I could not keep myself from laughing on that dreadful day
Dumped in the ditch like the piece of waste i was
The laughter still echoes in my head
I remember swimming along the ditches until they found me
Maybe i could have a sit down and justify my mom's actions

*Darkness*light *Darkness

Let me take you back to when i found my soulmate
Many of my friends did not make it
I'm a winner ,beat them all on this
Though what happens later will not make me any different from them
Laugh At how this is a premonition
So, I met my soulmate on the fallopian tube
Together we started growing to one after getting attached
It was a journey that is still impressive to me
How we grew


We grew knowing we would remain that way till we age
Fast forward 7 months later
Everything good comes to an end as the saying goes
We thought that we woulf conquer the world now that we were one
Little did we know there was a bigger being in charge
Turns out i was just in a smaller world
Something bigger was keeping us alive
"Shoutout to my mom, thanks for the supply"

*Light at the end of the tunnel*

How fast!
My estimation had been 9 months
Anyway, Man is to error
As if i became man(Laughs evily)
Finally i was going to be free...


It was dark and cold at the end
Now i lay lifeless on this ditch
Living a life that could have been in my mind