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BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay Punches Roasted Waiter

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay Tricks Roasted Waitress

fiora_txt: Gordon Ramsay who?

BotRamsay: GORDON RAMSAY Throws Horrific Moussaka Into the Parking Lot

JoyceCa648: Gordon Ramsay's new Dash game

Jeohnny: The most unexpected and surprising encounter I have in my life so far is to be in one frame with The Great Gordon Ramsay also Giselle: the trio I didn't think could happen. Who would have thought he'd own a burger and street pizza restaurant in Korea and invited me to tag along?

kfad_bot: DUEL! Terror on Mashup Lane - WR2M1! Gordon Ramsay vs. Etemon! Who are you voting?

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay Shuts Down Sick Fish Tank Waitresss

BotRamsay: GORDON RAMSAY Served a 'Garbage Lap-Dancing'

kjd0pe: Yes Gordon Ramsay, exactly, exactly someone like him.

BotRamsay: GORDON RAMSAY Accused of Planting LIVE Lobster at Restroom Door

beaconjournal: Local Hell's Kitchen contestants make Gordon Ramsay's preferred dishes from cooking show

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay Reacts to Finding DEAD Sheep in the Fish Tank

keynanursakyna: I feel the same thing macam over sangat comment! Even for real chef and people who educated in Culinary world pon tak biadap macam nie! Like hello Gordon Ramsay himself ade background & experiences in this field but you? Buat malu aje and stick to your acting please!

BotRamsay: Livid GORDON RAMSAY Shuts Down Staff's Favorite Bowls

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay INSULTS Appalling Pork Into the Street

zachary12f: Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape: 100 of my favourite Indian recipes 2CRYMXQ

BotRamsay: GORDON RAMSAY Hurls Plate Out of a Window

bot11763235: Sabrina the medical scientist is borrowing/lending money (not banking) but is run over at 15 miles per hour by Gordon Ramsay.

froggibot: a Roro fact: i have the same birthday as gordon ramsay

BotRamsay: Overcooked, Contaminated Waitress Includes GORDON RAMSAY by Refusing to Taste His Fish

BotRamsay: Customer Serves GORDON RAMSAY Stubborn Meatballs

mattvettese: We need a Gordon Ramsay TikTok duet criticizing Russell Wilson's cooking.

BotRamsay: GORDON RAMSAY Served DISGUSTING Risotto and Chewy Ravioli

notbasma: my projects professor is gordon ramsay of engineering

Sunny102_3: How To Horrify Gordon Ramsay In Less Than Two Minutes

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay Boxing a Arrogant Restaurant Chef

sunburntouttn: gordon ramsay and nathan fielder are aligned but nathan fielder is more evil because at least with gordon ramsay u know he is evil

ChicagoFoodMag: Gordon Ramsay Burger Chicago Introduces the CELEBRAT10N Burger

NahidAlaei: 3 Desserts That Aren't Pumpkin Spiced | Gordon Ramsay

TuSoonShakur: If Gordon Ramsay discriminated against his Lakotan assistant, would the Sioux chef sous chef sue chef?

katelierpierrot: a date with arven involves binge watching every single series starring gordon ramsay

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay Is FURIOUS About Being Served Ridiculous Lamb Chops

Scottymatch: I would love to see a series where Gordon Ramsay takes over as a manager for a corporate chain like McDonald’s or some shit and he can’t change anything at all he just has to be a fast food manager

thakurign: It’s holiday season, and I’ve got family around - but I wish Nigella Lawson was my Aunty and Gordon Ramsay the Uncle

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay’s Tragic Dessert

DailyRecipeIdea: Two Recipes That'll Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay

ItsPranil69: I've had a lot of success' I've had failures, so I learn from the failure. - Gordon Ramsay BB SHOW MORE OF STAN

kjd0pe: Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell are my soul animals.

unraveled_ooc: Ooh, look at Gordon Ramsay over here making warm milk.

davidguignery6: Two Recipes That'll Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay

makigumo_p: Imagine Kaoru chan all grown up and becomes a celebrity chef and she's hosting a cooking show with Gordon Ramsay! I wish someone would draw that. Sachiko already been drawn with Elon Musk. So I hope more collaboration soon!

kaiman_bot: 'Gordon Ramsay?' Who the hell is that and why is he on here!?

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay Ruins the Restaurant

maddiee1985: this is already insane with the mom as gordon ramsay deciding who has the chops to bring desserts to christmas absolutely nuts

Reko_Ebooks: Same energy Think Gordon Ramsay was ahead of the strike tbh.

LVJYMOA: mark boardman morphed with gordon ramsay

B9OMGYU: gordon ramsay mentors that one italian dude ??;)(848&?&?

creativitae_: me w gordon ramsay

spinningjoe: pros of doing a gordon ramsay impression while cooking dinner: - hilarious - seriously you should see it, very funny cons: - non-zero chance that ash kills me

RiotGrlErin: cannibal gordon ramsay kills colonel mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick then makes a tasty idiot sandwich.

QueenIq40137742: Gordon Ramsay bio, career, net worth, wife » GhBase•com™

theinquisitr: Food Influencer Is Flabbergasted After A Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips Restaurant Worker Told Him 'Everything Is Contaminated'

BotRamsay: Violent Waiter Loses Cook-Off to GORDON RAMSAY’s Butter

kabutocooldude: Why tf did I have a dream that Gordon Ramsay was the next doctor who?!?

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay vs. The Elderly

rollerska8er: lmao at people just discovering that Gordon Ramsay is a bully

bug_in_a_cage: GORDON RAMSAY: [opens up another drum, full of congealed blood] Oh my GOD!!! OH NO!!!! GIANT: Yeah, that's unacceptable. That shouldn't happen. GORDON: YOU'RE STORING RANCID HUMAN BLOOD ON THE SAME SHELF AS BONE BREAD!!!! GIANT: It's disgusting, Chef. GORDON: SMELL THAT!!!

idontspeakomg: I miss those days when I used to watch Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares on the weekends with my dad while lazying around the couch and going to sleep once it’s 4pm and waking up at 5pm and then just vibing the rest of the weekend

ruairidhduffs: If Gordon Ramsay was from Dundee he would be like Where's the lamb sauce iyy

christut8: Gordon Ramsay encounters a porthole to Skyrim.

Unknown_200716: If you link with me at the crib don't expert us to do shit freaky. Our ass gone be making shit in the kitchen cooking like Gordon Ramsay, Chill/watching a movie and maybe sum tiktoks bruh.

AsianAndyFilms: I watched “the menu” yesterday and I thought it was a movie about food and was gonna be some raging Gordon Ramsay stuff, that’s why it’s rated R. But it was actually a scary movie and now I’m traumatized.

NHLDraftBot: With the 166th overall selection in the NHL Draft, the Colorado Avalanche is proud to select: Gordon Ramsay.

moetweets1: gordon ramsay please shout at me

kfad_bot: The Round 2 Losers of Live for Another Day 2 are Richard Cheese, Gordon Ramsay, Giovanni, and Lone Digger.

lizardmancer: GORDON RAMSAY (being served a mushroom risotto) wow. how many mushrooms do you reckon are in this risotto? WAITER: i dont know. upwards of 100,000 GORDON RAMSAY (disappointed look on his face as he cradles a massive bale of fresh mushrooms): christ. That's far too many mushrooms.

zia44438735: i was on masterchef Jr in like 4th grade it’s one of my darkest secrets. but when i met him in 2016 he was literally this gray they’ve been editing Gordon Ramsay Ginger

britellfilms: could you imagine saying that to gordon ramsay. get him on a ramsay cooking show NOW

BotRamsay: Fed Up GORDON RAMSAY Throws Up From Waiter's Favorite Bottles

BotRamsay: Gordon Ramsay’s Butter-Prank Ends in Tears

deviousjourney: The phrase "I don't need to be a chef to know if my food tastes bad" holds a lot less weight when you've watched "Kitchen Nightmares". A 67 year old Greek dude, ready to fight Gordon Ramsay because he pointed out the humus is runny, questing what he knows about "real" Greek food

floofboyftw: This but also the discourse never actually talked about the real consequences of it and it was just Gordon Ramsay going: "This isn't real food and if you work at Mcdonald's you're not a real chef and are a shallow person"

BotRamsay: One of the Most Fake Pubs Gordon Ramsay Has Ever Seen!

washingtonpost: Review: Gordon Ramsay gets half of it right at his Fish & Chips at the Wharf

froggibot: a Roro fact: i have the same birthday as gordon ramsay


gumbylievable: Every time I cook dinner, I like to imagine Gordon Ramsay saying “Now THIS is a restaurant-quality dish!” like on MasterChef Jr.

brittbrown__: I feel like cooking might be my calling , I wanna take a Gordon Ramsay course

lovabledaniels_: ‘I need Gordon Ramsay on this ASAP’ – viral TikTok ‘burger’ slammed

anacaulfield: gordon ramsay in jia song’s vlog is the most random thing i’ve seen last week

JulioCesrChavez: Gordon Ramsay: “I recommend a 5 kilo (11 pound) bird” American grocery stores:

NowMyNews: Gordon Ramsay banged for burger sauce that looks like "orange muck."

nuyorican_21: BEST and WORST Steaks Served To Gordon Ramsay | Hell's Kitchen

Caerdwyn: ...and the last. This is all beginner-level stuff, suitable for folks who don't cook too often as much as for more experienced cooks. If you want something fancy, go have Gordon Ramsay yell at you or something.

MillieSRamsey: Cooking pasta makes me feel like I can cook anything Gordon Ramsay style Oh also scrambled eggs

amazinchow: I'm almost caught up to Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted and I want moreee! It's such a perfect mix of adventure and food

highway_62: It's funny. My son showed me an episode of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon Ramsay is having to deal with a deeply, scarily, delusional pair of restaurant owners. He's a forceful guy, doubt it's an act, in the slightest.

inasunnystate: Watching videos of Gordon Ramsay being nice to people makes me cry

LordTaggart: Gordon Ramsay makes such a nice turkey on YouTube.

homesandgardens: Gordon Ramsay uses this pan in his home – and he says it 'cooks to utter perfection'

dizzysaur: never understood why people liked gordon ramsay aside from him being a meme hes genuinely just a sick asshole

urfavc4tgirl: maroun chedid is the arab gordon ramsay

dman2483: Gordon Ramsay looks like a Cross between John C Reilly and Chris Jericho.

GordonRamsayBot: today im here at the Gordon Ramsay Hotel to see if i can help them fix up the establishment

MovieOrama: Fox Unveils ‘Next Level Chef’ Season 2 Promo, Gordon Ramsay Returns (TV News Roundup)

CunningShowbiz: Fox Unveils ‘Next Level Chef’ Season 2 Promo, Gordon Ramsay Returns (TV News Roundup)

emilyroseebooks: Gordon ramsay furry confirmed.

Sahu_Ent: Fox Unveils ‘Next Level Chef’ Season 2 Promo (TV News Roundup)

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