Who is James Shirley

17th-century English poet and playwright James Shirley James Shirley (or Sherley) (September 1596 – October 1666) was an English dramatist.

He belonged to the great period of English dramatic literature, but, in Charles Lamb's words, he "claims a place among the worthies of this period, not so much for any transcendent genius in himself, as that he was the last of a great race, all of whom spoke ...
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James Shirley Poems

  • To A Lady Upon A Looking-glass Sent
    When this crystal shall present
    Your beauty to your eye,
    Think that lovely face was meant
    To dress another by. ...
  • The Garden
    This Garden does not take my eyes,
    Though here you show how art of men
    Can purchase Nature at a price
    Would stock old Paradise again. ...
  • Death's Subtle Ways
    Victorious men of earth, no more
    Proclaim how wide your empires are;
    Though you bind in every shore
    And your triumphs reach as far ...
  • The Glories Of Our Blood And State
    The glories of our blood and state
    Are shadows, not substantial things;
    There is no armour against fate;
    Death lays his icy hand on kings. ...
  • Peace Restored
    You virgins, that did late despair
    To keep your wealth from cruel men,
    Tie up in silk your careless hair:
    Soft peace is come again. ...
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Death 8 Poor 6 Field 5 Purple 5 Heart 5 Breath 5 Strong 5 Dust 4 Crown 4 Sweet 4

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