Leda Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Where the slow riverA
meets the tideB
a red swan lifts red wingsC
and darker beakD
and underneath the purple downE
of his soft breastF
uncurls his coral feetG
Through the deep purpleH
of the dying heatG
of sun and mistI
the level ray of sun beamJ
has caressedF
the lily with dark breastF
and flecked with richer goldK
its golden crestF
Where the slow liftingL
of the tideB
floats into the riverA
and slowly driftsM
among the reedsN
and lifts the yellow flagsO
he floatsP
where tide and river meetG
Ah kingly kissQ
no more regretR
nor old deep memoriesS
to mar the blissQ
where the low sedge is thickT
the gold day lilyU
outspreads and restsV
beneath soft flutteringL
of red swan wingsC
and the warm quiveringL
of the red swan's breastF

Hilda Doolittle


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