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Death 8 Poor 6 Field 5 Purple 5 Heart 5 Breath 5 Strong 5 Dust 4 Crown 4 Sweet 4

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James Shirley Crash: After reading about the James Shirley Crash, one line comes to my mind - 'There is no armour against fate' and this is so true, absolutely love the way is true today hundreds of years after it was written.

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William Butler Yeats Poem
To A Shade
 by William Butler Yeats

If you have revisited the town, thin Shade,
Whether to look upon your monument
(I wonder if the builder has been paid)
Or happier-thoughted when the day is spent
To drink of that salt breath out of the sea
When grey gulls flit about instead of men,
And the gaunt houses put on majesty:
Let these content you and be gone again;

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