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TonyHussein4: When the Democratic Party is in power, and there is a Democrat in the White House, millions of jobs are created. Look at the jobs created under Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and President Joe Biden. Compare their total numbers to the total jobs created under 3 Republican Presidents.

45Ginger24: Why won’t Republicans stand up at the SOTU and demand Joe Biden AND Kamala resign? We are sick and tired of a weak, sick, illegitimate, fake, individual embarrassing the USA

claudiatenney: Joe Biden is going to blow so much hot air at the State of the Union that he could inflate another Chinese Spy Balloon.

honor_country: Mayor Eric Adams, pressureing Joe Biden to fund “the entire cost” of sheltering, feeding, clothing, educating and providing health care for at least tens of thousands of new migrants. Pressure Joe Biden for what?  Joe Biden funds nothing, the American taxpayer funds.

RepTroyNehls: Real America won’t believe a word Joe Biden says tonight.

DanKEberhart: Joe Biden will undoubtedly make a lot of big claims about the economy under his watch. Important for you to know ahead of time that most of them will be completely false.

atensnut: This is Joe Biden. Always was and always will be. He is a national embarrassment.

RepBenCline: Real America is fed up with lie after lie from Joe Biden and his administration.

RNCResearch: Karine Jean-Pierre bizarrely insists, “let’s not forget, we’ve seen record wages go up.” Under Joe Biden, real wages have fallen at the fastest pace in 40 years.

415holgate: Biden has revived democratic capitalism – and changed the economic paradigm | Robert Reich

CassyWearsHeels: BREAKING: A U.S. District Judge has struck down Joe Biden’s unconstitutional federal gun ban.

catturd2: I'd rather shave my nuts with a chainsaw than watch Joe Biden's State Of Confusion, tonight.

LifeNewsHQ: BREAKING: Illinois Republican Rep. Mary Miller will not attend Joe Biden's State of the Union tonight. "I'm not going to hear him get applause for lies."

RepBoebert: Under President Trump, it was catch and deport. Under President Biden, it’s catch and release. The invasion at our southern border is a direct result of the policy changes by Joe Biden.

GlockfordFiles: Imagine that China Joe Biden caught lying about alleged Trump era balloons. It kind of reminds me of when he and 51 swamp rat former intelligence officials lied to the American people about the laptop during a presidential debate. FJB

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: President Biden comes out in strong opposition to a suggestion from Republicans and "Democratic" Sen. Joe Manchin to create a commission that would be a "death panel for Medicare and Social Security." RT TO TELL REPUBLICANS TO KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY!

zbhex7: I don't know what's going on in Congress but I do know one thing Joe Biden administration if they want a bounce in their balloon Joe Biden better in the State of the Union have a powerful message for China or else he's dead as a president and a laughing stock to America's enemies

FreedomInc5: As of April 29, 2021 – the 100 Days mark of Joe Biden’s presidency – over 200 known LGBTQ people have been appointed to his administration, the most in history at this point in any administration. It's clearly not about selecting the Most Qualified Administration for this Puppet.

realLizUSA: The state of the union is about as strong as Joe Biden’s ability to read off the teleprompter — which is to say, not good

FOXBaltimore: BORDER WALL UPDATE| Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says the Lone Star State is building its own border wall as residents have seen a record number of illegal crossings

BreslerAlex: "President Joe Biden’s plan to remake America’s economy, Ukraine’s troops in the east are quietly confident and the battle of the AI labs A selection of three essential articles read aloud from the latest issue of The Economist"

greg_price11: I can't wait for Joe Biden to tell us tonight that he is personally responsible for record job growth all of which were jobs added back when covid lockdowns ended and that he inherited high inflation that was at 1.4% when he took office.

IRLILaw: "They believe that when the administration changed, the law changed...and that there was an open border..."

gatewaypundit: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Plans to Bring White Balloon to SOTU Address to Troll Joe Biden (VIDEO)

CollinRugg: Marjorie Taylor Greene plans on bringing a big white balloon to Joe Biden's SOTU speech tonight to troll him over spy balloon failure. Biden will probably get confused and think it's his birthday!

KTXS_News: President Joe Biden will deliver his second State of the Union address Tuesday night to a changed Congress from last year after Republicans gained control of the House as the U.S. tries to work its way out of the pandemic and avoid a recession.

cworldreport: Several Democratic congressmen have invited pro-abortion activists as their guests for President Joe Biden’s second State of the Union address Tuesday night to highlight their commitment to removing restrictions on abortion.

NovElection2024: Is Joe Biden the greatest President of all time?

ChuckCallesto: MEDIA BLACKOUT: Trump Created A DOJ Task Force That Protected The United States From Chinese Spy Balloons, Joe Biden SHUT IT DOWN Over Racism Claims...

DonaldJTrumpJr: If Joe Biden isn’t on China’s payroll why would he shut down this Trump anti Chinese espionage program??? It’s like Joe is trying to make it easy for them. Trump Created A DOJ Task Force Protecting U.S. From Chinese Spy Balloons, Joe Biden Shut It Down

TheLeoTerrell: Joe Biden is destroying America!

w_terrence: Will you be watching the Joe Biden’s State of The Union Speech

ConservativeAd5: BIDEN CHOSE FAUX RACISM OVER NATIONAL SECURITY Trump Created A DOJ Task Force Protecting U.S. From Chinese Spy Balloons, Joe Biden Shut It Down Over Racism

CharlesHurt: Joe Biden kills children

joincurby: While Biden is tackling inflation and shaping a green economy for the US, Britain is being left behind | Carys Roberts The Inflation Reduction Act is a big win for jobs and the environment, but Truss and Sunak have nothing similar to offer Over the

HalfwayPost: BREAKING: Fox News hosts are now complaining that Joe Biden is boosting the economy, job numbers, and stock prices just to make Trump look bad ahead of the 2024 election.

Dougbidenhater: Now when you Democrats read this you're going to start freaking out but this is the law and Joe Biden is breaking it and anybody that is helping him is breaking it he is a treasonous traitor and anyone that is helping with the southern border is also.

MikeLoychik: Joe Biden believes walls work at the Capitol building but not at the southern border.

colecolecole42: Took a shower so hot that joe Biden came and spanked me

FrancisBrennan: "China would prefer Joe Biden." - Nancy Pelosi

ACTforAmerica: Joe Biden's State of the Union address will be . Fill in the blank. GO!

RepTroyNehls: How many times will Joe Biden lie in his State of the Union address tomorrow night?

ACTforAmerica: Joe Biden is the stupid people's president.

greg_price11: Jean-Pierre: "The president is heavily engaged in the writing process. When you hear the speech, there will be no questions that this is a Joe Biden State of the Union speech."

MarshaBlackburn: While Joe Biden tries to make the military woke, Communist China is determined to replace the US in the world order.

47jessyka: a glazed donut and an iced vanilla latte has done more for me than joe biden

BPUnion: Joe Biden handed control of our border to the cartel thugs after handcuffing BP agents to his crap policies. They run it now.

realmichaelseif: Either the Pentagon completely lied to the press about three Chinese spy balloons flying over America during the Trump admin to soften the embarrassment for Joe Biden or the military knew about it and didn't inform the Commander in Chief, which would be treasonous.

BidensWins: Remember when Chuck Todd said Joe Biden didn't have a loyal fanbase? In just a year, this account, an account solely dedicated to celebrating President Biden's wins has accumulated nearly 250k supporters. Keep retweeting and following to continue proving Chuck Todd wrong.

TheDailyShow: Joe Biden is… Pop Gun: Maverick

RNCResearch: CNN: A new poll shows that a record number of Americans say they are financially worse off under Joe Biden. “That’s the highest number they’ve been polling for 37 years…that’s a tough one.”

Miller_Congress: Joe Biden lied about the border being secure. He lied about inflation. He lied about gas prices. He lied about vaccine mandates. He lied about taking classified documents. I will NOT sit there while Congress & “reporters” clap for his lies!

CurtisHebert: Show Time! This investigation is not against Hunter, but a case to expose the Biden Crime Family with the Big Man calling the shots. House Oversight Chair James Comer is building a killer case against Joe Biden

KanekoaTheGreat: Joe Biden was the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill that sent millions of Americans to prison for doing what his son is doing right here. Why aren't the Bidens being prosecuted for the 459 fully documented crimes found on Hunter's laptop?

TheLeoTerrell: Attention Joe Biden: At the State of the Union tomorrow, please discuss crime in democratic cities, America’s southern border, and classified documents at your residence.

bennyjohnson: Joe Biden has refused to secure our Border, but he made sure to put the fence back up around the Capitol ahead of the State of the Union. Democrats know Walls work but they only use them to protect themselves instead of everyday Americans.

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: U.S. military admits that they missed at least three Chinese spy balloons in American airspace when Donald Trump was president due to an "awareness gap" — destroying the Republican smears of President Biden about the balloon. RT IF YOU TRUST JOE BIDEN'S LEADERSHIP!

tedcruz: Only after the Chinese spy balloon completed its mission did Joe Biden discover the courage to shoot it down. I look forward to a briefing about what secrets have been stolen by the Chinese because of Biden's incompetence.

RepStefanik: House Republicans are hard at work providing a critical check on Joe Biden’s Far Left policies. We are just getting started!

ocasiod88: On Tuesday President Joe Biden will deliver the State of the Union address to Congress. The annual address will provide Biden with a chance to highlight key priorities and agenda items.

ThomasMHern: Joe Biden's administration showed more concern over Virginia parents who spoke out against CRT than they did over a Chinese Communist Party Spy Balloon.

jtd_gameon12: China, in appreciation for Biden allowing their Spy Balloon a week long excursion across our country, honored Joe at this years Lunar New Year. ⛩

ReachZone: Finally Joe Biden Decided To Build A Wall

LouDobbs: Does anyone really want China Joe Biden at the helm when China is the enemy? Why did Joe & Woke Gen. Milley let the balloon enter US airspace, fly over the Aleutians, over Alaska, Canada, Montana, spying all the way to the S. Carolina coast? Answer: Blowing in the Wind

Robertwmarek: So. Finally. POTUS jumping Joe Biden has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that REAGONOMICS (trickle down economics) does not work. Building from the bottom and the middle up does.

FindTheStorm: Joe Biden's State of the Union Address will get more respect from speaker McCarthy than Donald Trump got from speaker Pelosi. BIGTIME

laurenboebert: Why did Joe Biden shut down the China Initiative? Same reason he waited for the spy balloon to gather all the intel over the country they wanted before he shot it down?

ACTBrigitte: If you think Joe Biden is competent I don’t even want to know what incompetence looks like to you.

ThomasF62821803: Joe Biden never was our true and rightful president, and he will never be and Harris was never our true and rightful vice-president and she will never be. They will be in Guantanamo prison to be executed for their high treason!! Let's go Brandon!!

IanJaeger29: Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to block Joe Biden’s gas stove ban. Do you support this?

FoxNews: Republican demands Joe Biden, Kamala Harris resign after 'catastrophic Chinese spy balloon spectacle'

BadEndRuby: i'm obsessed with joe biden blast

paulsperry_: DEVELOPING: WH insists prez not coordinating Hunter's legal defense but mortgage records show Joe and Jill Biden took out $250k HELOC after GOP won control of House and subpoena power to investigate their son who's hired high-priced DC lawyers Abbe Lowell, Chris Clark & Josh Levy

Edourdoo: Chinese surveillance balloons flew over the continental United States at least three times during the Trump years, according to a senior administration official, but their incursions weren’t discovered until after Joe Biden took office.

dccc: There have been 12,000,000 jobs added since Joe Biden took office.

ACTforAmerica: Impeach Joe Biden ➡️

marklevinshow: Sleazy Joe Biden and his corrupt media and party apparatchiks lie, lie, lie, and then just move on as if they’ve never said a damn thing.

JaneMar52636943: Joe Biden Says Abortion is an Emergency, No Killing Babies is the Emergency -

TheLastRefuge2: A Record Number of Americans Say They are Worse Off Financially Since Joe Biden Took Office

kylenabecker: “For those wondering why Joe Biden is soft on China, consider this... The Biden family has done five deals in China totaling some $31 million arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence — some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency."

amuse: SHOCK: Department of Justice claims the classified documents Joe Biden illegally stored at his various homes and offices are too sensitive for members of the House intelligence committee to review.

GOP: While Joe Biden and Democrats deliver high gas prices and the worst inflation in 40 years, Republican-led states are delivering more jobs and lower unemployment rates.

SenTomCotton: The Biden administration should never have let the Chinese spy balloon traverse the entire U.S. The Chinese communists tested Joe Biden, and he failed.

thetishbite01: Best joke on Gutfeld. "I feel sorry for Joe Biden, you know when Hunter was like 5 years old and he was teaching him to fall off a bicycle."

gatewaypundit: JOE MUST GO – The American People Lost All Trust in Biden Due to His Connections with China – The Spy Balloon Proved It

wandavis10n: Like wym Joe Biden’s been prezzy for 2 years now??

GOP: Joe Biden’s border crisis gets worse every day.

SenateGOP: For two years, Joe Biden has continually failed the American people. His border crisis, soaring inflation, and rampant crime everywhere are all proof.

JDCocchiarella: Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to attack Joe Biden by falsely claiming he tried to hide the Chinese spy balloon from the public. Reminder: THREE Chinese spy balloons flew over the U.S. while Trump was President and he hid ALL OF THEM.

ACTBrigitte: President Trump never stopped working and Joe Biden never stops vacationing!

ToscaAusten: Taxpayers are covertly funding Joe Biden’s wish list agenda.

TheLeoTerrell: America is unsafe as long as Joe Biden is in the White House!

altNOAA: The military just burned Donald Trump. The Pentagon stated that the prior administration chose to do nothing about three similar Chinese spy balloons that transited the USA while Trump was President and he kept it quiet. Joe Biden is All-American, first!

RollingStone: SNL airs hilarious interview with Bowen Yang's Chinese spy balloon: “Well, ya got me! Congrats, you shot a balloon. I entertained you people for four days and then I get shot by Biden? I can’t believe I’m Joe’s Osama.”

itsJeffTiedrich: Joe Biden shot down the Chinese balloon, you sad dipshits will just have to go back to being mad at stoves

DonaldJTrumpJr: Why doesn’t someone just tell Joe Biden the Chinese spy balloon is unvaxed… They’d put so many holes in it it wouldn’t stand a chance.

ACTBrigitte: What do you think the Chinese have on Joe Biden?

FrantzFrantz15: Head of US bishops brands Joe Biden a 'fake' Catholic

alfitz1964: Republican demands Joe Biden, Kamala Harris resign after 'catastrophic Chinese spy balloon spectacle'

LAL912KITTY: You are dead wrong, and you know it. GOP could care less about us. GOP will try to destroy middle class. Thank goodness Joe Biden is our President. Crooks, liars, and fraud is what describes GOP perfectly. You will never recover from your lies, fraud, and crimes.

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