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  • Lethe
    NOR skin nor hide nor fleece
    Shall cover you,
    Nor curtain of crimson nor fine
    Shelter of cedar-wood be over you, ...
  • At Baia
    I should have thought
    in a dream you would have brought
    some lovely, perilous thing,
    orchids piled in a great sheath, ...
  • From Citron-bower
    From citron-bower be her bed,
    cut from branch of tree a-flower,
    fashioned for her maidenhead.
  • At Ithaca
    Over and back,
    the long waves crawl
    and track the sand with foam;
    night darkens, and the sea ...
  • Orchard
    I saw the first pear
    as it fell--
    the honey-seeking, golden-banded,
    the yellow swarm ...
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Flower 12 Great 10 Light 8 Wind 8 White 8 Sea 7 Gold 7 Bright 6 I Love You 6 God 6

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  • Sofiajoubert: * we don't have to know, only to be: let go the jumble of worn words, reason and vanity. - hilda doolittle
  • Sofiajoubert: * i go where i love and where i am loved, into the snow; i go to the things i love with no thought of duty or pity; i go where i belong, inexorably, as the rain that has lain long from "the flowering of the rod" h.d. (hilda doolittle)
  • Lacunalingua_3: rediscovering h.d. (hilda doolittle)
  • Rickoehling: poet hd (hilda doolittle) on life as a shellfish
  • Poemanalysis: check out this poetry analysis! sea rose by hilda doolittle
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