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Wyoming1903: Don’t buy into Biden’s narrative about Buffalo, just playing the white supremacy card. Creepy Joe going to Buffalo, but would not go to to Waukesha, why, because the black man who drove that SUV into a Christmas parade had to deal with systemic racism his whole life.

williecolon: Joe Biden runs to Buffalo hoping his failures will be ignored with the terrible shooting by a white supermacist. He didn’t bother coming to NYC when a Black supremacist shot 10 passengers.

TaxReformExpert: The 17 Nobel Prize-winning economists who said Joe Biden's agenda would ease inflation are awfully quiet right now.

FiorellaIsabelM: Every democrat voted to give Ukraine $40 Billion. The only opposition came from 57 Republican no votes, not from “the squad.” All Biden’s done is blame Russia but this economic crisis leaves many wondering why Joe Biden is doing far more for Ukraine than for Americans themselves?

OccupyDemocrats: If you support Joe Biden standing against the billionaires after Jeff Bezos criticized his federal spending and the White House hit back saying that it's obvious why "one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth opposes an economic agenda for the middle class,” please RT & follow!

Mr_Lonely911: Goodnight Everyone! Remember to always pray to Joe Biden before going to bed!

drfessel: Without batting an eye the government shutdown a baby formula company by law and then just kind of forgot about it until now. Joe Biden did this!

CNN: Biden reverses Trump policies related to Cuba, making it easier for families to visit relatives there.

NickAdamsinUSA: I can promise you world leaders are LAUGHING at Joe Biden. Absolutely no one in this world respects him.

DonMalloy: President Biden cancels offshore oil lease sales, despite surging global prices.

isource_news: BREAKING: Sources at the White House say Joe Biden is disappointing at the Azov fighters for surrendering today. They quote the President as saying, "Weren't they supposed to fight to the death?" [DEVELOPING]

Rono_254: Kamala Harris is richer than Joe Biden (and sells a lot more books)

rickweinmeyer: "How did the bankruptcy rules for student loans get so harsh? Here’s one reason: Back in 2005, a senator named Joe Biden sided with legislators who wanted to make things a whole lot harder for many student loan borrowers to discharge their debt[.]"

RodneyDavis: Inflation is a tax on every single American, and it's been caused in part by the out-of-control govt. spending pushed by Joe Biden and Dems in DC. Even with historic inflation, Dems are doubling down on the same policy agenda that contributed to the problem in the first place.

Law360: President Joe Biden signed into law a bill that imposes stricter stock disclosure requirements on federal judges, including the creation of a searchable online database of judicial financial disclosure forms.

JesseKellyDC: One of the first things Joe Biden did as president was send all the white people waiting for COVID money to the back of the line because of their skin color. Keep that in mind as you see all these people today talk about the absurdity of replacement theory.

Wheaterville: Are you all blaming Joe Biden too? Or do you yell at someone else?

FatalForeign: Joe Biden is definitely going to have a hard time coming up with what to say for the re-election. like you literally didn’t do a mf thing OR anything you promised to do with this term. You’re outta here!

EricGreitens: Missouri is one of six states where more than half of all baby formula is sold out. Missouri moms could use the formula Joe Biden sent to the southern border right about now.

goldengirls1960: When's Joe Biden going to Los Angeles or Chicago to talk about the murders there? Joe only goes when it fits a political Democrat narrative. Biden will be race-baiting blame game tomorrow in Buffalo. The shooter was white and insane. Biden wants to blame shift-disgusting.

DonHuffines: Joe Biden is not going to stop this. Our only hope is a courageous Governor.

CUMMER2002: why is joe biden in our house

GeraldoRivera: Don't blame Biden. Blame Big Baby Formula (and lazy, hazy FDA). With only 3 companies manufacturing most of nation's baby formula, recall & partial shutdown by troubled largest: ABBOTT NUTRITION-40% of total production-caused massive supply problems. C'mon Joe, IMPORT more now.

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: The White House fires back at Jeff Bezos for attacking Biden's spending, saying that it's not hard "to figure out" why "one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth opposes an economic agenda for the middle class." RT IF YOU SUPPORT JOE BIDEN AGAINST THE BILLIONAIRES!

blackintheempir: Putin hasn't done shit to me, but I can tell you shit Joe Biden has done that has negatively affected my life and the Black community as a whole

ACTBrigitte: Joe Biden is the WORST President in our nation's storied history.

newsmax: TRUMP: "[Joe Biden] is surrounded by very smart, but vicious people, that I really believe hate our country."

MeidasTouch: He needs to go.

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Joe Biden will undo Trump’s policy by restoring flights to Cuba, reestablishing a family reunification program, and lifting caps on money sent to families on the island. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

DrBenjaminTayl1: The 2024 Presidential Election Is Already Strange

RonMilnerBoodle: Today is the first Monday in 15 months where we don't have to listen to the Joe Biden sock puppet, Jen Psaki. Goodbye Jen, and good riddance.

JfkQ17: The route used for the trafficking of girls, children and weapons Ukraine -> Belarus -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland -> Sweden Now you know why Joe Biden has 32,000 miles of land there?

KenziMcGill: I have been a voter of American Democrats for 20 years. I also voted Joe Biden but now I have left Democratic party of USA since Biden did conspiracy against Imran Khan. Say No to Joe. Every American voter feels the same. We will vote Trump now

LWCnewswire: Joe Rogan Roasts Joe Biden Over Being a Horrible Father: 'Look at Hunter Biden'

CatherineUSA1: Joe Biden can call Trump supporters whatever name he wants to use, but we are going to call ourselves WINNERS of the RED WAVE in November 2022. Get ready to be impeached, Joe Biden. Your days as dictator are numbered.

incoherentwoman: Joe Biden is the current Vice President of the United States. He has been a big advocate for technology and innovation. He has also been a big proponent of net neutrality.

EliseStefanik: There is nothing humane or compassionate about Joe Biden & Democrats wide open border and amnesty policies. It is Joe Biden’s Border Crisis. A tragic humanitarian crisis. A national security crisis. An economic crisis. And the American people know it.

Elohim_Gadol: Governments & Nations come and go but HELL IS EVERLASTING!!! Stop worrying over Joe Biden and start worrying over your lost sinful neighbor, sibling, or spouse!!! Stop telling someone who to vote for and start telling them the GOSPEL of everlasting life.

agraybee: It's insane that Elise Stefanik called Joe Biden a pedophile, she should have posted a picture of him touching a girl's shoulder next to a headline saying he met with a donor who worked for a law firm representing Jeffrey Epstein 20 years ago.

GOP: Joe Biden is vacationing in Delaware while the crisis at the southern border gets worse, inflation is out of control, and Americans can’t afford to fill their gas tanks.

Gregory98140723: People sit around and say they got love for each other and everybody and all I want to do is take their money away from them or take their livelihood away from and you speak of God can God allow this stuff happen God is stupid I don't care if he Joe Biden Trump or Barack Obama

GovtsTheProblem: Think Joe Biden is going to Buffalo to explain why Democrat’s red flag law, Democrat’s mandatory gun background checks and Democrat’s magazine limits didn’t work?

newsmax: POLL: President Joe Biden’s job approval rating has hit an all-time low.

flexghost1: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged President Joe Biden to label Russia a state sponsor of terrorism following his visit to Ukraine …so that he can block it in the senate but with a cooler name.

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Oklahoma’s far-right Republican governor threatens his state’s Native American tribes not to allow abortion clinics on their sovereign land or he may intervene to enforce “state law.” RT IF YOU THINK JOE BIDEN MUST PROTECT TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY!

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Fox News’ fanatical pro-Trump host Maria Bartiromo melts down complaining that Joe Biden is trying to make “MAGA” and “Ultra MAGA” into “dirty words.” RT IF YOU THINK THAT ALL MAGA FANS SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

emeriticus: In 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden said immigration would reduce whites to a minority and that this was a positive development. This is literally demographic replacement theory, acknowledged and praised by Biden.

BrowerReport: Joe Biden is the cause of this with his ever expanding destruction of the supply chain. Biden is a nasty piece of garbage and should be impeached and removed.

m_stevenson78: Joe Biden has had the same anti-black political ideology for 50 yrs. I am still trying to figure out how 93% of us were duped to think otherwise. Picking a few black ppl for jobs doesn’t absolve this. Money and resources are being laundered to a foreign country while we suffer.

Kathy4Truth: Note to Joe Biden: Printing more money does not lower inflation, it raises it.

lunarssr: Joe Biden has done more for Nazis and cops than any president in modern history and jack shit for the rest of us.

ToscaAusten: Hunter Biden’s business partner visited the White House *27* times while Joe was Vice President. Emails: Hunter introduced the big guy to business associates from Mexico, Russia, China and UKRAINE—at Joe Biden’s residence in Washington. Compromised Joe.

newsmax: "GREEN NEW DEAL IS A LIE:" Dr. Oz ripped President Joe Biden for how he is handling inflation and Dr. Oz reveals how he would fix it. MORE:

Heminator: Journalists need to stop pretending that Joe Biden's Catholicism means he's conflicted about abortion. The guy is fine with legal abortion through all nine months. He's not conflicted.

danhill2011: You know who I really like a lot? The guy that joe biden calls "The Great MAGA King."

CTGOP: Connecticut deserves better than Ned Lamont and Joe Biden.

Lancegooden: 100,000 illegal immigrants are waiting for Title 42 to end. Joe Biden will let America be invaded in 8 days.

Gritty20202: Joe Biden has already sent more money to Ukraine than it would have taken for him to fulfil his promise of free community college.

Itsonlyreal: It took ONE man to walk into a message parlor and shoot the Asian people inside, for the Anti Asian hate bill to be expedited. How many more racially driven incidents will it take for Joe “You’re not black if you don’t vote for me.” Biden to pass Anti Black hate bills?

ClayTravis: Think about how bad of a job you have to do to get 75% of the country convinced we’re heading in the wrong direction. That level of futility is almost impossible. Joe Biden is the worst president in any of our lives. (Unless you were alive for Herbert Hoover.)

wwjbdt: Suspect in supermarket massacre allegedly made threat last year, underwent mental health evaluation, why would Joe Biden do this?

newsmax: President Joe Biden cannot feign ignorance on inflation, shortages, and economic upheaval when it was his political decision to pretend the internal combustion engine should no longer exist, according to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

christianllamar: The US Border is in fact WIDE OPEN less than 15 minutes away from Arizona restaurants, homes & school districts. Half of the aliens get work authorization & the others escape in USA. I witnessed it 1st hand in multiple areas in Arizona. Joe Biden did that.

yungprofittaker: giving americans the choice of donald trump or joe biden was really the biggest L in modern history

newsmax: For the second time in a week, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, blasted President Joe Biden both on White House spin doctoring on inflation and economic policies that hurt the poor.

owhy3: Bhadakrumar : "The US President Joe Biden and Britain’s Boris Johnson vow that they will be satisfied with nothing less than a Russian defeat. The New Europeans — Poland and the Baltic States principally — also demand an apocalyptic end to Russia’s history. France...

GOP: Gas prices reached an all-time high this week. Joe Biden is hurting Americans at the pump!

Independent: New Mexico governor seeks more US aid for wildfire response

BusinessTodayM1: President Joe Biden lent his ears to ASEAN leaders while the US had its request as well.

OysterPistol: need to remember to tweet “vibing like joe biden” when I ride amtrak tomorrow

RNCResearch: FLASHBACK to Joe Biden in 2020: "We don’t have a food shortage problem — we have a leadership problem."

AdrianMorrow: Joe Biden on the Buffalo shooting: “We must do everything in our power to end hate-fueled domestic terrorism”

HouseGOP: No. Nor did we think the White House would laugh about it. But here we are in Joe Biden’s America.

TPostMillennial: The White House’s Twitter account has issued a public apology for a previous statement in which they claimed vaccines weren’t available in Jan. 2021 — when President Joe Biden was already vaccinated.

MomJar1: Oh good grief We have seen 4 mass shootings by black ppl in the USA that were in the news for 24 hours This lunatic said he leanes authoritarian That says Joe Biden Reality This guy,like the others is crazy and should be dealt with in court of law

MaddowBlog: "The 2020 election is over. A candidate won, he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and his name is Joe Biden."

seanhannity: Tuberville: 'Joe can't put two sentences together'

PatrickSeitz: Twitter goes wild over Joe Biden — the Spider-Man villain

danhill2011: joey biden called President Trump the Great MAGA King. What should we call Joe? - The Basement King? - The King of Nothing? - The Puppet King?

Lancegooden: 52% of baby formula products are out of stock in Texas. I have a suggestion for Joe Biden: Come down to Texas and meet with moms instead of spending the weekend in your Delaware basement.

Lancegooden: Inflation under Trump: 1.8% Inflation under Biden: 8.5% Anyone claiming Joe Biden is not the cause of inflation is lying to you.

GOP: Joe Biden is taking the country in the wrong direction: higher costs, record gas prices, food shortages, rampant crime, and open borders.

FarrowPete: Thanks Joe, and everyone who voted for him. Biden campaigned on shutting down fossil fuels. He is doing it, and now you're letting him blame anyone but himself? He owns it.

jameskeithrobe1: Retweet this! Joe Biden sucks!

mrctv: Joe Biden's "Ministry of Truth" czar is not afraid to show how radical she is.

GOPChairwoman: While parents are struggling to find formula to feed their babies, Joe Biden is on his 35th weekend vacation in Delaware.

BeechBazar: दाहिने हाथ को पता नहीं बायां क्या कर रहा है। A month back, PM Modi had told President Joe Biden at the 2+2 meeting that if the WTO allows India to export grains it will start exporting to feed the world from next day. And today we have to ban wheat export.

JoeE214339689: Neither Joe or Kamala have any idea what’s going on, even with a script right in front of them! A lot of what’s going on is a sabotage from within agenda, I mean that, the Biden administration is purposely sabotaging our country! Why? Who’s running things?

WesleyHuntTX: One question for Joe Biden. Where’s the operation warp speed for baby formula?

mkolken: Joe Biden destroyed our economy.

ScottCurit: It takes a POS to defend this POS illegitimate President. 'Morning Joe' shouts down Obama-era adviser after he says 'most economists' would agree Biden's stimulus tossed gasoline on the fire of inflation

eloisetaylor22: People bitching about changing their lives is as worthless as Joe Biden bitching about getting his Depends changed because they want everyone else to do it.

TimeToVoteRed: It’s a Good Saturday to remind everyone that Joe Biden is directly responsible for the baby formula shortage! Not NAFTA not Trump! If you agree kindly RETWEET this.

CarlaHSands: Illegal immigrants get free cell phones, but mothers have to scrounge to find baby formula in Joe Biden’s America.

mikedob3: when Joe Biden took the oath of office, he swore to protect and defend the American people, not the people of the world who broke our laws by entering the country illegally.

celebritylove39: Yesterday Joe Biden loves fart

TristanSnell: Trump's anti-trade policies led to the baby formula shortage. Once again, Joe Biden is fixing something Trump broke.

NzuchiTimesUSA: Joe Biden hails ‘new era’ with ASEAN as summit commits to raise level of ties

Bognet4congress: The strategic oil reserve is set aside for emergencies only, not Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers.

Lancegooden: Democrats thanked Joe Biden for a two-cent gas price decrease last December. Gas prices are up 16 cents this week and Democrats are silent.

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