Oh! the dreamers of heaven, have you just dreamt of heaven?
Have you seen it? Have you felt it?
Obviously not, So here am I
Here I am the one who has seen the scenes of heaven.
So here is the heaven, the heaven where there are restrictions.
Restricions on talking!
Restrictions on seeing!
Restrictions on walking!
Restrictions on listening!
The heavenities have liberties but only to inhale and exhale.

Dear dreamers of the heaven! Could you put yourself in our place for a while.
Could you imagine by closing your eyes for a while
that you have been put forcefully in a room closed from all sides, where there are forces all around.
You are unable to talk to your loved ones
You don't know what is going on around you
You are there as to just breathe.
You are breathing but under the shadow of awe.
Your emotions have been slaughtered, they rise abruptly there is nothing to cool them.

Dear dreamers of the heaven! Could you imagine all this?
You can only imagine that, I am here going through all these things.
I have felt the heaven for generations and have always stood for its safety. But this is the time, the time for you as well to stand up in favor of the heaven.

Dear dreamers of the heaven! If you want your dreams to be fulfilled.
Then stand up and save the heaven. Elsewise you are going to lose it forever.