Who is James Henry Leigh Hunt

Leigh HuntLeigh Hunt; portrait by Benjamin HaydonBornJames Henry Leigh Hunt
(1784-10-19)October 19, 1784
Southgate, London, EnglandDiedAugust 28, 1859(1859-08-28) (aged 74)

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James Henry Leigh Hunt Poems

  • Nun, The
    Suggested By Part Of The Italian Song, Beginning "Se Moneca Ti Fai."

    I ...
  • Fairies' Song
    Translation of a Latin poem by Thomas Randolph

    We the fairies blithe and antic
    Of dimensions not gigantic, ...
  • A Thought Or Two On Reading Pomfret's 'choice'
    I have been reading Pomfret's "Choice" this spring,
    A pretty kind of--sort of--kind of thing,
    Not much a verse, and poem none at all,
    Yet, as they say, extremely natural. ...
  • Bellman's Verses For 1814
    Huzza, my boys! our friends the Dutch have risen,
    Our good old friends, and burst the Tyrant's prison!
    Aye, and have done it without bloodshed too,
    Like men, to sense as well as freedom true. ...
  • Robin Hood, A Child.
    It was the pleasant season yet,
    When the stones at cottage doors
    Dry quickly, while the roads are wet,
    After the silver showers. ...
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  • Wednesday_jones: john hayes of the self-styled ‘common sense group’, along with sally-ann hart, gareth bacon and bob blackman, tom hunt, pauline latham, sir edward leigh, marco longhi, craig mackinlay, james sunderland and henry smith...signed a letter condemning a children’s charity, in 2020.
  • Samrat747: a thought of the nile by james henry leigh hunt it flows through old hushed egypt and its sands, like some grave mighty thought threading a dream, and times and things, as in that vision, seem keeping along it their eternal stands,-- caves, pillar... -
  • Samrat747: sudden fine weather by james henry leigh hunt reader! what soul that laoves a verse can see the spring return, nor glow like you and me? hear the quick birds, and see the landscape fill, nor long to utter his melodious will? -
  • Samrat747: to robert batty, m.d., on his giving me a lock of milton's hair by james henry leigh hunt it lies before me there, and my own breath stirs its thin outer threads, as though beside the living head i stood in honoured pride, talking of lovely things... -
  • Samrat747: how robin and his outlaws lived in the woods by james henry leigh hunt robin and his merry men : lived just like the birds; they had almost as many tracks as thoughts, : and whistles and songs as words. -
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