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CodBot09219993: Call of Duty: Touhou and Gangsta Homer DLC

mason4922: Boys in a Dory, 1873, Winslow Homer

iamsosmarthomer: Alexa Together caregiver service goes live with remote assist and 24/7 help

ProfThibodeau: Can't kill Homer, 'cause Homer was never alive.

SoCalledErin: “This party’s great, but all I wish is that I was drinking a beer with my kids right now.” - Homer Simpson

ABCWorldNews: Works by Pablo Picasso, Mary Cassatt and Winslow Homer are among 30 pieces of art worth more than $20 million that alumnus and legendary investment manager Peter Lynch is donating to Boston College's art museum.

bm_american_art: Winslow Homer, Under the Falls, Catskill Mountains, 1872

miketherien: Rather have you Tweeting. I’m a multi-screen Sens fan and appreciate you tell sometimes-hard truths. Hometown without being homer.

TheFrizz87: 12-7-2005, the Red Sox traded Doug Mirabelli to the Padres for Mark Loretta. Loretta would hit a memorable walk-off homer on Patriot's Day & hit .285 that season. Meanwhile, the Red Sox would have a memorable reacquisition of Dougie on May 1st.

2f0r_one: I throw em back like opponents hit a homer

JosephElfassi: You want me to Homer Simpson? The same Homer Simpson that crashed his car through the wall of our club?

DrWallkick: Homer talking to his Disco Elysium stats. Ahem:

HistoryPirates: Hal Smith is greeted by Roberto Clemente and Dick Groat after hitting a three-run homer with two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning to give the Pirates a 9-7 lead over the New York Yankees during Game 7 of the 1960 World Series at Forbes Field on October 13, 1960

WilliamJGraham: Check out The Simpsons Dancing Santa Homer 11 Inch 2004

tevinhomer3: Travis Homer!

Momerie: Genomics + Homer = perfect

Peleg_IT: Seahawks RB Travis Homer Named NFC Special Teams Player Of The Week – NFL News

4eunchae: thinking back to when Narae brought her gross & worn out homer simpson slippers as a special giveaway gift on their showcase

SportyMcSports: All you have to do is… Go undefeated 2 regular seasons in a row. Luckily schedule the 5th place team years in advance. Pray that 2 conference championships are between teams who already had a loss or two. Then, you get rewarded with 4th place vs Alabama. Easy.

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 02 Episode 12, "Lisa the Clow Homer The Homer" (Directed by Jim Reardon and first aired on December 23, 1998)

SRandomBot: ㅤ The Simpsons - Season 18 Ep. 01 - The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer

elgranmuseo: Winslow Homer, Our Minister's Donation Party, 1868

hyperbunnie: homer i drew something

student_debil: homer

bobsymay: S30E13 Homer can't help himself and watches the second season of "Odder Things" without Marge while she's out of town, infuriating her. He goes to great effort to learn dancing to patch things up. That's about it. C-

sitivandermeij: Works by Pablo Picasso, Mary Cassatt and Winslow Homer are among 30 pieces of art worth more than $20 million that alumnus and legendary investment manager Peter Lynch is donating to Boston College's art museum

bandame_bot: Homer Wiseau and the Satanic Grandmothers, an italian stoner metal band

Greebohobbes: The Life Line, 1884, by Winslow Homer This is between ships not continents.

artisthomer: Winslow Homer, Girl Standing in a Swing, 1879

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 03 Episode 09, "Homer Like Hello Gutting and the Shoes of Horror II" (Directed by Klay Hall and first aired on May 7, 1997)

joyride_hotline: Topology freaks me out. No matter how much I try to understand. Möbius strips make me feel like Homer Simpson when he accidentally entered the third dimension. Unsettling.

JCisnerosTX: Today, we officially filed for the Texas primary election. My name is Jessica Cisneros, I’m an immigration attorney, the proud daughter of immigrant farm workers & I’m running for Congress. We have 85 days to bring the change our families deserve. Let's finish what we started!

kreativcopy: ZOILISM – (Noun) Bitter, nagging, carping criticism. Named after the classical Greek grammarian Zoilius, famous for his harsh and often savage criticism of Homer (as well as Plato and Socrates). Don’t be a zoilist!

BernieSanders: TONIGHT: Starbucks workers in Buffalo, NY could make history this week by organizing to form the first union in the history of the company. I hope you'll join us tonight at 8 PM ET for a livestream discussion with the workers regarding what they hope to win with a union.

emilyjashinsky: Most people know Homer Hickam because Jake Gyllenhaal played him in October Sky. But from Vietnam to NASA, Hickam’s new memoir tells the rest of his story. We talked about UFOs, Elon Musk, and much more.

bobsymay: Specific similarities to Dune and the attempts at filming it basically end there. Krusty becomes its star and director, and Homer and Marge are there as production assistants in their 20s. It's a farcical disaster, and the reels are traded to mexican gangsters to save Homer. B-

DusenburyDavid: The energies that sustain our “cosmic flights”, as Patočka calls them – the spaceflights inaugurated in when Yuri Gagarin went into orbit, & now seem to be the special preserve of the super-rich – those energies were locked in the earth when Homer’s Odyssey was first being sung.

SilkDharmaArt: Winslow Homer

DaveMcNamee3000: You come to me on the day of my daughter’s Yassifaction

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 09 Episode 22, "Homer" (Directed by Jim Reardon and first aired on December 9, 1998)

artisthomer: Winslow Homer, News from the War, June 14, 1862

ChecheFironike: Thought. The in Homer's

vinylsol: "Hello Doctor. I'm having trouble with my hearing" "Hmm ... can you describe the symptoms?" "Yes...Marge has blue hair and Homer's fat"

AntiquesAtl: Vintage Homer Laughlin Dinner Plates, Strawberry Pattern, 10 inch Stoneware Plate, Vintage Tableware, Made in the USA

Greebohobbes: Summer Night, 1890, by Winslow Homer Dancing in the moonlight.

MassFashion: Red Fire Bird of Paradise fashion and homer décor make lovely gifts

dailysimpsons: "Bart the Daredevil" was once again referenced in The Simpsons Movie in 2007 when Bart and Homer jump over Springfield Gorge on a motorcycle, and when they land on the other side, the ambulance from this episode can be seen in the background (still smashed against the tree).

fakeTakeDump: (TG) Official results: Inspector Gidget 89%, Diarrhea 80%, Turd 79%, Homer Simpson 66%, Curmet the Frog 49%, Casper 43%, Dog Pee 38%, David Wells 31%, Wonder Woman 29%, George Washington 23%

fakeTakeDump: (FC) George Washington, Homer Simpson, Micky Mowse, Burny Williams, George Washington, Mike Mooowsina, George Washington, George Washington, Reality Winner, Cinderella

bcondotta: Top 5 PFF offensive grades for Seahawks Sunday: Homer (82.5), Eskridge (77.9), Brown 76.5), Lockett (72.0), Metcalf (71.3). Bottom 3: Peterson (39.8), Curhan (28.6), Everett (28.4).

JPFinlayNBCS: Ron Rivera calls the hit on Logan Thomas’ knee yesterday “avoidable.” The coach is being polite.

TheSimpsonsTQ: Who poured trash on Homer?

PilSinath: Have you seen that episode of 'The Simpsons' where young Homer Simpson left a stain of his shadow on the living room wall because he sat there for so long watching TV? Well I feel that. Except I'm an adult and my shadow is at work.

Greebohobbes: Clear Sailing, 1880, by Winslow Homer Looks like it too

AsbestosPM: If your residential or commercial property in Homer Glen has asbestos or mold, we can help! Learn more about our services and work on our website ->

boomer9191: I agree with this 100%. Williams was a cheat code, he hit everything for a homer

abusolegal: Digital World Acquisition Corp Lol, sounds like Homer Simpson's

RickLondonGreen: Donuts. Is there anything they can't do? Homer Simpson

musicrecbot: Take a listen to: The Odyssey by By Homer, Translated by Samuel Butler: Book 10, Lines 269-385

bot_tsh: ‘I like Homer,’ I said weakly. He regarded me with chill distaste. ‘I love Homer,’ he said.

justabillatop: homer the simpson

artisthomer: Winslow Homer, Hon. J. L. M. Curry of Alabama, from Harper's Weekly, February 18, 1860, 1860

phatphuckie: How ya'll gonna be living Homer Simpson's but still cheat on ya girl?

JohnSpencerTV: Roman mosaic. Rutland, England, UK. Homer’s Iliad. Hector and Achilles. 3 Picture panels. Restored to personal view. 1. Battle. 2. Killed. 3. Dead. 4. Border.

Nicholas_ebook: Rocky homer simpson is allowed to block me.

bartofdarkness_: Not in the Christmas spirit yet? Allow Homer to soothe you right into the season. This was made in 2002 and is motion activated. Clearly this could NEVER get annoying to anyone.

seattletimes: Travis Homer called his own number in the first-quarter fake-punt touchdown, and then recovered a fumble on kickoff coverage on a special day for Seattle's special teams.

Jason_Sarney: Chris Grier drafted 2 Rookie record holders and a 3rd who just may be the fan Favorite. 3-run homer.

TheSimpsons: At least Homer didn't eat all the episodes! Binge the latest season at

jacquialtoari: Even Homer sometimes nods .

SeaTimesSports: Travis Homer called his own number in the first-quarter fake-punt touchdown, and then recovered a fumble on kickoff coverage on a special day for Seattle's special teams.

FGCN8Suave: Damn Homer beat us all to the meme

artisthomer: Winslow Homer, Evening Scene at the Skating Park, 1859

RRICH1990: It will be interesting to see how these Derek homer’s with big platforms act once DC is gone. Some of y’all sound more like DC fans than Raiders fans. Idk shit weird

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 08 Episode 22, "Lisa vs. Homer" (Directed by Steven Dean Moore and first aired on September 10, 1993)

lisaeasleytx: Check out Homer Laughlin Restaurant Ware, 4 Divided Gold Rim Plates

benpaste: she homer on my simpson till i bart

Andrew_B_Bader: Google is reminding me that 9 years ago I was at the Buenos Aires BoqueBus ferry terminal to Montevideo and found a knockoff Homer, Marge, & Maggie.

Prime_Seattle: Travis Homer game me hope today

Prime_Seattle: Travis Homer is really our Special Teams MVP! Now has multiple TDs this season on special teams

BorromeoLance_: I can’t stop drawing homer simpson in every corner of my notebook god damnit.

AnthonyDBMiller: A credible selection committee would have 1. Michigan 2. Alabama 3. Georgia 4. Cincinnati That's not even the big HOMER in me speaking. That's resume speaking. It won't be that way, but it should be.

freeplays: Seattle - RB Rashaad Penny (hamstring) & RB Travis Homer (calf) are questionable today versus San Francisco.

avrysatos: Cyberpunk 2077 maybe with co-host homer wigglebut. Maybe he will move. I do not know.

david_fpl: Son = Flanders driving and shaking Homer off

charioteer25: Says no comparision. But compares. But says no comparision. What is the point of the thread? Unless you are suggesting that Homer is inspired from yajurvedam (highly unlikely)

capybaroness: incredible homer here

feelsgoodmandoc: Peter Lamborghini from our film sold his Homer Pepe jpg today for the cost to make our entire film. What a world

superbot_SUPER: oh oh oh oh oh Homer you are grounded for saying a bad word

NewSimpsonsBot: Homer and Edna Krabappel have an idea. Guest starring Edward Norton.

jimrosecircus1: I hate it when I see an old person and then realize we went to high school together.

men_are_human: - Men who aren't Homer are all rapists and basically Hitler. - Everyone is equal, but women need to be the most equal. - Violence against men is funny. Violence against women is a hate crime. - But we're still equal. Got it? - Now give me extra privileges.

MCamerlengo: I broke down Urkel and Grandmama dominating a 2 on 2 tournament in Family Matters

vintagegalleria: Vintage Homer Laughlin Demitasse Teacup and Saucer Eggshell Yellow Wildflowers 22K Gold Accents Black Eyed Susan Floral Design Made in USA

OU_Homer: Next step, bring in Tommy Moffitt & Malcolm Kelly!

men_are_human: - Teach little boys that they're automatically evil for being male. And part of an oppressor class. - Tell men they need to express more emotions and speak up, then punish them for it. - Every woman on TV is a genius and a goddess. Every man is Homer Simpson - if he's lucky.

Not_CharLatte: Comrade Homer

Myron84450673: Give it up for our Tracy 3rd key homer award recipients. A picture of excellence.

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