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OkpalaFaith6: The only person I know in China is Jackie Chan

DVD_Daddy: The Big Brawl (1980) A young Asian-American martial artist is forced to participate in a brutal formal street-fighting competition. Jackie Chan, Kristine DeBell, José Ferrer, Mako, Rosalind Chao, Gene LeBell.

oocsitcoms: happy first day of fall we are officially entering damn jackie weather

jackie_not_chan: Can I uhhhh be your coffee date

Imagine91540829: Jackie Chan with the karat kids.

seokjinkiki: love jackie chan and chris tucker!!

BrattleTheatre: Fri, Sep 23 • Showing Today: New Restorations! Damian Lewis in KEANE • 7:45 Jackie Chan in DRUNKEN MASTER II • 10:00 Harvard Book Store presents JASMINE GUILLORY • 6:00

dlbowman76: Is there anyone who is more consistent at making films that are pure "pleasure machines" than Jackie Chan (in his *classic* period)?

47Renn: Jackie Chan -Drunken Master is a Masterpiece.

WhattodoAndY: I try to spend a night with Mia Farrow, because Jackie Chan's stuntman demanded me to do it. wouldliketo

spiveypoint: They must have released a Karate Kid box set with The Next Karate Kid rather than the Jackie Chan version surely?

MuayedKhalifa: "imma b**ch slap you back to Africa" - Jackie Chan

Isilakar1000: Nobody Jackie Chan:

NunchucksShelly: I just submitted "The Dishwasher" to Chinatown Film Festival 国際映像 via

TheFace54827776: I've just started watching "The Foreigner" on the telly. It's a Jackie Chan film that seems to start off pretty serious and dark. Pierce Brosnan looking a bit like Gerry Adams. IRA stuff. I'll have to see how this goes.

Sam_Wise730: The Foreigner (2017) Been a while since I've enjoyed some Jackie Chan. Not his typical role but I got enough solid action scenes from this restaurant owner whose dark past is needed to avenge his daughter. Decent political intrigue too. Nothing special but glad I watched it. 3/5

vanweezer: There should be more Jackie Chan movies on streaming

jenniegurls: jennie kim coming for jackie chan's throne. JENNIE FOR TAMBURINS

merrrrychrysler: First Betty White, then Queen Lizzy, please somebody check on Jackie Chan

gregorymelody: Jimmy Fallon as the SNL Computer Guy with his assistant, Wang (Jackie Chan)

GODOT5111: This absolutely is inspired by jackie chan

jody_new_me: Watching "Drunken Master". I appreciate this close-up of a young Jackie Chan's abs. This movie was one of the three primary inspirations for Dragon Ball (along with "Enter the Dragon" and Chinese novel "Journey to the West"). Goku being a giemba must come from this scene.

realunathi_03: jackie chan used to say "i don’t want any trouble" then he whoops everybody's ass

IronBloodAika: What's really jarring/frightening to think about is that in Jackie Chan Adventure, Tohru, who is 480lbs, says he's TOO SMALL for Sumo. Then we see him up against professionals and we see he is NOT lying. Dude is a giant by our standards and he's considered SMALL in theirs! XD

KennethNick6: Jackie Chan is awesome

GustaveFlynn1: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

staycjerry: Crumbl cookies wishes they could create this masterpiece

meragraph: interesting video, i remember watching this movie so many times. had no idea it was a jackie chan diss.

Wright_Thoughts: when I was a little kid I used to write out these big long lists cataloguing all the stuff from my favorite cartoons (e.g. all the Pokemon, all the talismans in that Jackie Chan show), and only now as a 28 year old adult did I just realize that what I was making was a spreadsheet

NotableHistory: Bruce Lee fighting Jackie Chan in the movie 'Enter The Dragon'.

nicomairata: imagine if Jackie Chan was godawful

rejectnation: Most action stars are worried about taking a hit and appearing weak. But most action stars aren't Jackie Chan. Here's a video on how the iconic performer takes a hit:

MuppetPlots: Humor me.. My Fair Lady but make it Muppets. Waldorf and Rowlf the Dog are doing their thing. and then BAM! Jackie Chan.

BDD14: ...wobbly leg guy wobbly leg girl...etc..."Chinese parenting"--i know I beat on my people about this but....e.g. Jackie Chan's son. Spoiled to the max...spent a year in prison...yet JC and ex-wife wonder why...they ENABLED their son...DUH!!!

LucyFunk8: Which Jackie Chan movie is this, remember

NicholasJenny5: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

MontagueMarlowe: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

ruskin_chad: Jackie Chan is awesome

BDD14: ,,,Jackie Chan--you see him in YouTube interviews...talking abuot his son..."half joking"...they don't have a good relationship..hardly talk (like many welthy Ch families)..making light of how his son is...but the fact is...he made his son that way!!

NumeroUnoNegro: She almost hit the Jackie Chan

BelindaClariss6: Which Jackie Chan movie is this, remember

KendraEevee: If you've seen Jackie Chan Adventures, prove it by quoting it

FinnVonFritter: when is Jackie Chan's concert? I need to make sure I don't forget my jeep.

DieHardMMAPod: POV: Its 1998 and you're fighting with your friend over who would win in a fight Jet Li or Jackie Chan

jimnoakes: BBC2 Escape from Kabul Airport has been absolutely heart wrenching and horrific. An incredibly powerful piece of television.

baymaxhealer: Feeling hesitant? Have you tried putting on hand cream and refinishing wood furniture? I hear it really works for Jackie Chan. Have a lollipop!

TataJooma: You either get to be Jackie Chan or see yourself become Steven Seagal real quick.

jackie_not_chan: The Escape from Kabul documentary on HBO Max was utterly haunting

damonayoung: Kevin Bacon was in “Patriots Day” with JK Simmons. JK Simmons was in “Kung Fu Panda 3” with Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan was in “Mr Nice Guy” with me. My Kevin Bacon Number is 3.

FCKNJORDAN: What in the Jackie Chan?!

wefightbullying: I was bullied quite a lot when I was growing up in my Peking Opera School. I allowed myself to be bullied because I was scared and didn’t know how to defend myself. ― Jackie Chan

OrlandoDougla15: I’m popping out with baby Jackie Chan I ain’t Chris Tuck

okboomerbot5: Boomer: I remember when college cost 5 dollars Me: OK Jackie Chan

Nareinigeedele1: Jackie Chan is a very good comedy/martial arts star

StreamDemand: Jackie Chan goes West in ‘Shanghai Noon’ on Prime Video and Paramount+

DamnPapiTrash: Jackie Chan adventures was a gem

CMoviemaker: Surprisingly not terrible. It’s a really frustrating movie, because the script is easily one of the best of any Jackie Chan film from the last 10 years (I‘ve seen), but the editing and therefore the action are both atrocious.

CMoviemaker: Updated my Jackie Chan Ranking:

deleverah: jackie chan is back

moons_artwork: My GF never watched Jackie Chan films growing up so I've been going through my fave films and watching them with her. Some epic fights man

HaeJi_Cho: Yt privilege is low key hearing someone say you remind them of a celebrity and not immediately thinking, “If they say Jackie Chan, I swear to god”

enid_whyet: Which Jackie Chan movie is this, remember

JohnPeggy7: Jackie Chan is awesome

IsItLati: Jackie Chan era is back!!!!!!!

brump_bot: I have come to the store for a Jackie Chan is the sickest riff and just unceremoniously 86 em.

RoderickAleran1: Which Jackie Chan movie is this, remember

ShaunFord92: Looking back, it’s really weird (and racist) that even though Jackie Chan was teaching Jaden Smith kung fu, they still went ahead and called it The Karate Kid.

TheCurseTTV: I hope Jackie Chan lives forever.

Aldisyh5: the real jackie chan in real life yagesya wowmowkwowkw

CashPullman: A bit like Jackie Chan

theqingisdead: legendary. I miss Jackie Chan so much

JudithA59858510: A bit like Jackie Chan

barnard_myrna: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

DarrenWHaynes: When you think of the great buddy franchises — Mel Gibson & Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), Martin Lawrence & Will Smith (Bad Boys), Eddie Murphy & Judge Reinhold (Beverly Hills Cop), Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan (Rush Hour), where does the Michael Stone & Brett Ritchie trilogy rank?

SpeedrunWRs: Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire: Jackie Chan Densetsu - Standard % in 4:46 (IGT) by Sinistar:

otoiks: Love it when "fight" actors are "real life" martial artists. Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, etc.

JezoShow: I hope Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan make a return in Cobra Kai season 6

joshuerbrands: DiCaprio anytime any day. Denzel comes next. Others are Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and Jackie Chan.

MarvinEden5: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

tsuihark0_: Tim Maia + Jackie Chan

licker1414: 1) Jackie Chan 2) Keanu Reeves 3) Denzel Washington 4) Samuel L. Jackson 5) Silvester Stallone

Indytruther1: Jackie Chan for the win! 2002 I was 14 and a ward of the state. So when modern day shows are total shit I watch shows I didn't get to watch from 2001 to 2006. The years I dubbed as stolen teenage years. Really my entire childhood was tragically stolen but if I had to choose which

Indytruther1: Was worse I would choose my teen years. At least before 13 and becoming a ward. I was able to escape. Upon entering the system. Not so much. I felt like a lab rat trapped in a cage. Anyways moving on. Jackie Chan's movies have always been bombass!

EleanoreLeona14: Jackie Chan is awesome

zachnix18: If Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise have taught us anything, if an actor will put their life on the line and are willing to die for our entertainment, we'll love them forever.

LauraMa92325528: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

BBW_BFF: healing images of Maggie Cheung giving Jackie Chan piggyback rides

jmcatkitty: It's true. Looks like the movie Rush Hour by Jackie Chan

AddissonDaGr8: I know that lil nigga bad ass shit, nigga did a Jackie Chan stunt, insane

wefightbullying: I was bullied quite a lot when I was growing up in my Peking Opera School. I allowed myself to be bullied because I was scared and didn’t know how to defend myself. ― Jackie Chan

liddolmeow: These be looking like jackie chan films-

Itsjameskmartin: Top 5 Jackie Chan Films: 1. New Police Story (2004) 2. Heart Of The Dragon (1985) 3. Police Story (1985) 4. Drunken Master (1978) 5. Who Am I? (1998)

CoolFightMoves: Legend of Drunken Master (1994). Jackie Chan's moves in this film are hilariously, endlessly inventive. This is just a little snippet (he's not even drunk yet at this point!)

EvelynM70136617: Jackie Chan is awesome

baymaxhealer: Feeling grouchy? Have you tried throwing away leftovers and checking/changing locks? I hear it really works for Jackie Chan. Have a lollipop!

LeonardObadiah1: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

CamillePeg2: Which Jackie Chan movie is this, remember

okboomerbot5: Person in their 70s: I remember when movie tickets cost 10 cents Me: OK Jackie Chan

StilwellMyra: Sao Nian, do you think you are Jackie Chan

kbilien: No wonder Jackie chan say she is putting Ghana on the map

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imagination its your creation: idk what he mean but me likey

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