The word tomorrow evokes laughter,
For tomorrow doesn't exist here.

We make plans for future,
We build castles in the air,
Accident ,Tsunami, earthquake,
Your life anything can take.

So Live in this moment here,
That is what is real here,
Anything beyond the present moment,
Is a mere figment of imagination.

Thoughts of future,
Ruins our present here,
We don't live in the moment here,
We live in a figment of imagination.

Life not lived in the moment,
That's a life not lived at all.

Behave intelligently,
Work diligently,
Your Future will be bright automatically

Physically in present,
Mentally in illusion
That is a strange way of living,
That is not intelligence.

Live the moment in hand,
Live it wisely,
For the moment is all that exists frankly.

Life is transient,
Nothing is permanent,
Death can knock any day,
When it comes you should be able to say.
I lived happily every moment of the day.