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Death 8 Poor 6 Field 5 Purple 5 Heart 5 Breath 5 Strong 5 Dust 4 Crown 4 Sweet 4

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James Shirley Crash: After reading about the James Shirley Crash, one line comes to my mind - 'There is no armour against fate' and this is so true, absolutely love the way is true today hundreds of years after it was written.

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Coventry Patmore Poem
The Yew-Berry
 by Coventry Patmore

I call this idle history the -Berry of the Yew;
Because there's nothing sweeter than its husk of scarlet glue,
And nothing half so bitter as its black core bitten through.
I loved, saw hope, and said so; learn'd that Laura loved again:
Why speak of joy then suffer'd? My head throbs, and I would fain
Find words to lay the spectre starting now before my brain.
She loved me: all things told it; eye to eye, and palm to palm:

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