me slakeB
All my thirst for sweet heart acheL
Let my bower be of yewM
Interwreath'd with myrtles newM
Pines and lime trees full in bloomN
And my couch a low grass tombN

John Keats


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