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My poetic thoughts written on a virtual gazette ...
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  • Hello Anxiety
    And my gelid hands did grip you're neck,
    And left you wheezing in a helpless wreck.
    I stood outside you're fruitless door,
    And pounced I did but at a casual time. ...
  • Our Generation
    Are we all golems now?
    What happened to our emotions and our mindfulness?,
    We used to love the exterior but now we have all created our own interiors,
    Brainwashed we are, ...
  • Who Needs School?
    In the future, fifteen years from now,
    This won't matter,
    My name carved into that desk will just be a carving,
    And the pot-bellied children will still be starving. ...
  • Ugly Roses
    Like a rose she was picked and he squandered her time,
    In her little red dress she wasn't really fine.

    And like a rose she was but tugged from the ground, ...
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There is a blue star, Janet,
Fifteen years- ride from us,
If we ride a hundred miles an hour.

There is a white star, Janet,
Forty years- ride from us,
If we ride a hundred miles an hour.


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