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seeshespeak: “Criticism is a painful job for the sort of mind that wants to be very sure about things.” John Crowe Ransom

gasfacebot: john crowe ransom gets the gasface

poemtoday: New Tumblr post: "A poem by John Crowe Ransom"

welfordwrites: Necrological, a poem by John Crowe Ransom

nivchara_yahel: Haha! Me, too. Sure miss forcing the works of those radical hippie communists John Crowe Ransom and I.A. Richards on their impressionable young minds.

SilasLapham: John Crowe Ransom's "Reconstructed but Unregenerate" in I'll Take My Stand

ryanaboyd: from my monograph “John Crowe Ransom and the New Horny Formalism”

jbrandonmeeks: Listened to a lecture last night by John Crowe Ransom on poetry. Big mood; chill aesthetic.

welfordwrites: Necrological, a poem by John Crowe Ransom

WVPitt: "Money-making, so far as the American farmer is concerned, is like the grace of God: it cannot be purchased successfully as an end in itself." -- John Crowe Ransom, "Land!", pg. 26

boypoetforlife: Searching for my old pocket watch this morning... rain and these lines from John Crowe Ransom found me with the heart patch of the old Laurel Brigade. from “The Vanity of the Bright Young Men”

welfordwrites: Necrological, a poem by John Crowe Ransom

BobNLestrange: For John Crowe Ransom’s Anniversary, here’s Piazza Piece. I might do another recording:

stephen_crow: And most of those want a completed Ms., not a work in progress. The tendency to become a Mandarin is a strong temptation, a beneficiary of the system who mocks and refuses to participate in the system. One of the first writers housed at a major university, John Crowe Ransom--

JoinPakMcqs: Name the author of The New Criticism ? - A. F. R. Leavis B. Allen Tate C. John Crowe Ransom D. R. P. Blackmur

welfordwrites: Necrological, a poem by John Crowe Ransom

Dadinista: I refuse to believe that a definitive edition of John Crowe Ransom's collected poems being released on the very day I went to look for one is anything other than God giving me a little pick me up

Dadinista: If someone wants to buy this for me, I wouldn't say no The Complete Poems by John Crowe Ransom

danjusticecasey: “The theory that excellence lies in the perfection of the single functions, and that society should demand that its members be hard specialists, assumes there is no particular harm in missing something.” || John Crowe Ransom

Dadinista: Not sure I've ever fallen in love with a poet as quickly as I have for John Crowe Ransom

welfordwrites: Necrological, a poem by John Crowe Ransom

welfordwrites: Necrological, a poem by John Crowe Ransom

RColesworthy: Nothing like a good *lolsob* upon encountering John Crowe Ransom’s casual 1938 reference to the “lavish endowment” behind English departments while packing old files on a Sunday afternoon

welfordwrites: Necrological, a poem by John Crowe Ransom

OccuWorld: Southern History Series: John Crowe Ransom On Progress

NORTHTRENTON: And Happy Birthday to John Crowe Ransom (d. 1974), Harold Breen (d. 1966), Joachim Von Ribbentrop (d. 1946), Philippe Panneton (d. 1960), Reverend Gary Davis (d. 1972), Hans List (d. 1996) and Humberto Mauro (d. 1983).

OverflowRanch: This is a day late.

cplocfb: Commemorating a birth (John Crowe Ransom, 1888) and a death (Louis Kronenberger, 1980) for Ohio authors today:

cowboycoleridge: The Lovers' Chronicle 30 April - Tell Me, verse by mac tag - art by Luigi Russolo - verse by John Crowe Ransom

BeineckeLibrary: Grace after Meat: John Crowe Ransom intro. by Robert Graves London: Leonard & Virginia Woolf at the Hogarth Press, 1924 RG letter to Siegfried Sassoon on back flyleaf: "Do you admirs Ransom as much as I do?"

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Across the sullen wave
Laid the sudden strength of his red wrath
Like to a shaken glaive:-
Or did the sun pause in the west
To lift a sword at me,
Or was it she, or was it she,

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