Heliograph Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: ABC DE FG CH ID JD

Self Portrait Omens and Astrology A desert flat and undisturbed stupid and forlorn Sunless a caravan of failures Pons Asinorum and the Feast of the Ass and revolt against standardized American childhoodA
War and ViolenceB
Catapults and Torches and the first stray thrusts of Sun into the Soul Bombardments and Bordels Heraldry and High Walls Too rigid to crumble but not too strong to fractureC
Post War DepressionD
Extensive swamps formed by alcohol stagnating in the brain Away from the gregariousness of the elephant towards the singleness of the hawkE
Omens and AstrologyF
From Fog to Sun Leaves and Inflorescence Four columns of red marble The scorification method Love Madness Torchbearer and the complete entrance of Sun into Soul SunfireG
Boa ConstrictorC
through the thick grass Red Skeletons Silver Scar by Silver Image and Cicatrix Reculer pour mieux avancer The beaten forces were at last withdrawn safely into the IslandH
The Primitive MethodI
of strengthening the soul by dropping red hot sunstones into it Rimbaud and Van Gogh Counter Attack Turbulence Chariot of the SunD
The Mad QueenJ
The violent state of fusion Her Sun tattoed on my back The bold progressive march to the Sun Multiplication of Madness anarchism I lay siege to the SunD

Harry Crosby


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