And my gelid hands did grip you're neck,
And left you wheezing in a helpless wreck.
I stood outside you're fruitless door,
And pounced I did but at a casual time.

I stabbed you're soul and left you weak,
I left you brainsick and unable to speak.
You're breath was thick and hurried,
I loved every second of it.

I fed on you're happiness and left you in despair,
A light soul you were but I liberated that light and left you with dark,
In a parallel universe where there were no stars.

You're thoughts no longer belonged to you,
I took them, I twisted them and I locked them away,
How stupid you were because you had the key,
And you were the only one who could set you're thoughts free.

And how slow- witted you were because you knew you owned the key,
And you could get rid of me with a punch and a twist in the rusty door knob that kept you're thoughts,
And you were told this by many but I was too loud and you couldn't hear them.

But I'm inanimate and can't be seen,
People cannot understand when you're tears stream and you try to present me but I cannot he perceived,
And this is because you are you're own enemy.