Harry Crosby I Love You Poems

  • 1.
    I would you were the hollow ship
    fashioned to bear the cargo of my love
    the unrelenting glove
    hurled in defiance at our blackest world
  • 2.
    Venus is sleeping with Fire
    Because it is winter and cold

    With Echo
  • 3.
    I am the criminal whose chest is tattooed with a poinard above which are graven the words 'mort aux bourgeois'. Let us each tattoo this on our hearts.
    I am the soldier with a red mark on my nakedness-when in a frenzy of love the mark expands to spell Mad Queen. Let us each tattoo our Mad Queen on our heart.
    I am the prophet from the land of the Sun whose back is tattooed in the design of a rising sun. Let us each tattoo a rising sun on our heart.

  • 4.
    O ye who claim to be our loyal friends
    Come now and build for us a funeral pyre,
    And lay our emptied bodies on the fire,
    Pray for our souls, murmur your sad amens;
  • 5.
    Why should I be subsevient to fate
    Si peu de chose before a giant world
    Poor little ship with little sail unfurled
    To catch the sun-breze at the harbor gate?
  • 6.
    Moon of leaves,
    Moon of the falling leaves,
    To you I bring the slippers
    of the sun.
  • 7.
    (Self-Portrait) Omens and Astrology. A desert flat and undisturbed, stupid and forlorn. Sunless. a caravan of failures. Pons Asinorum and the Feast of the Ass and revolt against standardized American childhood.
    War and Violence.
    Catapults and Torches and the first stray thrusts of Sun into the Soul. Bombardments and Bordels. Heraldry and High Walls. Too rigid to crumble but not too strong to fracture.

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