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  • Goodbye
    If you are still alive when you read this,
    close your eyes. I am
    under their lids, growing black.
  • Face In The Window
    I am a modest house, a house solely
    notable for the fact I lived here once.
    Its brass plaque depicts an oxygen eye
    in which two pupils of hydrogen dance. ...
  • Obsolescent
    Bending over like this to get my hands empty
    Rummaging through the white trashcans out back
    Of the Patent Office I find a kind of peace
    Here in this warm-lit alley where no one comes. ...
  • Escape Plan
    I examine
    my skin

    searching for ...
  • (desire)threadbare(desires)
    -to S.

    The light lay in shreds across the bed,
    only your waking could make it whole; ...
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  • Zeeshanjaanam: bill knott
  • Tomsnarsky: each face i bring to its brink, each beauty— bill knott
  • Frankcottrell_b: i love the idea enshrined in the bill that the problem with mps second jobs was how much time they took up, rather than how they corrupted the common wealth. like sentencing burglars based not on how much harm they did but on how quick they were about it.
  • Smalllights: from bill knott's book becos (1982)
  • Drkevorko: so nice to know that i'll soon be a second-class citizen whose passport can be taken away at my government's whim. new bill quietly gives powers to remove british citizenship without notice
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With all that bucket load of high explosive residue.
She knew that it was dangerous to scatter it around,
For Grandpa liked to throw his lighted matches on the ground.
Somehow she didn't dare to pour it down the kitchen sink,
And what the heck to do with it, poor Ma jest couldn't think.

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