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GeorginaF_Homer: I lied, it's actually 'All women, it would seem, have an appreciation for men at their physical best and enjoy telling other women how exciting or how dashingmen look.'

JOEWICKLINE: I am selling a gun once owned by the great Homer Simpson. Though it does not have authenticating documents, I can personally vouch that it’s the real deal

MSUEaglesBsball: The countdown has reached single digits. 9 days! Today's featured Eagle: Ryley Preece. Ryley is a Junior outfielder from Paintsville, Kentucky, entering his third season at MSU. Last season, he had a 3-homer game vs. Tennessee Tech, and drew 44 walks to lead the team.

GeorginaF_Homer: Probably not the most academic rebuttal of this, but I was quite offended.

Herrojuku: and don't take this as a slight to Pascal - great player and i'm a big fan - but this is a prime example of fans getting a little to crazy with their tweets for homer engagement

questionomatic: Henry Stickmin pokes Homer Simpson right into the chest with a baseball bat

AISimpsonsBot: Homer seizes control of a Russian spy.

Greebohobbes: Artists Sketching in the White Mountains (1868) by Winslow Homer

acapulcohalifax: This Friday its the Valentine�s Name Game Find your Celebrity Match in the club! Its 75p Drinks before 11pm Find your Celebrity Match� Are you Homer looking for Marge? Tarzen looking for Jane? Join us for valentines fun this Friday Tickets:...

lakersdyl8: Russell and bird 2/3? Lmao dude we get it you're a Boston homer

Suzyiam: Chris Luxon reminds me of Homer Simpson, only Homer is slightly more intelligent and yellow.

shermanatorrr: And the biggest homer “reporter” award goes to!

NewOnDisneyUK: The Simpsons (1989-2021) 33 Seasons [12+] This animated comedy focuses on the eponymous family in the town of Springfield. The head of the Simpson family, Homer, is not a typical family man. A nuclear-plant employee, he does his best to lead his famil...

JakajackKathy: So another nail in the coffin of the Tories. Lee Anderson the thinking mans Homer Simpson has been given the job of Deputy Chairman. Could they be any thicker if they tried?

casteeezy: Each team has that homer ass reporter that just embarrass them.

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 11 Episode 22, "The Eyes to War of Homer" (Directed by Mark Kirkland and first aired on March 14, 2000)

Penngirlsbball: Congratulations to Kaylee Glidden for hitting 1000 points in her career in last night's win against Homer! Great accomplishment!

TusculumSports: SB: Tusculum 5, Concord 0 (Mid 1st); Sammy Jimenez 3-run homer (the first of her career!)

lilbreezy09: Honestly watching Grandy go to the Yankees and hit Homer's was the absolute worst....JV is 2nd.. it was just hard to see a tiger go to New York... easier for me to watch JV win in Houston

retrofan1980: I went to the doctor because I had hearing trouble. They asked me if I could describe the symptoms. So I said Homer is fat, and Marge has blue hair.

SquireScott: Check out Turtle Club” Homer Laughlin china plate

snakepurppp: A neved mostantol Homer, vagod mert SIMPson xDDDDD

ArthurLHerman: Winslow Homer would be whipping out his paint box.

Greebohobbes: Breezing Up (A Fair Wind) (1873–76) by Winslow Homer

baseballinpix: Chad Curtis celebrates his second homer and game winner in Game 3 of the 1999 World Series.

hEnereyG: The best thing in Universal Studios Hollywood is the Krusty Burger room full of original art by many veteran Simpsons artists that actually get to sign their pieces. This one of Homer and his mom is a favorite of mine

rakoto10: Big 12 football: Projected regular-season win totals for every team in 2023

bordergroves: Homer: what if one of the gods does wreck me out on the wine-dark sea? Western Civ Bro: the ancients couldn’t see blue! Homer: no, I was being poetic. Western Civ Bro: no blue

PlatypusGaming: Everyone look at this drawing of Homer Simpson I did for school

Shtreetwear: Homer Jewelry by Frank Ocean

Gritty20202: Homer: "Explain how" Homer's Brain: "Money can be exchanged for goods and services."

nowscreamingpv: some things never change

vntonioluis: Justina thought Homer Simpsons catchphrase was “BAH” instead of “D’oh”

baseballinpix: Jorge Posada drills a homer in Game 2 of the 1998 World Series. Photo by Al Bello-Allsport

885nowplaying: Homer Gaines - Show You What It's Like on Featured Rotation

DanVanOrden: Homer becomes the Best hairstylist in Springfield | The Simpsons Marathon

JackRoweLevis: Been Shooting my shot lately like its the bottom of the ninth but buddy’s yet to hit a Homer

CNN: Zoom said it will lay off about 1,300 employees, or approximately 15% of its staff, becoming the latest tech company to announce significant job cuts

homer_symptoms: i love that women are having a bit of a anti beauty-consumerism moment on tiktok rn. can't wait for all the brands to now come out with their "stripped down, accessible, affordable, basics" collections in neutral, faux-pharmaceutical packaging lol

CougConnect: Whether it is to get reports and insights from the players or to just support your cougs, every BYU fan should consider becoming a CougConnect subscriber 90% goes to create NIL deals for the players

MacFarlaneNews: Ben Marzouk, a Santos constituent from Long Island came to DC to protest: “We live about a mile away from his office. People constantly go to his office. He's never there. You call the phone, you call the office number. Nobody picks up” Marzouk says he’s a Republican

LOV3LYMASL4NY: o brother, where art thou? (2000) directed by joel coen screenplay by joel & ethan coen (based on the odyssey by homer) starring george clooney, john turturro, tim blake nelson, charles durning, michael badalucco, john goodman & holly hunter

EveryAttorney: Homer Untimely, Attorney at Law

iusrecruitings1: But IU Southeast hits another homer to make it 6-3

Beefareeno: Once upon a time, the complaints over conformity were in a Simpsons episode. Omg, Homer isn't a man because he wore pink! Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

90sAPBA: Game 2.Carlos Baerga homered off Mark Gardner 2nd batter of home half of 1st. Gardner allowed 1 more hit innings 1-8. With 2 outs in 9th of a 1-1 game Carlos Baerga walked it off with another homer! He had just 4 home runs all year! Mets 2 Giants 1 W-Greg McMichael L-Mark Gardner

90sAPBA: Game 3 Giants got to Bobby Jones for 4 runs. Ellis Burks had a 2-run Homer. Mark Portugal allowed just 2 unearned runs over 8 innings for the win. Mike Piazza homered after an error extended inning. Giants 4 Mets 2 W-Mark Portugal L-Bobby Jones Sv-Robb Nen

AISimpsonsBot: Homer becomes a hockey goalie.

WackoMedia: Homer's drinking is gross. They've pushed it to the point where it isn't funny and I don't think they know.

wichyfuhyobih: dont call yourself cool if you don’t got homer slippers

amelapay: Love to dry heave every day for Homer Simpson’s donut I wasn’t even allowed to watch Simpsons!!!

jeltzz: Just thinking again on the type and depth of learning one needs to have to produce a long Cento poem drawing on all of Homer to express the Christian message. That is a some serious paideia

TheBizarchives: Howard defined how we express heroism in both style and delivery. He is the father of modern mythopoeticism and Romanticism. He was our Homer. Conan is our Odysseus. He popularized ideas of cyclical civilization and antediluvian worlds. He pretty much invented primitivism.

Buyu: You know you're playing too much of one game when you start getting recommended tweets from toxic frat bro PvPers accusing each other of cheating and you just want to sink into the hedges like Homer Simpson.

Homer: Speaking of mis-categorization, Tyler The Creator’s ‘IGOR’ from a few years ago shoulda been nominated under Progressive R&B rather than as a Rap album. He’s literally singing on the whole thing. The Grammys are a mess

fantasybballbot: team with lawrence carnes, Dwight Howard, Anthony davis, patrick, and homer

dr_huffer: Homer at the Bat, obv

domingo29b: Homer, Parmenides, and the Road to Demonstration (Cambridge Classical Studies) BHZRZZP

Mattimer_: 'Smithers, I'm beginning to think that Homer Simpson is not the brilliant tactician I thought he was'

simpsonshints: The HOMER ARENA has concluded! Thanks to all Simpsons Sleuths who competed for title of Top Yellow! We will see you in November Homers...

__SeriousGemini: "don't trust anyone, but yourself" myself (my brain):

AISimpsonsBot: Homer helps entrap Mr. Burns buys the hall, and repurposes it as a Richard Branson-type billionaire.

MD_Morris: Liz Truss making a political comeback is like that episode of The Simpsons where Homer is given command of a nuclear sub and nearly starts WWIII, except at the end he says he was really good at commanding a nuclear sub and wants to do it again

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 03 Episode 19, "Homer vs. Selma's Dog Gets andmential" (Directed by Jim Reardon and first aired on August 17, 1993)

JoeBotLikes: JOE NEWS BREAKING: Homer Simpson found dead in L.A. hotel room along with 11 more corpses, all believed to be victims of Homer Simpson

xph0ria: Wait. I thought the thing in The Simpsons about Homer getting a Grammy and not considering it a proper award was just a weird joke. But now I think I understand it. The Grammy isn’t an award, it’s an acknowledgement of being involved. The cleaner must be on this list somewhere.

homer_stewie: Scary! And FRUSTRATING!

GulagPc: Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Not Currencies. CBDCs Are a Financial Transaction Control Grid. You Can Have Your Money Turned Off

iamyesyouareno: Notice a pattern?

jangam_adarsh: Trying is the first step toward failure.” —Homer Simpson, The Simpsons HAQ SE WINNER MC STAN

JackByersRivals: Aaron Downs is making a great case for the DH spot. Had an RBI double earlier and just hit a 426 ft, 105 EV homer to right center.

RobSchneider: These are the masks you wore to “protect yourself”

bluedragonsport: SOFT | HOME RUN ALERT Alexis Mastin launches a three-run homer in the top of the 4th to give the Dragons an 8-0 lead. Dragons still hitting with 1 out in the top of the 4th.

gatewaypundit: Angry Citizens Post Thousands of Notes for Every COVID Vaccine Death in the Netherlands’ Largest News Agency (VIDEO)

885nowplaying: Homer Gaines - Show You What It's Like on Featured Rotation

hEnereyG: More Simpsons merch should feature Homer’s corporate logo. At the very least a golf shirt

SamuelAdamsBeer: And we'll send Homer a fat swag box.

fantasybballbot: team with homer, scooby doo, jerry lucas, justin riley, and kobe bryant

AKeithHammond: I’m a Homer but what Cuellar, Palmer, Dobson and McNally is the standard for all aces to attain.

santafesaints: BSB - Hogue went yard for a two-run homer, and we are in the middle of the 5th. SF 3, South Florida State 1 Watch:

homer4mvs: Should Homer Simpson be in MultiVersus?

yoshixzy: Homer Simpson really had a big ass house 3 kids and a stay at home wife, mf was doing it!

peterhum: I’m back from the finale of the Canadian Culinary Championships. Results likely won’t be announced for an hour. My three faves tonight were by Briana Kim of Alice in Ottawa, Imad-eddine Makraji of Bab Kech in Montreal and Bobby Milheron of Homer St Cafe and Bar in Vancouver

gggnarla: I was on acid for my birthday and my younger friend kept randomly saying “happy 30th birthday, Marla” I wanted to strangle them Bart/homer style

SuzyQVintage: Vintage Homer Laughlin "Cashmere" Rim Soup bowls, Eggshell Geo by SuzyQVintageGoods

CINEMA505: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

ByJasonFoster: Possible reasons the China spy balloon came down: -U.S. took action (the “official” story) -Gastonia person shot it down on vacation in Myrtle Beach -Balloon saw plane sign for free hermit crab, couldn’t resist -Jorge Soler’s Game 6 homer finally re-entered Earth’s atmosphere

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 10 Episode 17, "Simpson of Homer" (Directed by Mike B. Anderson and first aired on October 18, 2001)

41132625M: I repeat what Senator Kennedy said recently: You could put the Big Guy and his Posse in charge of the Sahara Desert and they'd run out of sand. In 2 years time, if you want something really screwed up, the Big Guy is your man. Homer Simpson goes to Washington. Misery on display.

gwondleabout: the thing about drinking three beers is you have to go home and watch the episode of the simpsons where homer goes to rock n roll fantasy camp

kwucoyotes: BSB | Three more for the Coyotes in the 4th, Kendall Foster with his second homer of the day, a 3-run shot, its 15-0 Coyotes after 4

POST_STONKS: Homer tweet.

michaelschwab13: Ohhh… it’s not a balloon, it’s Yordan’s game 6 homer

ODDSbible: Homer whenever Bart misbehaves

LambdaGenPosts: Hey Homer, Burp- about that beer I owe ya! By Puggymation in Half-Life / Fan art

Trey_Explainer: You ever make noises like Homer Simpson while you eat?

CoochieSpare: Andre choking Big John Stud like Homer does to Bart, disrespectful as hell

JackByersRivals: Slate Alford is poised for a breakout sophomore year. He was arguably Mississippi State's best hitter in the fall and just hit an opposite field homer today.

thesimps_ebooks: The Simpsons, Season 03 Episode 07, "Homer Clown Poochie Man an a Maximum Homer the Greath" (Directed by Steven Dean Moore and first aired on November 18, 1992)

KevinShaneFitz1: Bozo had The Grand Prize Game Homer had The Side Show and Harlem gets Ho'me DC Com'ix D C bringn DaClowns snow sknow nose snose SknowS SS Minnows $$

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