Of Child With Bird At The Bush Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


My little bird how canst thou sitA
And sing amidst so many thornsB
Let me a hold upon thee getC
My love with honour thee adornsB
Thou art at present little worthD
Five farthings none will give for theeE
But pr'ythee little bird come forthF
Thou of more value art to meE
'Tis true it is sunshine to dayG
To morrow birds will have a stormH
My pretty one come thou awayG
My bosom then shall keep thee warmH
Thou subject are to cold o'nightsI
When darkness is thy coveringJ
At days thy danger's great by kitesI
How can'st thou then sit there and singJ
Thy food is scarce and scanty tooK
'Tis worms and trash which thou dost eatL
Thy present state I pity doK
Come I'll provide thee better meatL
I'll feed thee with white bread and milkM
And sugar plums if them thou craveN
I'll cover thee with finest silkM
That from the cold I may thee saveN
My father's palace shall be thineO
Yea in it thou shalt sit and singJ
My little bird if thou'lt be mineO
The whole year round shall be thy springJ
I'll teach thee all the notes at courtP
Unthought of music thou shalt playG
And all that thither do resortP
Shall praise thee for it every dayG
I'll keep thee safe from cat and curQ
No manner o' harm shall come to theeE
Yea I will be thy succourerQ
My bosom shall thy cabin beE
But lo behold the bird is goneR
These charmings would not make her yieldS
The child's left at the bush aloneT
The bird flies yonder o'er the fieldS
This child of Christ an emblem isV
The bird to sinners I compareQ
The thorns are like those sins of hisV
Which do surround him everywhereQ
Her songs her food and sunshine dayG
Are emblems of those foolish toysW
Which to destruction lead the wayG
The fruit of worldly empty joysW
The arguments this child doth chooseX
To draw to him a bird thus wildY
Shows Christ familiar speech doth useZ
To make's to him be reconciledY
The bird in that she takes her wingJ
To speed her from him after allA2
Shows us vain man loves any thingJ
Much better than the heavenly callA2

John Bunyan


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