Who is Laura (riding) Jackson

Laura Riding Jackson (born Laura Reichenthal; January 16, 1901 – September 2, 1991), best known as Laura Riding, was an American poet, critic, novelist, essayist and short story writer.

Early life

She was born in New York City to Nathaniel Reichenthal, a Jewish immigrant from Galicia, and Sadie (née Edersheim), and educated at Cornell University. She met historian Louis R. Gottschalk, then a graduate assistant at Cornell, and they married in 1920. She began to write poetry, publishing first (1923–26) under the name Laura Riding Gottschalk. She became associated with the Fugitives through Allen Tate, and they published her poems in The Fugitive magazine. They awarded her the Nashville Prize in 1924. Her marriage with Gottschalk ended in divorce in 1925, at the ...
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Laura (riding) Jackson Poems

  • Yes And No
    Across a continent imaginary
    Because it cannot be discovered now
    Upon this fully apprehended planet-
    No more applicants considered,...
  • With The Face
    With the face goes a mirror
    As with the mind a world.
    Likeness tells the doubting eye
    That strangeness is not strange....
  • The World And I
    This is not exactly what I mean
    Any more than the sun is the sun.
    But how to mean more closely
    If the sun shines but approximately?...
  • The Simple Line
    The secrets of the mind convene splendidly,
    Though the mind is meek.
    To be aware inwardly
    of brain and beauty...
  • The Quids
    The little quids, the million quids,
    The everywhere, everything, always quids,
    The atoms of the Monoton-
    Each turned three essences where it stood...
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Comments about Laura (riding) Jackson

Dcazdn: published 100 years ago (ok, 1924) by the poet now known as laura riding jackson.
Streetsofc: the wind shudders through the city, wrapped in the shawl of its swiftness. who but the cold women have fingers to tear quietly the shawls of the chattering wind? - laura riding jackson women of chicago. 2023
Deannamascle: prisms by laura riding jackson - poems | academy of american poets
Kafka_nightmare: prisms by laura riding jackson is a snobby piece of poem
Monica85198503: “a child should be allowed to take as long as she needs for knowing everything about herself... learning to be herself... and it wouldn’t matter if doing things got delayed, because nothing is really important but being oneself.” ~ laura riding jackson © jamie heiden
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