Summer light shimmers through canopies
Into blissful days of life in innocence--
Where heat accompanies countless fantasies,
Once the spring dew had vanished like incense.

However, in the shadows past the horizon,
Scheming personages search for blunder.
They move their workings to try and find reason
To wage conflict and tear things asunder.

Every and all will be dragged into matters
Brought about by reckless abandon.
Fervor shall plague the ruthless fighters,
Greed will entice the insatiable wanton.

Then, when the heads, surely after the other,
Start falling off of the uncorrupted,
A road to take for those maniacally unbothered,
Will present itself before the demented.

And, when heaviness drops on glints of hope
Only brutality will remain on the fields.
Then the merciless shall rise, suffer, & cope;
In the enemy, fear will forever be instilled.

With force, the land was ravaged and doomed,
Armies began tearing through one another,
Enduring the rampage as told to do,
While the grass underfoot was smothered.

Arrowheads and splintered shrapnel,
Buried deep beneath their skins,
Left in aftermath of endless battle,
Drowned in despair from deep within.

Songs of sorrow fill the skies,
With ire, regret, bravery, & anguish,
As their turning-lifeless bodies' last cries
Thunder through the plains of skirmish.

Dead souls are soon to meet the soil
And receive the earth's kiss-farewell.
With wishes, broken, dreams, foiled,
They leave behind traces of hell.

Autumn arrives and departs like feelings,
Burdensome as just to come and go,
Fluttering about and pestering beings,
With changing sceneries of green to gold.

When death had abounded, silence reigned.
Clouds shed their tears; they wept away.
Months had gone by, only carrion remained.
The stories of the fight all taken to the graves.

Nature, the audience, grass, the stage--
Within a tale of an abysmal human blight,
Brought by winter winds on land blood had laid waste,
Lies the hidden truth after red turned white.