Corona a tiny virus
Visible only with the help of electron microscope
But it can destroy family, nations , and states
Corona a cushion of virus
It had destroyed countless families
Now it has reached all over the world
But we the modern man
Who can destroy other man
Just in a matter of seconds
Modern man , who have nuclear power
Can destroy world in matter of seconds
But is unable to destroy this tiny COVID-19
Now there is a need of reconciliation
All weapons are useless
All missiles,Tanks,nuclear weapons
They are unable to destroy this
What about life ?? We count death
Modern man who considered himself Powerful
But this COVID-19 can kill him
COVID-19 has told us the reality of life
Reality of life is death
We all in the fear of death
Are away from every one
Masks are on our face
Fears are on our eyes
But if we pray to God
He the Merciful can help us !!