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  • A Letter From The Trenches To A School Friend
    I have not brought my Odyssey
    With me here across the sea;
    But you'll remember, when I say
    How, when they went down Sparta way, ...
  • Route March
    All the hills and vales along
    Earth is bursting into song,
    And the singers are the chaps
    Who are going to die perhaps. ...
  • Such, Such Is Death
    Such, such is Death: no triumph: no defeat:
    Only an empty pail, a slate rubbed clean,
    A merciful putting away of what has been.
  • Saints Have Adored The Lofty Soul Of You
    Saints have adored the lofty soul of you.
    Poets have whitened at your high renown.
    We stand among the many millions who
    Do hourly wait to pass your pathway down. ...
  • When You See Millions Of The Mouthless Dead
    When you see millions of the mouthless dead
    Across your dreams in pale battalions go,
    Say not soft things as other men have said,
    That you'll remember. For you need not so....
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Lucylondon7: charles hamilton sorley (1895 - 1915)
Debjshaw: charles hamilton sorley..i will think of you often!
Fossemidge: the memorial to charles hamilton sorley near marlborough
Shanehegarty: i only last week discovered this fine, poignant poem about running, through the prism of army training, by first world war poet charles hamilton sorley. he wrote it at 19, was dead in france at 20. but this is timeless.
Lucylondon7: charles hamilton sorley is one of my favourite ww1 poets.
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