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Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) was King of England from 22 April 1509 until his death in 1547. Henry is best known for his six marriages, and for his efforts to have his first marriage (to Catherine of Aragon) annulled. His disagreement with Pope Clement VII about such an annulment led Henry to initiate the English Reformation, separating the Church of England from papal authority. He appointed himself Supreme Head of the Church of England and dissolved convents and monasteries, for which he was excommunicated by the pope. Henry is also known as "the father of the Royal Navy" as he invested heavily in the navy and increased its size from a few to more than 50 ships, and established the Navy Board.Domestically, Henry is known for his radical changes to the English Constitutio...
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Henry Viii, King Of England Poems

  • Green Groweth The Holly
    1 Green groweth the holly,
    2 So doth the ivy.
    3 Though winter blasts blow never so high,
    4 Green groweth the holly. ...
  • O My Hart!
    O my hart and O my hart!
    My hart it is so sore,
    Sens I must nedys from my love depart
    And know no cunse wherefore....
  • Departure Is My Chef Payne
    Departure is my chef payne;
    I trust ryght wel of retorn agane.

  • Lusty Youth Should Us Ensue
    1 Lusty Youth should us ensue.
    2 His merry heart shall sure all rue.
    3 For whatsoever they do him tell,
    4 It is not for him, we know it well. ...
  • Whoso That Wyll All Feattes Optayne
    Whoso that wyll all feattes optayne,
    In love he must be withowt dysdayne,

    For love enforyth all nobyle kynd ...
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I Love You 12 Love 12 God 7 Heart 5 True 4 Never 3 Mind 3 Alone 2 Pray 2 Live 2

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Welfordwrites: charles v, holy roman emperor. he was indirectly responsible for king henry viii’s decision to break with rome and create the church of england.
Gabeferreirad3: killed for protecting priests during the english reformation. king henry viii wanted his marriage annulled and the pope at the time refused. all things bitter, that didn’t bode well with the king and the church of england spilt from the authority of rome.
Pm19513: st.ofday+st.margaret clitherow 1556-1586,also called margaret ofyork,lived in york,england,daughter of candlemaker and wife of a wealthy protestant butcher.was raised anglican just aftertime that king henry viii severed church of england from communion with roman catholic church.
Courtierroyal: edward took a keen interest in theology, and it is during his reign that the church of england was transformed into a distinct protestant body. after the english reformation, henry viii kept most of the catholic doctrine and ceremonial: the new king abolished celibacy.
Benhoughtonhero: king-henry-viii's-six-wives---real-faces---the-6-queens-of-england>
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