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CheniesManor: Chenies Manor has been mentioned in several books and diaries over time, including Sir John Leland in 1544. Some 200 years later, Horace Walpole wrote about Chenies Another 200+ years later, Nikolaus Pevsner commented

ou_phrontis: "At twenty, Ovid may be the favourite author; Horace at forty; and perhaps Tacitus at fifty.." (Not sure what Hume would conclude about Ovid, Horace and Plutarch on my current bedside pile.) David Hume  (1757)

PkmnHorace: I’m Horace, from Cianwood City.

wzumradio: Horace Parlan - I Want to Be Loved

yunitarhoman: Cruella has Jasper & Horace, so am I. I have my own Jasper & Horace

lewonstan: -- Ovid was a Roman poet who lived during the reign of Augustus. He was a contemporary of the older Virgil and Horace, with whom he is often ranked as one of the three canonical poets of Latin literature. The Imperial scholar Quintilian considered him the last of the Latin love +

komuniche: Who’s the most popular Bataknese poet? Horace

aacasebot: The victim is Damian Tenma The murderer is Daryan Crescend The defendant is Joe Darke The witness is Pink Badger The defense attorney and co-counsel are Matt Engarde and Dahlia Hawthorne The prosecutor is Horace Knightley The judge is Hugh O'Conner

FreeBlckThought: Aunt Memory Adams was born into slavery in FL. At age 24, she was sold for $800. After Emancipation, she worked as a domestic. She attended the 1893 World Fair, and sold photos of herself, like these, to pay for travel. (See Horace Randall Williams, No Man's Yoke on my Shoulders)

Polka_doodles: These Horace & Boo digi stamps come in a variety of different styles and settings, so you can craft with these guys all year round! Perfect for anniversary cards, get well soon cards, best friend cards... ANYTHING!

thierry_ubi: [1:22 PM] Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant. ~Horace

prettydiamondzs: Need a date night in Paris

ILiveinAsia_: This shit broke my heart. And this is only one story. Can you imagine how many folks they have done this to?

JemRoberts: As somebody who reveres Horace Rumpole so much I've pitched the ultimate guide to his career to numerous cloth-headed publishers, I'm over the moon that John Mortimer's girls are taking over the reins in the 21st century, no matter where on the gender spectrum his successor lies.

Joe12Clark: You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction… George Horace Lorimer

DavidCranmerUn1: of Trustees of the RAND Corporation Horace Rowan Gaither Jr. (1909 – April 7, 1961),[1] known as H. Rowan Gaither, was a San Francisco attorney, investment banker, and a powerful administrator at the Ford Foundation. During World War II, he served as assistant director of the

horacedev: Here are a couple of unused posters from my game Horace! (at least I think they never made it in!) It's still on sale for 50% off (the game Horace that is, not the posters) available here...

BlackArtProject: "Two Trustees Gave the American Folk Art Museum 40 Works by Horace Pippin, Bill Traylor, and Other Artists"—See Images Here

ArtsConnectInt: "At his core, Ballard believes art provokes change. And he believes that change should begin in museums" Engage with this article about the new curator of American Art at Harvard Art Museums, Horace Ballard!

Horace_P: Good morning ☀️

nationwidemin: International Christian Education Association of the PAW Virtual summer Convention ft Horace E. Smith, Lawrence Morganfield and More! -

JazzTimes: His ability to make any tune from any tradition, and even those traditions themselves, sound like Horace Silver, was incredible. Check out these 10 essential Horace Silver recordings:

Horace_P: Looks like I need to preach more about self love...

Horace_P: I hope everyone is literally in love w themselves to the point to where you don't need external sources to find your happy.

Horace_P: If you can find peace, love, happiness & tranquility within yourself - you already won at life. I promise you.

Horace_P: Bc from there - you can start picking & choosing what serves you & what doesn't. What's good for your energy & what isn't.

NarcissaWhxre: S L O T H ~ HORACE SLUGHORN We excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty. - Quintilian

invitinghistory: Was doing a bit of ebay shopping and came across this photograph, listed as being an identified Union soldier, Marcus Horace Buzzell; listing says purchased from the local town historian. The information on the soldier I was able to find seems to match up with the town.

Horace_Badun: 6: Can we go to McDonalds and get like 8 cheeseburgers? Me: I literally fed you dinner 10 minutes ago! 6: I know they’re for dessert.

ksugiuraajc: Westlake DT Horace Lockett's coach described him as "an athletic freak" and "a fun kid to be around." Perhaps unsurprisingly, coach Geoff Collins made room for him in the 2022 signing class.

Whizbuzz: The Furnace of Affliction: How God Uses Our Pain and Suffering for His Purpose : Horace Williams Jr. Have you ever asked where God is or what is He doing in your life? Have your trials and suffering felt like they are never-ending? Are...

loyd_horace: Trade on high volatility and price swings happening now-get everything you need to seize your opportunity 85% of Retail NHC accounts lose money. New horizoncoinFX on Telegram

knightleyebooks: putting horace knightley in a hot air balloon and cutting the tether

horacedev: My game, Horace is 50% off on Steam! Why not try it, some people say it's quite good!

Kartik_dev7: you succeed they will say it was an accident; and if you fail they will say it was a cinch. ~ Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to his Son, George Horace Lorimer

kuulockbot: horace knightley is hot your just mean :(

Jazzigator: JazzTimes 10: Essential Horace Silver Recordings

emmabaccellieri: How is it possible that NBC has all these channels and streaming options and not one of them is like "Olympics RedZone" jumping around to key moments across all the sports

smurff_supreme: If a did Horace Burrell Tappa outta work pon di 90!

smurff_supreme: Horace Burrell would a meet him pon the pitch fi mek him know him fi guh look a 9-5

UPLIFTINGN3WS: Famous basketball player keeps his glasses on the court after learning he inspires young kids who wear eyeglasses too - though having fixed his vision.:

konkretejungle: Home Cookin' by Horace Silver.

_Tippanu: Nine-tenths of the people were created so you would want to be with the other tenth. Horace Walpole

andreaabney: What a guy! Horace Grant kept wearing his goggles after LASIK to “make it cool” for his young, spectacled fans.

sock_dem: 1872 presidential candidate Horace Greeley. total weirdo: socialist, feminist, vegan, western expansionist, abolitionist, pioneered the literal neck beard. lost in a landslide and died before the electoral college met. i love him

azforeman: This is the first Latin poem I translated as a kid, and the first that I was able to actually make it through in Latin. I remember feeling so very excited. Here's my reading of it in Latin and in my English translation, now publicly available

thierry_ubi: [5:09 AM] Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which, in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant. ~Horace

deepplaylist: Nu on air: Horace Silver - Strange Vibes

JAZZmeikyokubot: File Number 172:Horace Parlan- I Want To Be Loved:

wejazztunes: Horace Silver: The Jody Grind

JasonPToddWayne: Horace Grant kept wearing goggles after eye surgery to make kids with glasses feel better -

JAZZmeikyokubot: File Number 169:Horace Parlan-Al's Tune:

imr_radiotracks: The Horace Silver Quintet - Lonely Woman

KUAAnowplaying: Now Playing The Jody Grind,by Horace Silver 12:46am

naturalmysticny: Horace Andy - Totally Free

knightleyebooks: horace knightley should be wed into a loveless marriage

LearntTodayThat: NBA player Horace Grant, who used to wear prescription goggles on the court due to his nearsightedness, continued to wear them on court even after getting LASIK surgery after learning how much he inspired kids who wore eyeglasses.

aacasebot: The victim is Simon Blackquill The murderer is The Phantom The defendant is Horace Knightley The witness is Bad Badger The defense attorney and co-counsel are Athena Cykes and Bonnie Young The prosecutor is Phineas Filch The judge is Bikini

AfterWorldComic: Horace isn’t with it at first but he warms up to it more later on Kay is a snuggle machine Scarlet is shy about it but really likes them to Newt won’t admit it but she absolutely loves them to

queerstreet: said Count Blagowski to the gay young Sir Horace Swellmore. The voluptuous Bart answered, ‘At So-and-So’s, or So-and-So’s.’

3StoneEntertain: Remember when life's path is steep to keep your mind even. ~Horace

KingdomNubia: We are playing Horace Andy - Cant Conquer

dozee2009: “Rule your mind or it will rule you.” – Horace

mecart: /r/todayilearned: TIL that NBA player Horace Grant, who used to wear prescription goggles on the court due to his nearsightedness, continued to wear them on court even after getting LASIK surgery after learning how much he inspired kids who wore eyeglass…

wneessen: "The Diary of Horace Wimp" by ELO sounds very "Beatles-esque" and still is so much better than every Beatles song ever.

weatherStorey: Horace's best ode would not please a young woman as much as the mediocre verses of the young man she is in love with. -- Moore

aacasebot: The victim is Sasha Buckler The murderer is Turner Grey The defendant is Miles Edgeworth The witness is Horace Knightley The defense attorney and co-counsel are Ted Tonate and Pink Princess The prosecutor is Manov Mistree The judge is Bad Badger

JohnBensalhia: On this TOTP day in 79 Judie Tzuke Stay With Me Til Dawn ELO Horace Wimp Supertramp Breakfast In America Patrick Hernandez Born 2 B Alive Cliff We Dont Talk Anymore Police Cant Stand Losing U SpyroGyra Morning Dance Boomtown Rats Dont Like Mondays Rickie Lee Jones Chuck Es In Luv

JeSuisDAMN__: I decree and declare that this week is bringing me mind blowing testimonies, I am seeing the hand of the Lord in everything I do and everywhere I go, there’s good news coming to me and my week is blessed, Amen ❤️

wzumradio: Horace Silver - Sunrise in Malibu

ryujoonwooh: [명언]Force without wisdom falls of its own weight. (Horace

qu_a_me: Life is one big fight

AfrikaBurn: A lot can happen in 9 months, just ask the Ticketing Bitch and Horace (Working Title). Please fetch hot towels, pop on some gloves and help us with the delivery of AfrikaBurn 2022 by registering your interest in tickets here:

yournextstop: Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'The Incredible World of Horace Ford' - A toy designer (Pat Hingle) visits his old neighborhood and finds it exactly as it was in his childhood.

SouthRecruiting: KJ Miles and Horace Lockett are two really good DT's. Tech now after Alton Tarber for that final DT spot. It's already the two best DT commits I've seen GT have in a class. Adding Target would be insane.

withmilesdavis: SCRAICHIN' WITH THE MILES DAVIS QUINTET (1960) Sax: Richard Silver / Piano: Zoot Davis / Bass: Horace Finnerty / Drums: Branford Wilburn /

kuulockbot: horace knightley is hot your just mean :(

PkmnHorace: If he has white hair, an adorable laugh, and a grass dinosaur, that ain’t your man. That’s Horace Pokémon.

colour_history: Battle of Albert. 13th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers resting on the Albert-Bapaume road near Albert after the attack on La Boisselle 7 July 1916. The jubiliant soldier wearing braces, just behind the shoulder of the French soldier to the right is Horace Foakes. © IWM Q 777

aacasebot: The victim is Jammin' Ninja The murderer is Jay Elbird The defendant is Godot The witness is Bad Badger The defense attorney and co-counsel are Cammy Meele and Matt Engarde The prosecutor is Tyrell Badd The judge is Horace Knightley

jmartNYT: Bob Moses died today at 86, on what would have only been Emmett Till's 80th birthday. Moses "was teaching math at Horace Mann when scenes of Black people picketing and sitting at lunch counters across the South 'hit me powerfully...

ReallyHoodRadio: Horace Brown - Things We Do For Love

JazzConClass: Horace Silver - Strange Vibes

nessisnothere: Horace Brown had some jams, man.

JazzConClass: Horace Silver - Nothin' Can Stop Me Now (Remastered)

JazzConClass: Horace Silver - Summer In Central Park (Remastered)

aacasebot: The victim is Paht Rohl The murderer is Moe The defendant is Akbey Hicks The witness is Alita Tiala The defense attorney and co-counsel are Jake Marshall and Nayna The prosecutor is Neil Marshall The judge is Horace Knightley

rcbot19: M'Cracken, Goliath, Horace Wheatley, Thomas Lipton, William T Redmayne of my eye.

hpdiscourse: Horace Slughorn thinks Snarry is a good ship

KristaVJ: Who tf is Horace Marple and why are you using my address!? With yo ugly ass name

JAZZmeikyokubot: File Number 166:Horace Parlan - Stella by Starlight:

deveresocietyuk: Well this is an interesting find! The "working hypothesis is that Shakespeare may have acquired the book from the Earl of Oxford"...

RichardObenauf: We'd all be well to recall Horace's advice and sit on our writing nine years before deciding whether it's worth publishing.

AA7Leaks: Horace Knightley faked their death and is alive the whole time!

tweetz789: The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.- Horace Bushnell

LowCarbLoving: Watch and Enjoy... "King of the Newsboys (1938)" Lew Ayres, Helen Mack, Alison Skipworth, Victor Varconi, Horace McMahon, et al -

PkmnHorace: I’m Horace, from Cianwood City.

Spr1nglesLive: thread of chess shirts horace knightley would definitely own

tinkertoysdamn: Okay, that game kicked my butt. Playing Lady Tremaine is hard Example: Cruella playstyle— Horace, Jasper I swear you better find and capture those puppies or I’ll run you over Lady Tremaine playstyle— Anastasia: why are all these people locked up in the house? Lady: Look, I

_Tippanu: Nine-tenths of the people were created so you would want to be with the other tenth. Horace Walpole

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