Who is Elizabeth Daryush

Elizabeth Daryush (8 December 1887 – 7 April 1977) was an English poet.


Daryush was the daughter of Robert Bridges; her maternal grandfather was Alfred Waterhouse. She married Ali Akbar Daryush, a Persian government official whom she had met when he was studying at the University of Oxford, and thereafter spent some time in Persia; most of her life was spent at the Bridges' family home, Stockwell, in Boars Hill, outside Oxford.

The garden of their Boars Hill home was left by Ali as a memorial garden, named after Elizabeth, and managed by the Oxford Preservation Trust.



Daryush, daughter of English poet laureate Robert Bridges (some of her early work was published as Elizabeth Bridges), followed...
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Elizabeth Daryush Poems

  • You Should At Times Go Out
    You should at times go out
    from where the faithful kneel,
    visit the slums of doubt
    and feel what the lost feel; ...
  • After Bank Holiday
    Now deserted are the roads
    Where awhile the lovers went;
    Vacant are the field-abodes
    Where a vivid hour they spent: ...
  • Anger Lay By Me
    Anger lay by me all night long,
    His breath was hot upon my brow,
    He told me of my burning wrong,
    All night he talked and would not go. ...
  • Unknown Warrior
    Not that broad path chose he, which whoso wills
    May tread, if he by pay the fatal price,
    And for such sweet as earthly life extils,
    Slaughter his heaven-born soul in sacrifice. ...
  • Flanders Fields
    Here the scanted daisy glows
    Glorious as the carmined rose;
    Here the hill-top's verdure mean
    Fair is with unfading green; ...
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Comments about Elizabeth Daryush

Book_addict: happy birthday to english poet elizabeth daryush (december 5, 1887), author of “the last man and other verses “ (1936) et al.
Lcby: "british writer elizabeth daryush also wrote of the “impassable gulf” that the first world war erected between the men who had fought and the women who loved them."
Oxfordprestrust: we are happy to share that many of the bird boxes at elizabeth daryush memorial garden are now filled with prepared nests or already have nests with eggs in! species include blue tits, great tits and nuthatch thanks to clive smith for his constant dedication to the nest boxes
Lancaster_words: friday starts with elizabeth daryush's throw away the flowers.
Warpoetsassn: “for a survivor of the mesopotamian campaign” by elizabeth daryush. war’s wasted era is a desert shore, as know those who have passèd there, a place where, within sound of swoll’n destruction’s roar, wheel the wild vultures, lust and terror base;
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