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RotoBallerMLB: Dansby Swanson Blasts Three-Run Homer

NicBaslock: He struck out 4 batters and was having some issues in the first, but settled down other then two earned runs from homer's. My problem with all this isn't even that they use the tack, although it obviously gives an advantage, it's that baseball players are hypocritical babies.

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 07 Episode 18, "Homer Lisa on Titans" (Directed by Jeff Lynch and first aired on November 14, 1993)

ArtistJLDavid: Homer Reciting his Verses to the Greeks, 1794

CheckovNSFW: Home, Homer, Homest

kydalito: The Classicist Who Killed Homer - The New Yorker

Nickfromupnorth: My best shot. Homer Sykes captures Sigue Sigue Sputnik at a Newcastle B&B, 1986.

Liesje______: Homer Page. Under the El, New York City 1949

BryanHoch: Gerrit Cole on his reaction to Gary Sanchez's homer: "A serious surge of adrenaline ... and then I've got to lock it in."

IanMBrowne: The grand slam is his third homer in a span of six days that either tied the game or put the Red Sox ahead.

maxmannissabr: -Pinch-hit go ahead homer when the offense had nothing going otherwise -Saves Chapman's ass by gunning down the tying run at 3rd -Lotta huge blocks in the 9th with runners on in a one run game ALL IN A GAME HE DIDN'T START Gary Sanchez deserves apologies from a LOT of people.

VelaSulema: Congrats Carla on your well deserved Executive Homer Award from Haydn! Love the slogan. “Never Say No, Go to PRO MRO”!

SmittyOnMLB: Red Sox catching prospect Jaxx Groshans continues to rake for Low-A Salem. He went 3-for-4 with a homer and double Wednesday. He's batting .316 with a .442 OBP, .537 slugging percentage, .978 OPS, 5 homers, 6 doubles. He has more walks (23) than strikeouts (20).

thehill: Sen. John Kennedy: "Also underreported, in my judgment... is how safe nuclear energy is. Despite what some people may think, Homer Simpson does not run America's nuclear power plants."

DatBoiRob_FA21: lost my first game w degrom last night 2-1. Had a perfect pci homer w Buxton against tanana and that was all I could get. One hanging change to Trevor story on a 10 pitch at bat was all she wrote. Still struck out 12 tho

alysonfooter: It's official: Jose Altuve is the first player in Major League history to hit a walkoff grand slam and then hit a leadoff homer in the next game.

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 01 Episode 19, "Homer to Cart the Otto the All Simpsons Vege" (Directed by Susie Dietter and first aired on April 15, 1996)

BotTheSimpsons: D'oh! Homer

JustAGuy66: Round 1 of The Father's Day JIPTT Tournament (I guess that would be The FDJIPTTT?) Goes to the Father who routinely Chokes His Son? Whatever, I can't vote, so this is on you. Homer Simpson- 48.1% Peter Griffin- 25.9% Bob Belcher- 25.9% Ay Caramba!

ancientlyric: Reading up on Pliny the Younger’s feelings about Roman comedy, poetry, theater. Didn’t realize he loved Homer so much (wow he mentioned him like 7 times at last count!). Also he writes his wife adorable love letters. Now I need to buy Books 8-on just to know if she’s ok!

BryanHoch: Gary Sanchez came off the bench with a big homer, Gerrit Cole went eight string and Aroldis Chapman got out of a sticky situation in the ninth:

AjntB2Sli: Wow! Strawman hit a homer?

gbarr_: Myles straw!! Ok I see you. First homer of the season!!

madysonhh: rangers must disband at this point. they really just let STRAW homer (but you love to see it)

mattkomi34: Cavan should be 0-3 but a Mickey Mouse walk and Homer almost ruined Cole’s confidence

Jared_Carrabis: Probably one of the only fences low enough for Brett Gardner to rob a homer on. Decent catch but most outfielders make that.

JoseUchiha_: Dang I missed straw first homer /;


ApolloHOU: CHAS!!! 2-RUN HOMER!!!

AdamSpolane: Michael Brantley was especially excited about the Straw homer and I think he's the one who led the silent treatment, though I don't think Zack Greinke took part

CespedesBBQ: Every year, each of the BAD teams has a mind-blowing horrible defensive play. I'm talking when ▪️All the 2012 Astros ran into one another ▪️Dylan Moore threw home to no one ▪️2019 Tigers OF collision leads to homer off glove Add this play to that collection for the 2021 Pirates

2017Champions: Maldy homers, and now you let Myles Straw of all people get his 2nd career home run in 4 seasons HOMER? DISBAND THE RANGERS YOU BOZOS

RhettBollinger: Shohei Ohtani hit his 19th homer of the year into the second deck, bunted for a hit and stole his 10th base but it wasn’t enough in a loss to the A’s that saw Tony Watson allow 6 ER without getting an out:

YanksGoYardFS: Gary Sanchez came in the clutch with a pinch-hit two-run homer to give the Yankees the lead!!

AdamSpolane: The Astros say Jose Altuve is the first player in MLB history to hit a walk-off grand slam one night and a leadoff homer the next game

pamsson: Don’t talk to me about Gary anymore. The haters have played themselves. I bet they cheered for that homer though.

J0SEALTUVE: 1st hit for the rangers that is not a homer, comes in the 5th.

NoContextBrits: Mad how she screams like Homer Simpson.

jokeylocomotive: Jose Martinez' 3 Ks from his 6 scoreless, 1 hit innings, he walked just 1. 10 of his 13 outs on balls in play were groundouts, for the season, he's getting ground outs at a 56.3% clip, and he hasn't given up a homer (31.2 IP)

BrentZwerneman: The Astros' Jose Altuve is the first player in history to follow a game-winning grand slam with a leadoff homer in the next game.

WoodstockJordan: Chris presented Taya with a Homer award for picking up extra shifts, and driving excellence at the desk and curbside. Great job, Taya!

RealistCLEFan: Tribe is in a bit of a dogfight with the Orioles. It’s an 8-5 Indians lead after six. + Jose Ramirez solo homer and two run single + Amed Rosario RBI single + Harold Ramirez RBI double + Eddie Rosario RBI double + Cesar Hernandez two run triple

NYMhistory: 6/16/2013 Entering the bottom of the ninth inning trailing 3-0, the Mets score four runs to beat the Cubs. Kirk Nieuwenhuis hits a walk-off three-run homer off of Carlos Mármol to complete the comeback.

robjannetty: Betts homer in front of 52,078 leads Dodgers over Phillies

Leyton6thLib: It tells the story of Leopold Bloom, a regular guy who works in advertising, and follows him around Dublin for a day. It also tells the story of Homer's Odyssey at the same time.

DodgerInsider: A sellout crowd of 52,078 fans, many wearing Mookie Betts jerseys and watching the former MVP in person for the first time, graced Dodger Stadium on Reopening Day. Betts' go-ahead homer gave them a night to remember.

Yangus14: follow for daily homer

roelnoicnusa: Puerto Rico, poet Homer wrote of various other aspects of human society

Quad_Cities: Homer Edward Speakman

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 07 Episode 21, "Alonel Homer" (Directed by David Silverman and first aired on January 3, 1999)

BGlobeSports: Red Sox 10, Braves 8 -It was the fourth win in the last six games for Boston (41-27). -The Red Sox untied a 7-7 game in the eighth inning when Alex Verdugo delivered a three-run homer. -Rafael Devers: 3 hits (1 HR), 4 RBI -Next up: Wed. at ATL, 7:20 p.m.

nbcwashington: Public safety leaders say they are seeing a spike in the number of carjacking all over the region

gdejecionais: Im going to read this later

homer_mario: And Now, the End is near...

vesselskirt: imagine you can observe in my face and voice that I’ve given this a lot of thought: Homer Simpson is perfectly suited to being a player character in a Disco Elysium-style RPG, and he even already kinda behaves like one

JohnDalySports: Verdugo lifts Red Sox past Braves with clutch 3-run homer

Dizzedcom: Mookie Betts homer powers Dodgers to 5-3 win over Phillies

Dizzedcom: Shohei Ohtani hits 18th homer of the season, but Angels lose 6-4 to Athletics

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 09 Episode 14, "Homer vs. the Died" (Directed by Steven Dean Moore and first aired on January 12, 1999)

kittycatrj: Betts homer in front of 52,078 leads Dodgers over Phillies

Titanlizard_Art: Game Over. Mammal domination was temporary. Birds are turning back to non-avian dinosaurs. Aseel murga, exhibition homer pigeon and parrot beak aseel.

MaxPowersI: China disputes media reports of a radiation leak at Taishan nuclear plant (because Homer Simpson’s got this! He will fix it!)

shunter_86: It's like the family guy writers are doing their best to make Peter out-dumb Homer. Really I have to agree with the creators of South Park about the writing style of Family guy

DevanFink: Gary Sánchez after the homer: .224/.331/.436, 9 HR, 12.2 BB%, 28.7 K%, 113 wRC+. He's having a pretty solid season, especially of late.

dc_homer: Remember the "no tuck" shirti showed yesterday? Well, ladies... it's y'alls turn. Rihanna is introducing her new butt-crack leggings. THIS. AIN'T. IT!!!

SparkNotes: RIP Homer I know he would’ve loved Super Mario Odyssey

wbalradio: Eddie Rosario delivered a two-run double and Bobby Bradley hit a solo homer as the Cleveland Indians beat Baltimore 7-2 Tuesday night, sending the Orioles to their 17th straight road loss.

ppscslv: Betts homer in front of 52,078 leads Dodgers over Phillies

if_u_know_: Betts homer in front of 52,078 leads Dodgers over Phillies, if you know what i mean

PavlovicNBCS: Tonight was the third time the Giants got multiple splash hits in the same game -- Duggar and Yastrzemski. The other two times were, of course, multi-homer games by Barry Bonds.

CNN: Royal Caribbean postponed the inaugural sailing of its cruise ship Odyssey of the Seas after eight vaccinated crew members tested positive for Covid-19, the company's CEO said.

JeritRoser: I don’t think I even realized Bender looked so much like Homer. Basically could’ve been Homer as the tin man for Halloween. But, looking around, naturally, Matt Groenig already poked that fun.

markkierans: I'm no 'homer' ;)

FrameSimpsons: Season 7, Episode 7: "King-Size Homer"

SimpsonsQOTD: “Homer, did you polish your head in the Shine-O Ball-O?”

BertoHomer: Berto homer

IrishWireND: The Irish strike first on a long ball by Ryan Cole

IanMBrowne: After a late night of travel, the Red Sox lose an early 5-0 lead but gather themselves and get a huge three-run homer by Alex Verdugo to win, 10-8, in Atlanta. The Sox are 41-27 and two games back in the AL East.

BenHugh26422354: Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson and other Springfielders laugh at Yosemite Sam.

masslivesports: Alex Verdugo clinches ‘ugly’ Boston Red Sox win with clutch 3-run homer: ‘We did a lot of bad things on the field,’ Alex Cora says

CallMeEPJ: Jacob Brown sits on a curve and belts a solo homer to LF. Rancho Cucamonga 2, Murrieta Mesa in B5.

scootervol: Not coincidence that every batter who followed a homer got plunked by an LSU pitcher. EVERY. TIME. But y’all want to talk about is how classless we are?! FOH with that.

VarsityAces: Softball… TIE GAME. Verona bunts runner to third. She scores on a passed ball. We are 6-6 in the bottom of the 10th. And Goldstein just missed walk off homer by about 2 feet. Inning Over! Let’s keep going. We go to the 11th. Mahwah 6 Verona 6

HollinsMrhump: Carrie Lam ‘highly concerned’ about reported leaks at nuclear plant

EHERN_DOS: Can’t wait for him to flip us off after hitting a homer at home

joycestrohl: Homer Laughlin Cobalt Blue Fiesta Miniature Disc Pitcher Creamer FREE Domestic Shipping

ChrisLongKSTP: Dozier, Nathan each hit 1 HR in their 3 swing-off pitches. Mastroianni failed to homer. So... looks like the eight finalists are: Garrett Jones Trevor Plouffe Nick Punto Jason Kubel Joe Mauer Justin Morneau Brian Dozier Joe Nathan


PaPrepLive: PIAA Softball: Emma Taylor's walk-off homer has Haverford in 6A championship game -

nickbromley: Read an article today that says the Homestar Runner is the Homer Simpson and Strong Bad is the Bart Simpson.

_DarrenVibin: When your homie going at 180 and he say "you know, i did everything for that b!tch..."

truthaddictVT: Reading Engels like Homer Simpson listening to classic rock

ChrisCotillo: Three hours until first pitch and already feel like my pick was sharp. Plus, I called the Franchy homer in Philadelphia so I'm on a heater

SmittyOnMLB: He predicted Franchy was going to homer and then he homered not that day but the next day. Not sure if this considered on a heater

AmerHeroesRadio: Captain Homer H. Hickam, Jr., USA, was born on February 19, 1943, the second son of Homer and Elsie Hickam, and was raised in Coalwood, West Virginia.

Jared_Carrabis: 16-year-old D'Angelo Ortiz saw 18-year-old Manny Ramirez Jr. homer the other day and had to keep pace today. PS: I don't think I've ever felt older than I do right now.

TomMorrison9: Tom Homer: London Irish full-back retires with immediate effect

GabrielHoughton: Tom Homer: London Irish full-back retires with immediate effect

storylaura: This article delighted me though the title is misleading. What thrilled me this time was the understanding that stories are their own beasts and each teller, each telling draws them out in different ways. Delicious and thought provoking reading.

akantecki: Class 4A Barrington Supersectional: FINAL (11 innings): Huntley 6, Barrington 5. Abbey Simandl hits a walks-off homer. Hey Hey Huntley is going back to state.

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