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auctionfun251: used dvd-chinese zodiac-jackie chan-2014-ws-pg-13-universal-action/comedy

AQueerPanda: Yknow, watching this and thinking about how it was Jackie Chan that got me into martial arts more than Bruce Lee, it kinda makes more sense how often I got injured during training

REALelibot: My family and I love Jackie Chan Adventures. Who knew!

WizzleDean: Imagine trusting a Chinese businessman who operates in China, to tell the truth about China, lol. Jackie Chan wanting to be a member of the communist party hasn’t stopped them from shutting him down if he says shit they don’t like. Sounds like control over the economy

DamnItCarlos: Nobody: Jackie chan saying he doesn't want any trouble:

samu_galo: Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Jackie Chan e Terry Crews

Martles3: China does John Wick! Can't wait to check this out! Yahoo Entertainment: New Jackie Chan Film ‘Ride On’ Starts Shooting Amid Early Musings of Box Office Trouble.

MSaiour: Jackie Chan Film ‘Ride On’ Starts Shoots, Raises Box Office Concerns – Variety

onimaruxlr: Fact: The only good non-biographical cartoon based around the fictionalized adventures of a real life person is Jackie Chan Adventures

NotableHistory: Bruce Lee fighting Jackie Chan in the movie 'Enter The Dragon'.

reelCastorTroy: real shame that jackie chan is past his prime now that electric scooters are a thing

AmazingPosts_: Jackie Chan is known for doing his own stunts, although he does use stunt doubles for particularly perilous moves. Many of his stunts are dangerous and these are some of the craziest stunts Jackie Chan has ever done.

tomhyde_: Ebony Maw was a cool villain, reminded me somewhat of Tso Lan from Jackie Chan Adventures.

pjmoomins: The only cartoon I’d watch about a real person is the Jackie Chan Adventures. This is such a weird move lol

gazingdarkness: I think the worst Jackie Chan movie has to be 1911 (2011). Just an absolutely tedious, incoherent, badly acted mess. Usually even his bad movies tend to have at least some (unintentional) entertainment. This one is just... plain, pure bad.

gazingdarkness: Speaking of bad acting, Adrien Brody and John Cusack are all-time bad in DRAGON BLADE, although Jackie Chan himself gives actually a really good, touching performance.

djwallpapergh: Unless you link Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan

YouSysAdmin: Jackie Chan "The Myth" is a very good movie. One of the best Jackie Chan films

MSyedt: jackie chan adventures flashback

rnvlk: jackie chan morreu

Ketchups92: both of these women have beat up Jackie Chan

thisisganzi: I have a dream that one day my visuals will be known like Jim Carrey movies or Jackie Chan movies of the Entertainment Industry

melaniamedicixx: I forgot Rhodes fought Jackie Chan.

Maraculousness: Don Cheadle getting pissed off at Chris Tucker for calling Jackie Chan by his first name in Rush Hour 2 never gets old

dailylaney: Jackie Chan jumping over things appreciation post.

ThatJargo: Bruh if it’s not Jackie Chan, all these kung fu type of movies bore me lmao.

Maytechummia: New Jackie Chan Film ‘Ride On’ Starts Shooting Amid Early Musings of Box Office Trouble. The has been remains as prolific as ever, churning out a movie a year since 2019, despite the pandemic.

Shmueliano: Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, Wabam Wabam, I shit my pant(s)

PinkHighx_: Just googled if Jackie Chan still alive that man been MIA !!!! Glad he still pushing

LeatherMasters: "I want to build up my philosophy... my philosophy with kung fu is to respect people." - Jackie Chan.

MuppetPlots: Okay but get. this. Princess Bride, right? but make it Muppets! I want Camilla the Chicken! I want Animal hanging out with Jackie Chan!

WeAreAHurricane: I love the Rush Hour outtakes and I love Jackie Chan.

JackieChanDoga_: Jackie Chan Video 大福星 Fight FORTUNE STAR TWIN WWW

singlepayertom: every time i see jackie chan do something it's the coolest thing i've ever seen

CapLee27: Why isn’t Jackie Chan adventures not on any major streaming platforms yet???????

thamosdeaf: Miracles (1989) by Jackie Chan.

DanSanguineti: Nuclear submarines. Sorry I just wanted to be part of the conversation. Though I have little input except for the words of famous martial artist Jackie Chan based on the cover song by Edwin Starr - “War, huh, yeah! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Sing it again you all.”

ireadsyou: NEGROMANCER 2.0: Review: Jackie Chan Really Rumbles in "RUMBLE IN T...

jvvnie: Jackie Chan did

Quon_RealGifted: Jackie Chan around this bitch I do my own stunts

ElTeaZee: James Bond, Jackie Chan, and that bitch, MacGyver

FightDiscrimin1: PJK is now the Jackie Chan of the western world - - Both used to be heroes for so many people including myself - - now they just kiss up to the Chinese Communist Party and ignore every nefarious aspect about the brutal authoritarian regime.

FredTopel: TIL Jackie Chan had a Mortal Kombat style video game where you could play as Drunken Master. Instead of fatalities, when he lost he would still complement his opponent on a good fight.

Variety: New Jackie Chan Film ‘Ride On’ Start Shooting Amid Early Musings of Box Office Trouble

EINMovieNews: Jackie Chan commences shoot for his new film 'Ride On'

entertainment1m: Jackie Chan commences shoot for his new film 'Ride On'

POPXXICENTURY: The best funk dance clubbing music nowplaying JACKIE CHAN - TIESTO FT POST MALONE FT DZEKO on

wefightbullying: I was bullied quite a lot when I was growing up in my Peking Opera School. I allowed myself to be bullied because I was scared and didn’t know how to defend myself. ― Jackie Chan

YourBoyDrew: Jackie Chan had some dope fits

godhoodcomics: Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan should of made an appearance in Shang-Shi ! The rush hour franchise is definitely MCU cannon ha ha.

drewarcher3090: "James Bond, Jackie Chan, and that bitch MacGyver!"

_brylannnn: Repeat

ifeellikedan: i’m hanging out with a jackie chan cut out

monzull73: I call that Draco Jackie Chan, the way it's kickin

Cash_Gotti: James Bond, Jackie Chan & that bitch MacGyver

ameliapex: some icons with crew art I made while bored! feel free to request for a specific one. art by Jackie Files + rymin flag

ameliapex: art by Jackie Files

MzSgtPepper: Sometimes it only takes one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life - Jackie Chan

bomani_jones: craig got with the joker sister in the middle of a robbery plan he hatched himself. he became james bond, jackie chan and that b tch macgyver. there was clearly no need for him to run to rancho cucamonga. he's got all the game and all the plans.

Batman_2020: Simu is so stunning and brave and stupid.Bruce Lee was kicking ass in the 70s and later on Jackie Chan & Jet Li and Lucy Liu.

kiranchavala: Finally watched ShangChi decent marvel movie with little bit of homage to jackie chan era movies

MuppetPlots: Step Up 2: The Streets but make it Muppets. Put Jackie Chan in there!!

HalfBlackJay: I wonder how Jackie Chan is doing

BaggedKawaii: my dad just said chinese fighting is very “jackie chan”

Deus_Ex_Human: That reminds me that that recent adaptation of Journey to the West was fun because Jackie Chan & Jet Li

NiiClever: Be like Jackie Chan for go back to training

fractal12162672: Turns out Jackie Chan was a Trojan Horse.

jujunot1ofdem: our??? sit this one out Jackie Chan

blackcatdoom: What’s Jackie Chan been up to?

UglyGrayKid: And shadowkhan from Jackie Chan advetures too!

Tedstevensirl: Watching Police Story I can see why Jackie Chan gets talked about as such an action legend.

TAMAHOOCHIE: Jackie Chan we ain’t pullin no fake stunts

trezz821: Yall remember The Medallion with Jackie Chan ?

StreamingVideo_: iTunes has the movie Ging Chaat Goo Si III: Chiu Kup Ging Chaat aka Supercop (1992) (HD) starring Jackie Chan & Michelle Yeoh & Maggie Cheung on sale for $4.99

chippznuff: i love to see jackie chan do a huge jump. im always surprised when movies have like no soundtrack during fights bc like the majority of the action in that movie felt like pure 80s hitsounds and yelling (this is a positive)

nia_powell: I wonder how Jackie Chan is doing, I always worry about him

thetylerbrooks: Jackie Chan be like “I don’t want trouble” then put you in the ICU

GeekytalTechSol: Jackie Chan be funny as always but here he speaking truth man

BlessedCloudz: `Check out this Amazon deal Drunken Master II [Blu-Ray] by Chia-Liang Liu

thrccracha: the little angel drawing of chan to represent felix

SifuentesX: Always thought of Jackie Chan

j0hnnybarksdale: One part of the Jackass movies that's always fun is the cameos from their various collaborators and friends which is to say that I really hope Johnny Knoxville hit up his Skiptrace co-star Jackie Chan to be in Jackass Forever

dansss_98: Jackie chan be doing unnecessary shit sometimes but it looks cool so it doesn’t matter

everyoneisabot1: "We never understand how little we need in this world until we know the loss of it." - Jackie Chan, Birdman (2014)

Overmayor: Jackie Chan giving the best dramatic performance I've ever seen from him in this otherwise nothing movie

naisu9k: movies i specifically wanna watch/get into - the matrix - some tarantino stuff probably - kurosawa samurai movies - some of takashi miike's films - bruce lee and jackie chan movies - lupin specials - satoshi kohn

Valenti_Andrew: 7. Sleeping Dogs Set in Hong Kong. Basically GTA with a better story and smoother driving and shooting controls. Fun melee system. Not very realistic but that's the point, as it's a nod to the over-the-top Chinese action movies (think Jackie Chan) from the 80's and 90's.

Renarchat: based jackie chan ??

TomBradyG0AT: Rose haters can post the head slam all they want nothing changed the fact she beat everyone and will beat Jackie Chan again.

Archadia_: My sendu playlist. 1. Anywhere - Evanescence 2. Endless Love - Jackie Chan 3. Whered You Go - Fort Minor 4. Eria - Two Steps from Hell 5. Forever Yours - Nightwish 6. Gunslinger - A7X 7. Qi Li Xiang - Jay Chou 8. Pao Mo - Gem

HKFilmLocations: Hong Kong (& Macau) Film Stuff: Police Story - Jackie Chan (1985) - Dai Fu Street,...

ThatBoiScurry: Can i get ah slapped backbin the say? I remember Chris Tucker asking Jackie Chan can he do this to the beach boys but beside that ion think i ever heard the song outside

muzach: Wait, Destin Cretton directed Shang-Chi? I hung out with that guy once in college, then he made the amazing Short Term 12. My kid wants to see it, and I've seen clips of the Jackie Chan-inspired fight choreography, so I guess I'm going to see this one.

_WonderRoy: There’s this Jackie Chan fit from Police Story where he has a yellow HKU sweater. Probably that

PaigeHardman4: She’s okay just dramatic like her mom

koko_sihite: Jackie Chan goyang shoppee

rl3508: Que nota bacana Shang-Chi. Puro Jackie Chan vibes.

OneQuaan: My last iG post I was contemplaining, what was my real job?? Might only guess was, just dropping da load, and I'm third element, I'm gone too the moon, also how I kick it with Jackie Chan, frog eyes like a toad. The smooth and alert ones modt

medicedcoffee: i named my first cat after jackie chan

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imagination its your creation: idk what he mean but me likey

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