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mathildeltzr: To hate Joachim du Bellay is my main activity

TsongasPaul: One defends ideas, not territories. I love France because I love Joachim du Bellay and Louis Aragon. I love Germany because I love Beethoven. I can't love Barcelona because of Spain. I love Spain because a city like Barcelona exists and America because I love American cars.

roto201999: Formulation is Joachim du Bellay. Both writers founded the colony

loraneceps: This is actually Joachim Du Bellay

oyousef45: More my Gallic Loire than the Latin Tiber, More my little Liré, than the Palatine Hill, And more than the sea air, the sweetness of Angevin. Joachim Du Bellay, The Regrets, 1558. Lionel Royer (1852-1926), Vercingetorix throws his arms at the feet of Caesar, 1899.

LitMashupBot: Joachim du Bellay + Romain Slocombe = Joachim du Bellay Slocombe

BaldrB7: Joachim du Bellay- Regrets.

Dannydudlow: 1. Something Tapped, Hardy 2. Wodwo, Ted Hughes 3. Ovid's Heroines, Clare Pollard 4. Joachim du Bellay 5. Alice Oswald 6. The Early Italian Poets, DG Rossetti 7. Harmonie du Soir, Baudelaire 8. Lucy sonnet, Guido Guinicelli 9. yes 10. hinge

robert_stagg: “Nouveau venu, qui cherches Rome en Rome / Et rien de Rome en Rome n’appercois” [“Stranger, who look for Rome in Rome, but find / Little of what was Rome in Rome, behold!”] — Joachim du Bellay, Les Antiquites de Rome (1558), 3.1-2. (Trans is Norman Shapiro’s.)

lou_sweetheart: I can’t stand Joachim du Bellay

DonaldH11469395: “ Heureux qui comme Ulysse a fait un beau voyage.” “ Happy the wanderer, like Ulysses, who has come happily home at last. [ Ib. ]” Joachim Du Bellay [ 1515- 1560 ]

magnoliabot: Portrait of Joachim du Bellay — French School

varthurfc: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES joachim du bellay A « Je n'escris de » BOY LXXIX

wikishoutouts: Shout out to all the Du Bellaies worldwide: Martin du Bellay, Joachim du Bellay poet, and Jean du Bellay cardinal and diplomat.

TAlamry: Lips that I have kissed three times , Walking softly to her door In the shadow of this bush And I couldn’t Kiss her more Joachim Du Bellay

peau_eh_cui: - Joachim Du Bellay, "Regrets" 1558.

LuciaNixon: Various groups have called themselves the Pleiades: 3rdC BC Alexandria: 7 male poets & tragedians, w Theokritos & Apollonius Rhodius 14thC France: 7 women, 7 men 16thC France: 7 men w Pierre de Ronsard, Joachim du Bellay Plus there’s a French series called Pléiade 7/13

arslongvitabrev: ( by Joachim du Bellay

Abdul_al_azred: Joachim "Son Forget" Du Bellay

Madi_Czerwinski: Exciting news: we have a location for Stand Up For Nuclear, Paris! Stand Up’s flagship event will be held at Place Joachim-du-Bellay, right in the heart of the city. Only 10 more days until we celebrate humanity’s greatest source of energy ✊❤️

pastamarianara: joachim du bellay made my brain bleed as i tried to go thru his poems which by the way... were idk, translated from french to old english???

LukeWatsonTX: "Happy is who, like Ulysses" by Joachim du Bellay Happy is he who, like Ulysses, has made a glorious voyage, Or like Jason who won the Golden Fleece, And then returned, full of wisdom of the world, To live amongst his parents for the remainder of his life.

BasileSamel: What we can learn from Joachim du Bellay about traveling:

Perfectly_Paris: The Fontaine des Innocents is a monumental public fountain located on the place Joachim-du-Bellay in the Les Halles district in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, France. Originally called the Fountain of the…

MoringaVision: Du Bellay, Joachim (c.1522-1560) - Selected Poems: In translation

MaineCircle18: "Happy the man who, like Ulysses, has made a fine voyage, or has won the Golden Fleece, and then returns, experienc...

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The boys and Uncle Joe crack walnuts with a hammer on the bottom of a flatiron while the January wind howls and the zero air weaves laces on the window glass.
Joe tells the Swede boys all about Chickamauga and Chattanooga, how the Union soldiers crept in rain somewhere a dark night and ran forward and killed many Rebels, took flags, held a hill, and won a victory told about in the histories in school.
Joe takes a piece of carpenter's chalk, draws lines on the floor and piles stove wood to show where six regiments were slaughtered climbing a slope.
'Here they went' and 'Here they went,' says Joe, and the January wind howls and the zero air weaves laces on the window glass.
The two Swede boys go downstairs with a big blur of guns, men, and hills in their heads. They eat herring and potatoes and tell the family war is a wonder and soldiers are a wonder.
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