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  • The Dead Host's Welcome
    It is late and cold; stir up the fire;
    Sit close, and draw the table nigher;
    Be merry, and drink wine that's old,
    A hearty medicine 'gainst a cold: ...
  • Love's Emblems
    NOW the lusty spring is seen;
       Golden yellow, gaudy blue,
       Daintily invite the view:
    Everywhere on every green ...
  • Hence, All You Vain Delights From The Nice Valour
    Hence, all you vain delights,
    As short as are the nights
    Wherein you spend your folly:
    There's nought in this life sweet, ...
  • Hear, Ye Ladies
    HEAR, ye ladies that despise
       What the mighty Love has done;
    Fear examples and be wise:
       Fair Callisto was a nun; ...
  • Aspatia's Song
    LAY a garland on my herse
       Of the dismal yew;
    Maidens, willow branches bear;
       Say, I died true. ...
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Jujinmooh: [명언]deeds, not words shall speak me. (john fletcher)play
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