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JadenPMcNeil: While most YE24 shills have crawled back to Donald Trump, Nick Fuentes has doubled down on his support for Joe Biden calling him "amazing" and says he's "kicking ass."

BBCWorld: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects US President Joe Biden's call to drop Israel judicial overhaul

RealClearNews: COMMENTARY | "As the deadline approaches for a debt ceiling increase, without one sign of progress on this critical issue to show for his nearly three months as House speaker, Kevin McCarthy is trying to blame inaction on President Joe Biden."

catfinches: WOKE NU METAL: powerWOMAN 5000 system of a MAO jonathan GAYvis LIBERAL bizkit static-LGBTX LEFTIST park NONBINARY PARENT roach SLIPKNOT this will be NU METAL under COMMUNIST JOE BIDEN's REGIME.

TonyHussein4: Red states are grappling with a significant murder problem, as evidenced by the data from the last 21 years. The 25 states that voted for Donald J. Trump in the 2020 election have recorded a higher murder rate than the 25 blue states that voted for President Joe Biden.

NEWSMAX: The probe into China's relationship with President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the large-scale influence operations carried out by Chinese intelligence agents.

WashTimes: President Biden is opening his second Summit for Democracy with a pledge for the U.S. to spend $690 million bolstering democracy programs around the globe.

yesmythoughts1: Why are there no buses from Barcelona after 3pm like !! What is joe biden gonna do about it

BulleJR3: The New President, William Ruto, is very strong. He is smart, strategic, and gets things done. He is hands-on and easy to work with. ~ USA President, Joe Biden!

LeadingReport: BREAKING: James O’Keefe has uncovered a possibly massive money laundering scheme to help democrats such as Joe Biden.

gatewaypundit: Joe Biden After Transgender Terrorist Murders Christians: When We Invest in Young People, Protect the LGBTQ+ Individuals, Our Societies Are Stronger (VIDEO)

TrumpWarRoom: Does Joe Biden understand that the reason NATO currently exists, loaded up with CASH, is because President Donald J. Trump insisted that "delinquent" Nations, of which there were many, carry their own weight and pay their fair share…

RNCResearch: Joe Biden laughs when asked if he believes Christians were targeted in yesterday's horrifying Nashville school shooting

Acyn: Greene: When I was in 11th grade and Joe Biden made our schools gun free school zones, one of the students brought three guns to school and entire school went on lockdown

KatiePavlich: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre conveniently running out of time today after President Joe Biden made jokes when asked about the slaughter of Christians in Nashville.

KariLake: The men who run Maricopa County elections are a complete and utter joke. Their corrupt elections forced Joe Biden on America and Katie Hobbs on Arizona.

NEWSMAX: BREAKING: President Joe Biden has snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by not inviting him to the White House over the country's proposed judicial reform legislation. MORE:

PTRUMPFORTX2020: WHILE YOU WERE DISTRACTED — The House Oversight Committee announced that yesterday was the deadline for Joe Biden to correct the record, that his family did indeed receive over $1 million in payments from a Chinese energy company. Chairman James Comer (R-KY) requested that…

TrueVoice200: What President Joe Biden should tell Donald Trump

NikkiHaley: It’s outrageous for Joe Biden to lecture Israel on a matter that is entirely their domestic concern. We would never want the Israeli government to push America on issues surrounding our Supreme Court, and they wouldn’t do it. We should let Israelis decide this themselves.

Jim_Jordan: Joe Biden’s DOJ targeted parents. Joe Biden’s FBI targeted Catholics. And Joe Biden’s IRS targeted an American journalist.

TimRunsHisMouth: Hunter Biden lied on his application to buy a gun in 2018 and nothing happened to him... so I don't want to hear anything about gun control/reform from Joe.

ACTBrigitte: Six innocent people are dead, and Joe Biden is making jokes.

charliekirk11: Just 2 days after six Christians get murdered in cold blood by a deranged trans terrorist, Joe Biden thinks it’s a good time to lecture America on the need to invest in and protect LGBTQ+ individuals. What an utter disgrace this man is to America.

AnandWrites: If Republicans want to run on sending kids on one-way tickets to school, the inability of government to solve problems, insurrection, and hate, so be it. Joe Biden and his Democrats must run on freedom: to live, to vote, to thrive, care for those we love. Let’s have this fight.

NahBabyNah: Things the disappeared from the headlines: ➡️Hunter Biden laptop from Hell ➡️Hunter and Joe's commingled bank account(s) ➡️Big Guy's 10% ➡️Biden Document Scandal ➡️Open border ➡️ Ashley Biden's diary ➡️Bank collapses ➡️ Ukraine ➡️ Taiwan ➡️ Twitter files MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

ZaidJilani: When Joe Biden or his administration condemn right-wing violence they are specific, they blame certain actors on the right for encouraging it. When they condemn left-wing violence it's usually in broad proverbs about how violence is wrong.

MattWallace888: Joe Biden has met privately with top executives from Facebook, Apple, and Google (Including Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook) dozens of times. Elon Musk, however, is not allowed to visit the White House because he thinks for himself.

indygrl: This is Joe Biden. What kind of man looks at his daughter like this?

RNCResearch: "Raising the cap, raising the retirement age for people who are now 30 years old, raising the tax on Social Security, cutting benefits — they're all things that have to be discussed, quite frankly." — Joe Biden

Brick_Suit: Hot mic catches Joe Biden's handler guiding him every step of the way telling him what to do and where to stand. Sad!

SenTomCotton: Iran has launched 83 attacks against Americans since Joe Biden took office. We’ve responded with strikes only four times. What kind of message does this send, when we wait to respond until an American is killed?

CalltoActivism: The news of the school shooting in Nashville has left the country in a state of shock and grief. Yet Marjorie Taylor Greene's controversial comments blaming Joe Biden, Democrats, and gun control advocates only add to the outrage. Her lack of empathy and misplaced priorities…

ACTBrigitte: Elon Musk is standing up for Trump supporters everywhere!

Fishing_Huuker: If you voted for Joe Biden, you should be ashamed of yourself.

PatrioticOn22: Joe Biden Decides to Sell Additional U.S. Oil Reserves

RepMattGaetz: Today we are sending a clear message to Joe Biden: there will be no increase in the debt limit without significant spending cuts. House Republicans have laid out a budget plan that does not cut Social Security or Medicare, but that attacks a woke and weaponized government that…

Prolotario1: Dec 18, 2020 – Attorney Sidney Powell, Patrick Byrne, and Gen. Michael Flynn, arrive un-announced at the White House and slip into the White House via an aid named Garrett Ziegler. Zeigler was the one responsible for Joe Biden winning the election? How?

gatewaypundit: Joe Biden in North Carolina: “I sent flowers to your wife. I don’t know about you. You better damn well be on time for that dinner. He has dinner later tonight, I’m not gonna tell you the time”

JamesBradleyCA: YESTERDAY SOMETHING MONSTROUS HAPPENED IN NASHVILLE AND I BLAME JOE BIDEN! I blame Rachel Levine for pushing transgender ideology down the throats of the American people. I blame Dylan Mulvaney for making transgenderism look like a fun pastime when he’s really only a…

Jim_Jordan: Joe Biden claimed: -There’s “zero” inflation. -He grew up in a Puerto Rican community at home. -And Republicans want to cut funding for border security. How can anyone believe anything he says?

ToscaAusten: The unfit, unwell, un-serious resident skipped breaking news of a Christian school shooter. Joe Biden zoomed in on the kids and launched into a standup ice cream shtick. While anti-gun measures are flying across this platform, when do we talk about the anti-Christian rhetoric,…

DanielTurnerPTF: Joe Biden in 2020: 'You can’t legislate by executive order unless you’re a dictator.' John Kerry in 2023: Biden will impose more executive orders and mandates on automobiles and trucks.

theblaze: Joe Biden: "My name is Joe Biden. I'm Dr. Jill Biden's husband. And I ate Jeni's ice cream. Chocolate chip. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. I have a whole refrigerator full upstairs."

justinbaragona: Fox News' Jeanine Pirro: "That's amazing because covid created a generation where everyone became accustomed to receiving money they do not want to work. In Joe Biden’s America, they just don’t wanna work." The unemployment rate is currently 3.6%.

PTRUMPFORTX2020: State Senator Eric Brakey dropped truth bombs about the overthrow of the Democracy of Ukraine, Nazis, Joe Biden, and fake news: "This posture isn't for the Ukrainian people, this isn't for the American people. This is for the Empire that now stands in the place of our once proud…

DC_Draino: Why is Joe Biden laughing while talking about dead kids?!

robbystarbuck: This is how Joe Biden opened things up while the news carried his comments live during their Nashville shooting coverage. I’m at a loss for words with this guy. This is so insulting to people grieving right now.

Scott_4Trump: It's official. Biden is the absolute worst selection to play the role of President of the United States of America. Biden Jokes About Ice Cream Before Addressing Nashville Christian School Shooting

Charles02339637: National Archives just torpedoed Joe Biden's 'I know nothing' defense

catturd2: For those on the Left laughably saying Trump's Waco crowd was small ... Have Joe Biden do a rally in Waco this Saturday and let's compare.

atrupar: MTG just proclaimed on Twitter that "school shootings should NEVER happen and will end immediately when our nations [sic] children are defended the same way Joe Biden is by good guys with guns!!!" They will turn schools into Stalingrad checkpoints before considering gun control.

NewsBecker: Joe Biden: "I eat Jeni's Ice Cream, chocolate chip. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a full refrigerator full upstairs."


CollinRugg: NEW: Elon Musk calls out Joe Biden for referring to Republicans as 'Extreme MAGA' Since the day he took office, Biden has demonized half the country to inflame division. The only unity he has caused is between America's adversaries. The most destructive president in history.

CollinRugg: BREAKING: Fox News cuts to Joe Biden expecting him to speak on the Nashville shooting, instead finds him ranting about eating Jeni’s chocolate chip ice cream.

DoctorHenryCT: One of the tornados in Mississippi was on the ground for an hour & traveled 170 miles causing total devastation. I hope Tate Reeves puts more effort into helping people as he has taking away their rights. Fortunately, Joe Biden is in charge & will do more than throw paper towels.

CollinRugg: Joe Biden has spent the past two years demonizing half the country as ‘extreme MAGA’ Today a transgender extremist shot up a Christian school in Nashville, TN. Extreme rhetoric from the left is why innocent children & teachers are dead.

akafacehots: This is the fk that killed Conservative children! Our kids! I dont give a fk what happens to Democrats anymore but when its your people killing our children and Joe Biden wants to use that as a reason to TAKE our guns.. I have a fking problem.

catturd2: After a radicalized transgender shot up a Christian school, killing innocent children - Joe Biden called a press conference and laughing it up with his propaganda press corp and talked about ice cream.

gatewaypundit: UPDATE: Taliban Releases Video of Fields of US Military Vehicles, Piles of US High-End Weapons, and Rooms Filled with Stacks of 100 Dollar Bills Joe Biden Surrendered by Joe Biden

crunchhyyy: Where is the petition that says Joe Biden and Donald Trump should both not be allowed to be president ever again???

johnpavlovitz: I think Biden’s doing a great job but I don’t have a flag with his name on it on my car—because he’s my president not my savior, and because I’m a rational adult human being who doesn’t need a stranger to give me my identity. I'm in a country not a cult.

politicususa: Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked President Biden on Sunday for not allowing House Republicans to take food assistance away from kids.

Logically_JC: Why are Texas Republicans asking Joe Biden for help, when they filed a bill to secede just a few weeks ago?

ScottHech: You didn’t hear about this. But Joe Biden just endorsed a bigoted & anti-democratic law pushed by GOP to overturn data/reason backed justice changes passed by Washington, D.C. City Council. One his most oppressive & brutal decision so far. Along many.

Real22Patriot: President Joe Biden Get Kicked While He’s Already Down

akafacehots: Reminder Joe Biden pulled a bait and switch on Student Loans. He conned all his lil Gen Zombie voters. He knew it was unlawful and wouldn't pass just to trick the ignorant left-wingers into voting during midterms. Now you dont even hear about it.

gatewaypundit: Democrat Senator Mark Warner Says Joe Biden is Withholding Information From Congress on His Classified Documents Scandal (VIDEO)

insatiablevine: Thanks Joe Biden.

mollie_don: Like Joe is even doing his job. When you look at his daily schedules there’s a lot of free time and he leaves every weekend. Kamala has done nothing. She can’t even form a proper sentence. Neither of them were qualified. She wanted things to be easy.

realTuckFrumper: Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Joe Biden For Stopping Her From Denying Kids Food

KanekoaTheGreat: Joe Biden was the Senator most responsible for starting the Iraq War. As Chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations, he blocked experts from testifying that concluded Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. Why trust him about Ukraine?

Plman4D: Well, everybody better wake up about China because they’re going to have some major action before Joe Biden leaves he’s week

Real22Patriot: President Joe Biden Gives Up and Begs for Oil

ReachZone: Joe Biden was defeated in an impeachment Poll

KimDotcom: Watch this to understand that Joe Biden will take the United States into World War 3, with a smile. Republicans have one last chance to stop nuclear war. Do not increase the debt ceiling. Shut Biden down. Stop the lunatic pipeline terrorist or die.

KanekoaTheGreat: This month, Saudi Arabia signed historic deals with Iran and Syria brokered by China and Russia, while SaudiTV broadcast comedy skits ridiculing Joe Biden.

rep_journalist: I will gladly vote for whichever candidate wins the Republican primary. If you aren’t doing the same, you are voting for four more years of Joe Biden.

RebelNews_QC: Joe Biden says that he "applauds China", then corrects himself and says Canada. "So today, I applaud China for stepping up...You can tell what I'm thinking about — China."

JJS4Tweet: In the Era of Joe Biden, For the First Time Most Americans Now Think Their Children Will NOT Be Better Off

markmaycot: Oh, just a video of Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau in a 75 vehicle motorcade, on a five minute drive to discuss the "climate emergency". It's a monumental scam, and they are laughing at you.

peggy_blair: I liked Joe Biden before. Now I love him.

jack54039880: John F Kennedy calls out Joe Biden! Traitor!

FoxNews: 'LYING BUSINESS': The podcaster didn't stop there:

ericareport: Former President Trump’s foreign policy advisor John Bolton said that Donald Trump planned to withdraw the U.S. from NATO and allow Russian expansion in Ukraine and further into Europe. Thank God Joe Biden is President Today!

HeathMayo: Hey, GOP: If you nominate Trump again, conservatives are going to vote for Joe Biden—again. And more of us this time. It’s your call. If you want to keep getting beat, go right ahead.

DagnyTaggart963: Xi Jinping refuses phone call with Joe Biden - Reuters US officials are trying to reset relations with China, and for this they tried to negotiate with the Chinese side about a telephone conversation between the two leaders, Reuters reports.

RadioFreeTom: Trump now claiming that he completed the border wall, and that he could have done even more with just three more weeks, but Biden undid it all. Apparently, Joe Biden's a pretty effective president, or something.

RepublicanCoryR: The people of East Palestine Ohio are still suffering but sure, why not send more money to Ukraine instead. What a shame Joe Biden!!!!

LeCinephiles: BREAKING: Leaked documents from the White House confirm President Joe Biden plans to screen ‘21 JUMP STREET’ on “every television set in America.” “This is how we end the alt-right.”

oldguy_steve: When you write your check to the IRS in the next couple of weeks or look at your W-2 and see how much the government took out of your paycheck, refer to this picture of equipment that Joe Biden left behind in Afghanistan. Then remember in when you vote.

JoePubl51842685: Prediction: Joe Biden will get a second term (fraudulently) he will drive the country into a depression he will escalate the Ukrainian conflict to continue funding Ukraines war China will seize Taiwan and Biden will begin a conflict with China that will continue through his term.

GuntherEagleman: Never saw Joe Biden draw a crowd like this… Tens of thousands.

DC_Draino: Joe Biden doesn’t have the COVID excuse to hide his tiny crowds this time

jonpopmemes: Here's Tara Reade talking about Joe Biden in DC.

BasedSavannah: In a world of medical dictators, creeps and cowards like Bill Gates Joe Biden & Anthony Fauci dare to stand up and be a hero like Novak Djokovic. Don’t bend, don’t bow, don’t break.

WarNuse: Joe And Jill Went Up The Hill, To Fetch A Pile Of Ukraine And Chinese Bribes. Joe Fell Down, Broke Hunter's Crack Pipe, And 'White House Intern' Jill Came Tumbling After. Joseph Biden Jr. 18 U.S.C. § 2381 - Treason Jill Biden 18 U.S.C. § 2382 - Misprision Of Treason

FoxNews: 'CHINA MONEY': The podcaster puts the president on blast:

MarshaBlackburn: Joe Biden and the Democrats want to ban gas stoves, gas cars, plastic straws, and incandescent light bulbs.

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