I see that horizon hold
The tryst of my Sky
And its lover; The earth.
I find there, the saturation
Of their awing love,
Posing purple between them both.
Oh! How I feel that colour
In the heart of my own,
So, I track their trail
To witness them kiss and fall,
To see that viridity hold my blue.
But I run and run
Just to watch their love turn crimson,
To watch them rifle farther more.
And so faster I chase,
With tears of loss in my eyes,
With the sense of yet another broken romance,
And the mayhem that comes after.
But dead there I stand then,
For I hit the end of all;
The cease of the Earth.
Where I gain, how the horizon deludes,
How the saturation was my own.
So, I smile then and turn
Back to you, where I belong.