The ancient wisdom silence is golden
Just cannot be and should not be forgotten

Silence is a powerful weapon
It can be used easily by everyone

If someone criticizes you
Just keep silence
If someone instigates you
Just keep silence
Other person will get bored
And automatically stop his action

For fighting you need two person
If one is silent, fights tops that instance
Same applies for all happenings
To achieve peace silence is the best medicine

When mind is silent
Its work is deligent
And there is perfection
In all operation

Time that is saved
Can be devoted to things that was always craved

Resultant happiness and bliss
The stillness and the mental peace
Can we yours for free
If you practice silence daily

As your mind becomes silent
You become observant
Of the beauty available in abundance

Only he who is silent can achieve eternal bliss
That bliss is definitely not worth a miss

So practice silence from today
And achieve happiness everyday