The Shoemakers Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Ho workers of the old time styledA
The Gentle Craft of LeatherB
Young brothers of the ancient guildC
Stand forth once more togetherB
Call out again your long arrayD
In the olden merry mannerB
Once more on gay St Crispin's dayD
Fling out your blazoned bannerB
Rap rap upon the well worn stoneE
How falls the polished hammerB
Rap rap the measured sound has grownE
A quick and merry clamorB
Now shape the sole now deftly curlF
The glossy vamp around itG
And bless the while the bright eyed girlF
Whose gentle fingers bound itG
For you along the Spanish mainH
A hundred keels are ploughingI
For you the Indian on the plainH
His lasso coil is throwingI
For you deep glens with hemlock darkI
The woodman's fire is lightingI
For you upon the oak's gray barkI
The woodman's axe is smitingI
For you from Carolina's pineJ
The rosin gum is stealingI
For you the dark eyed FlorentineK
Her silken skein is reelingI
For you the dizzy goatherd roamsL
His rugged Alpine ledgesM
For you round all her shepherd homesL
Bloom England's thorny hedgesM
The foremost still by day or nightN
On moated mound or heatherB
Whete'er the need of trampled rightN
Brought toiling men togetherB
Where the free burghers from the wallO
Defied the mail clad masterB
Than yours at Freedom's trumpet callO
No craftsmen rallied fasterB
Let foplings sneer let fools derideP
Ye heed no idle scornerB
Free hands and hearts are still your prideP
And duty done your honorB
Ye dare to trust for honest fameQ
The jury Time empanelsM
And leave to truth each noble nameQ
Which glorifies your annalsM
Thy songs Han Sachs are living yetR
In strong and hearty GermanS
And Bloomfield's lay and Gifford's witG
And patriot fame of ShermanS
Still from his book a mystic seerB
The soul of Behmen teachesM
And England's priestcraft shakes to hearB
Of Fox's leathern breechesM
The foot is yours where'er it fallsM
It treads your well wrought leatherB
On earthen floor in marble hallsM
On carpet or on heatherB
Still there the sweetest charm is foundT
Of matron grace or vestal'sM
As Hebe's foot bore nectar roundT
Among the old celestialsM
Rap rap your stout and bluff broganS
With footsteps slow and wearyB
May wander where the sky's blue spanU
Shuts down upon the prairieB
On Beauty's foot your slippers glanceM
By Saratoga's fountainsM
Or twinkle down the summer danceM
Beneath the Crystal MountainsM
The red brick to the mason's handV
The brown earth to the tiller'sM
The shoe in yours shall wealth commandV
Like fairy Cinderella'sM
As they who shunned the household maidW
Beheld the crown upon herB
So all shall see your toil repaidW
With hearth and home and honorB
Then let the toast be freely quaffedW
In water cool and brimmingI
'All honor to the good old CraftW
Its merry men and women 'X
Call out again your long arrayB
In the old time's pleasant mannerB
Once more on gay St Crispin's dayB
Fling out his blazoned bannerB

John Greenleaf Whittier


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