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  • Masakijinzaburo: the idea that japan ever had a "datsu-a ron" moment with chyna is not true, except insofar as the the chynese canon was replaced with a certain truncated version of the western liberal canon in the 1860s - samuel smiles, herbert spencer, and rousseau were quite influential, while
  • Fundiespodcast: new podcast up. herbert spencer part 2. this was a fun one for us to do. i feel we often struggle to connect on anarchism but i feel this chapter really managed to help my statist cohost to see some more of my side
  • Juliajmayhew: his references to his friends were always generous, and he was always ready to assist those whose work needed help. for example, he desired to guarantee the cost of the first books of bain and herbert spencer.
  • Nationalspeaks: “the great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” herbert spencer
  • Nationalspeaks: “they who employ force by proxy are as much responsible for that force as though they employed it themselves.” herbert spencer
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