Bards Of Passion And Of Mirth Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Written on the Blank Page before Beaumont and Fletcher'sA
Tragi Comedy 'The Fair Maid of the Inn'B
Bards of Passion and of MirthC
Ye have left your souls on earthC
Have ye souls in heaven tooD
Doubled lived in regions newD
Yes and those of heaven communeB
With the spheres of sun and moonB
With the noise of fountains wondrousA
And the parle of voices thund'rousA
With the whisper of heaven's treesA
And one another in soft easeA
Seated on Elysian lawnsA
Browsed by none but Dian's fawnsA
Underneath large blue bells tentedD
Where the daisies are rose scentedD
And the rose herself has gotD
Perfume which on earth is notD
Where the nightingale doth singE
Not a senseless tranc egrave d thingE
But divine melodious truthF
Philosophic numbers smoothG
Tales and golden historiesA
Of heaven and its mysteriesA
Thus ye live on high and thenB
On the earth ye live againB
And the souls ye left behind youD
Teach us here the way to find youD
Where your other souls are joyingE
Never slumber'd never cloyingE
Here your earth born souls still speakH
To mortals of their little weekH
Of their sorrows and delightsA
Of their passions and their spitesA
Of their glory and their shameI
What doth strengthen and what maimI
Thus ye teach us every dayD
Wisdom though fled far awayD
Bards of Passion and of MirthC
Ye have left your souls on earthC
Ye have souls in heaven tooD
Double lived in regions newD

John Keats


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