You's Sweet To Yo' Mammy Jes De Same Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Shet yo' eyes ma little pickaninny go to sleepB
Mammy's watchin' by you all de w'ileC
Daddy is a wukin' down in de cott'n fiel'C
Wukin' fu' his little honey childD
An' yo' mammy's heart is jes a brimmin' full o' lubA
Fu' you f'om yo' head down to yo' feetE
Oh no mattah w'at some othah folks may t'ink o' youF
To yo' mammy's heart you's mighty sweetE
You's sweet to yo' mammy jes de sameG
Dat's why she calls you Honey fu' yo' nameG
Yo' face is black dat's trueF
An' yo' hair is woolly tooF
But you's sweet to yo' mammy jes de sameG
Up der in de big house w'ere dey lib so rich an' gran'H
Dey's got chillen dat dey lubs I s'poseI
Chillen dat is purty oh but dey can't lub dem mo'G
Dan yo' mammy lubs you heaben knowsI
Dey may t'ink you's homely an' yo' clo'es dey may be po'B
But yo' shinin' eyes dey hol's a lightJ
Dat my Honey w'en you opens dem so big an' roun'H
Makes you lubly in yo' mammy's sightJ

James Weldon Johnson


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