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Louise de la Vallière (1885) poemsShamrocks (1887)Ballads & Lyrics (1891)Irish Love-Songs (1892)A Cluster of Nuts, Being Sketches Among My Own People (1894)Cuckoo Songs (1894)Miracle Plays (1895)The Land of Mist and Mountain (1895)The Way of a Maid (1895)Three Fair Maids, or the Burkes of Derrymore (c.1895) later Illustrated by G. Demain HammondAn Isle in the Water (1896)Any women(1896)Oh, What a Plague is Love! (1896)The Golden Lily (1899)The Dear Irish Girl (1899)Her Father's Daughter (1900)Poems (1901)A Daughter of the Fields (1901)A King's Woman (1902)Love of Sisters (1902)The Great Capta...
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Katharine Tynan Poems

  • Recompense: (for Lord Kilhacken)
    That which I saved I lost
    And that I lost I found,
    And you are mine, oh tender little ghost,
    Whose grave is holy ground. ...
  • A Birth-night Song
    The Child is rocked on Mary's knee,
    Cold in the stall this bitter night,
    And 'Lullalay-loo,' soft singeth she,
    'My little Boy and Heaven's Delight!' ...
  • Lament
    To the Immortal Tenth (Irish) Division

    Suvla, name of bitterness, ...
  • A Song Of Going
    I would not like to live to be very old,
    To be stripped cold and bare
    Of all my leafage that was green and gold
    In the delicious air. ...
  • The Heart Of A Boy
    To Mrs. Guy Wyndham

    The heart of a boy is full of light, ...
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Heart 60 God 56 Love 52 I Love You 52 Dear 50 Young 45 Night 44 Sweet 41 Head 40 Long 39

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Comments about Katharine Tynan

  • Sbasdeo1: remembering a poor irishman and his penny dreadfuls (1893) | katharine tynan
  • Drsarahparker: ‘poetical reputations, of women especially, have a way of growing dowdy and going out of fashion, to return, it may be, like other fashions, to a day which shall find them new.’ i think i just found the perfect epigraph for my monograph. thank you, katharine tynan.
  • Gwmreynolds: "g. w. m. reynolds we devoured in the coral island, a big tome of horrors; and there was eugéne sue’s mysteries of paris in three big volumes."
  • Sbasdeo1: remembering a poor irishman and his penny dreadfuls (1893) | katharine tynan
  • Sciseekfeed: stephen basdeo: remembering a poor irishman and his penny dreadfuls (1893) | katharine tynan
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