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FrankMcLynn: James Joyce’s Ulysses reviewed – archive, 1922 - FEEL THE THE FEAR -

sergioandreola: James Joyce's Hands, 1938. Ph.© Gisele Freund

james_scwk: Ooooh life comes at you fast

powerofdreams30: RIP Cathal Coughlan The James Joyce of Irish music has departed too soon.

k00lchristian: Willing at sustain life, not the equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.-James ؟? سےفے نمشے

Yellowumtours: A good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub," muses Leopold Bloom in James Joyce's classic novel Ulysses but what fun would that be? Why not join our Traditional Dublin Pub Tour and explore local pubs Book Essential

_witch_valley: I need someone to be the James Joyce to my Samuel Beckett. Which also means I need someone to be the Andre the Giant to my Samuel Beckett.

julietsburke: need for joyce to call him james at least once so i can live my joppersuliet fantasy

JA_Jorm: Okay would love to know why lit bros think James Joyce is good example of how narrative should be written? Is it simply that it’s gobbledygook and so it makes you feel smarter? WHAT is it please enlighten me

TheWesternGlobe: Celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses at National Gallery of Ireland this summer

Bombshell_Radio: “The supreme question about a work of art,” James Joyce once wrote, "is out of how deep a life does it spring.” If you tried to plumb the fathoms for a measurable reading of the life of Cathal Coughlan—well, the depth finder would crack right in

GIZAGUARDIAN: Date: ██/██/████ Test Material: 'Ulysses', by James Joyce Results: SCP-423 immediately returned to the journal, where it wrote out 'Ow, ow, bad idea.' Notes: 'Note this as a potential punishment for SCP-423 if it misbehaves.' - Dr. E. Mann

juanpablo22028: Everybody took Joyce's Ulysses.-James ؟? سےفے نمشے

Demi_theynd: The internet is great because I was able to briefly pause watching Jojo clips to recommend someone read a James Joyce novel because of their complicated feelings about their Scottish ancestry and I think that's frankly beautiful, in a way? Feels like a sum total of humanity deal

DempseyDonall: BE A PRISM the day blooms into being Jimmy and Nora walk out into a world of words *** “Be on the side of the angels. Be a prism. You have that something within, the higher self.” ― James Joyce

ArtsOfExistence: “I fear those big words, Stephen said, which make us so unhappy.” ― James Joyce, Ulysses

uchoaairton: "The summer evening had begun to fold the world in its mysterious embrace." (James Joyce)

uchoaairton: "Those girls, those girls, those lovely seaside girls." (James Joyce)

AloeZoey: i sat down at my pc with the intention of writing, four hours later, I find myself sitting in a VC talking about Trotsky's and James Joyce's horny letters.

dayfornights: the one thing i will say is that authors not using quotation marks isn’t a new thing, and a lot of authors don’t use them. most of the time, it’s a stylistic choice like, James Joyce just really hated what he called “perverted commas,” so he didn’t use them lol

temalone: Just said to my writing group, "All the epiphanies in James Joyce's Dubliners are quite quotidian." And then canceled myself for being the pretentious asshat I was in sophomore year of college.

GIZAGUARDIAN: Date: ██/██/████ Test Material: 'Ulysses', by James Joyce Results: SCP-423 immediately returned to the journal, where it wrote out 'Ow, ow, bad idea.' Notes: 'Note this as a potential punishment for SCP-423 if it misbehaves.' - Dr. E. Mann

samanthushara3: Finally I Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee Schmidt ؟? سےفے نمشے

Yellowumtours: A good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub," muses Leopold Bloom in James Joyce's classic novel Ulysses but what fun would that be? Why not join our Traditional Dublin Pub Tour and explore local pubs Book Essential

rivergreenbean: Ice cream is today's food of choice for the romantically troubled. 100+ years ago, it was apparently Turkish delight. (From James Joyce's "A Mother")

Euury: Is he... a friend of James Joyce?

joneasfinn: This is rather bullshit. "One day in the life of Leopold Bloom." Ulysses, James Joyce.

soghetti: "Snow was general all over Ireland. It was falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, further westwards, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves. It was falling too upon every part of the lonely churchyard where Michael Furey ..." The Dead James Joyce

ramonakorpan: The most momentous occasions of a teenage boy's life are his first date, his high school graduation and the day he discovers James Joyce's fart letters.

BookLockdown: I stumbled on the 1935 photo in Kevin Birmingham’s THE MOST DANGEROUS BOOK: The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses (2014). So far I found little on Alvin Winston’s CHERRY.

rolmanistee: I just uploaded “5-22-2022 It's Personal Pastor Joyce Newman Guest Speakers James Koon, Amanda Koon and Tam…

NaahWoke: Shit James Joyce.

blessedarethed1: “ the dead” by James Joyce happy goth day

antsfromup: reading Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man for the first time since finishing Ulysses. james joyce is so cool

Drx_Jekyll: " Ulysses " - James Joyce.

BojanSokocanin: Ulysses, James Joyce, cover designed by Henri Matisse, 1935 edition

hubbymamy: American Composers the equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod ؟? سےفے نمشے

james_scwk: Colour me surprised: Barnaby Joyce signals Nationals could drop support for net zero emissions

jawacage: Direct impact the equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee Schmidt and ؟? مفٱرش ٱلحبَےبَ

l3001666: Find addiction. of Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod ؟? سےفے نمشے

johnstonglenn: Novelist, critic and historian of crime Rayner Heppenstall died OTD in 1981. He wrote about James Joyce and DH Lawrence for the Times Literary Supplement. He once shared a flat in London with poet Michael Sayers and George Orwell, who beat him up with a shooting stick.

eugenio_fouz: I wonder where are Oscar Wilde and James Joyce

chudwinslo: Me arguing with the bouncer at James Joyce after I tripped over the entire live band set up and singlehandedly putting a full stop to live music night

Hope27Destiny: In style Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod ؟? سےفے نمشے An audience cases out of the way to Elfin is found

Shi_bal__: The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts. James Joyce KD OUR ALLSTAR MVP

AnecdotalWisdom: At the age of twenty-two, “asked what he was thinking about when C. P. Curran photographed him, Irish novelist James Joyce replied, ‘I was wondering would he lend me five shillings.’ ”

theharpoonman: “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” James Joyce Rumi Darwaza, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, an imposing gateway portal

johnstonglenn: Scottish writer James Barke was born OTD in 1905. Major Operation, about the Clydeside during the Great Depression, contains many Joycean echoes and allusions. Barke saw the Joyce connection as a potential selling point, according to The Popular Front Novel in Britain, 1934-1940.


solo1y: This book looks amazing, but it's 150 euro. Like...

ProfEdSweeney: James Joyce Remembered by C.P. Curran - read an extract

fbpedone: «'Have any of you gentlemen read Paolo and Francesca?’ he inquired, and then immediately: ‘Have you read it, Mr. Joyce?’ A voice behind me replied indifferently: ‘Yes.’ I looked round and saw my first poet».

NoRitmodoHumor: Experience for the visual equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod ؟? سےفے نمشے

at_odin: 'Ding-dong, the witch is dead!' - James Joyce

robinrobintekin: James Joyce

johnstonglenn: James Joyce Remembered by C.P. Curran - read an extract

mbikmb_bot: the drum gets drunk. the drum reads James Joyce in the drunk

johnstonglenn: "Finnegans Wake isn't the end of literature, as even Joyce liked to think, but rather the beginning: the source-code and very possibility of the book become manifest." Booker-nominated writer Tom McCarthy was born OTD in 1969.

johnstonglenn: "Not even Sabbath understood how he could lose his job at a liberal arts college for teaching a twenty-year-old to talk dirty . . . eighty years after James Joyce" Philip Roth died OTD in 2018

johnstonglenn: Harlem Renaissance writer Claude McKay died OTD in 1948. In his autobiography he said "James Joyce incomparably and legitimately was le maitre among the moderns," though he thought Ulysses was even greater as a textbook for modern writers than as a novel for the general public.

spiderflorist: My writing a 300-level paper on James Joyce

GahannaJD: 92% done with Ulysses, by James Joyce

mcsweeneys: "Considering how the original novel ends, with its suspenseful promise of 'whish! A gull. Gulls. Far calls. Coming, far!' and a final passage that abruptly ends mid-sentence, it’s safe to say James Joyce dropped one hell of a cliffhanger on his fans."

Mr_Dave_Haslam: It took James Joyce seven years to write Ulysses. Imagine how long it would have taken him if he'd also have had to maintain his social media profile - posting pics of baby Lucia on Instagram, nights out with his mate Sam on Facebook, and RTing Shakespeare & Co on Twitter.

DailyPegham: Win tickets for James Joyce evening of song at Bozar on 1 June

ana19323559: “The peace of the gardens and the kindly lights in the windows poured a tender influence into his restless heart.” ― James Joyce. Vincent Van Gogh - Marguerite Gachet in the Garden Auvers-sur-Oise: June, 1890 Paris: Musée d'Orsay.

Yellowumtours: A good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub," muses Leopold Bloom in James Joyce's classic novel Ulysses but what fun would that be? Why not join our Traditional Dublin Pub Tour and explore local pubs Book Essential

ScoutSteveR: That will be all for Ben Joyce who has thrown hard, but has recorded just one out. He plunks Kam James to load the bases. Kirby Connell will come on now. Bases loaded for State with one down. B4

Joann98909036: The Ozkurts . My Son Jimmy Joyce ( James) The Father of My Granddaughter Jasmine . Unfortunately After Their Acrimonious Breakup , Miss Ozkurt Had Parental Control, Given To Most Mothers. The devastating consequences Of This , As Thousands Other Grandparents

chaircrusher: James Joyce talking about Republicans.

Joann98909036: As For My Son James , Jimmy Joyce , My Goodness ! As All Mothers Do You Welcome Endless Girlfriends Into Your Life . Certainly One Stood Out From The Crowd, A Treasure , Not To be. I Accepted The Ozkurts & All The Family into My Home.

meaningenue: you, careless: my dude, you're my best friend me, has read the james joyce fart letters: pineapple should not go on pizza

Joann98909036: The Ozkurts & James Joyce . Jasmine & Her Nanny are Trapped in Your Cycle Of This Total Selfishness & Self Importance. NEVER UNTIL YOU BRAGGED MY Granddaughter INTO YOUR APPALLING BEHAVIOUR, HAVE I EVER SPOKEN OUT.


emanddesouky: “To recreate life out of life!” — James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

openculture: James Joyce’s Crayon Covered Manuscript Pages for Ulysses and Finnegans Wake

johnstonglenn: Writer and critic Maurice Nadeau was born in Paris OTD in 1911. In an interview with biographer James Knowlson, Samuel Beckett cited his assertion that James Joyce was "an influence ab contrario." Nadeau died on Bloomsday 2013.

johnstonglenn: Passages from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake screened at the Cannes Film Festival OTD in 1965. Director Mary Ellen Bute won a prize for best debut.

TheHughLane: 'James Joyce Study, '59'~ Louis le Brocquy, (1977) Louis le Brocquy is today Ireland's most celebrated contemporary artist. Born In Dublin he studied chemistry and worked in his family's oil company before deciding to become a painter.

cathalcoleman11: Agree completely. I’m also looking forward to joining Francis on our panel at the International James Joyce Symposium in June.

PrinceYaabee: Lands in visual equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.-James ؟? سےفے نمشے Half truths... not allow the

IrelandAtlanta: Arís proudly celebrates the centenary of James Joyce's Ulysses by presenting the North American Premiere of "ULYSSES", adapted from the novel and written by Dermot Bolger. For tickets:

LAPublicLibrary: Central Library staff welcomed Dan Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland, to view an impressive display that included a rare first edition of Ulysses by James Joyce.

elemanayniben: “I've put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant, and that's the only way of insuring one's immortality.” James Joyce on Ulysses bazen ölümsüzlük…

KaLEM_Revolt: All Moanday, Tearday, Wailsday, Thumpsday, Frightday, Shatterday. James Joyce

_pat_joyce: In the past 5 years do you think LeBron James has eaten at Outback Steakhouse

deepinfife: ‘The supreme question about a work of art is out of how deep a life does it spring’ (James Joyce, Ulysses

DFisman: My God, James Joyce would have loved this.

purserhallard: It's frustrating knowing that I'll only ever be a middling writer. If I was a carpenter or, I don't know, a lumberjack, middling would be fine. When you're a writer you're constantly berating yourself for not being bloody James Joyce.

MaggieDomenechi: Within tight equivalent of Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee ؟? سےفے نمشے

CPColin: "Weird dork of Mister Musk" -- James Joyce, Finnegan's Wake

likeotherthings: sally rooney is yassified james joyce

anyawithay: the james joyce letters will scar me forever istg

RuthSkilbeck: Take a break from Election Day fervour in Australia, and enter the subjectivity of Leopold Bloom meandering around Dublin, in the inimitable words of James Joyce, read by Salman Rushdie and others in this 'polyphonic' reading of The Lotus Eaters episode....Enjoy...

nicholas_quish: BBC SKY. To quote James Joyce: In a week. All Moanday, Tearsday, Wailsday, Thumpsday, Frightday, Shatterday. Till the fear of the law. We only have 100% blatant left wing public broadcasters now For the love of me,Why? What do they gain from this agenda? Any answers anyone?

IrishTimesBooks: Annotations to James Joyce’s Ulysses: One of the best books ever devoted to the classic

Thouotes: "How can you own water really? It’s always flowing in a stream, never the same, which in the stream of life we trace. Because life is a stream." - James Joyce, Ulysses

GarotaBubaloo: Can take of Joyce's Ulysses.-James Lee Schmidt and Jarod ؟? ٱونٱس ٱنٱس

sbslote: The reviews are in:

CavehZahedi: I am adapting James Joyce’s Ulysses into an experimental theater performance that will take place in NYC on June 16th (Bloomsday). Tickets at

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