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Joe Biden Books, Joe Biden poetry book Ships & Shipping in Medieval Manuscripts Authors: Joe Flatman
Publisher: British Library Board
Published Date: 2009
Categories: Literary Collections
The ship loomed large in the medieval world and mind. Whether cruising upriver laden with grain, or cresting the high seas bristling with guns, ships symbolized power and promise, strength and safety, crusade and conquest.

Joe Biden Books, Joe Biden poetry book Paul and Joanne Authors: Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein
Publisher: Dell
Published Date: 1989-10-02
Categories: Motion picture actors and actresses
Throughout their 30 years of marriage, Paul and Joanne have grown to be Hollywood superstars, fabulously successful in both their craft and in keeping their intimate lives a secret, even when tragedy put them in the headlines. Readers get a glimpse of the amazing relationship based on love and good business.

Joe Biden Books, Joe Biden poetry book Imperial Caddy Authors: Joe Queenan
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Published Date: 1992-10-08
Categories: United States
A humorous look at Vice President Quayle discusses wife Marilyn, the ten stupidest people in Washington after Dan Quayle, and other less-than-intelligent V.P.s throughout history.

Joe Biden Books, Joe Biden poetry book To Protect and to Serve Authors: Joe Domanick
Published Date: 1995
Categories: Police
A history of the Los Angeles Police Department from the thirties to the nineties examines its persistent reputation for brutality and corruption and its role in the devastating riot following the verdict in the trial of Rodney King

Joe Biden Books, Joe Biden poetry book Let's Stop Playing Games Authors: Joe Lineberry
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Published Date: 2011-09-06
Categories: Religion
We yearn to be accepted and loved for who we really are. Unfortunately, we sabotage our efforts to develop successful relationships when we feel threatened. We play manipulative games with each other, protecting ourselves without realizing it. These subtle games are crippling our relationships. Let's Stop Playing Games addresses this issue with some serious fun, helping us: o expose our unhealthy games and why we play them; o enjoy humorous yet sad stories that show how these games work (or don't work) for us; o explore some game changers--practical, loving solutions to replace our games. In the end, we hope to be lovingly transformed in our relationships with our friends and family and even with God. We will be connected to each other, forming the authentic community we yearn for. What a great place to live!

Joe Biden Books, Joe Biden poetry book Why Biden is Good for America Authors: Joe Kerr
Publisher: Great Little Book Publishing Company, Incorporated
Published Date: 2020-06-15
Categories: Humor
A great blank gift book to delight friends and foes alike. Assuming your friends have a sense of humor, this makes a great gift. Exhaustively researched and succinctly presented. There is no better summary of Joe Biden's talents available in America today.

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