I am the child that owned struggle
I was an angel but i’ve become devil
Dream chaser I ain’t sleep
I wake up before they start to sweep

You can’t hustle me!
The dream is all that keeps me alive
Streets are worse I need second chance
My wingz are broken I can’t give you ride
I am straight there is nothing to hide

You can’t hustle me!
I can be attracted but not gained
I can be lied but not I am not believer
I can follow your lead but I have my destiny
I am slow to disagree but hard to accept

You can’t hustle me!
I love people I help them for free
I learnt to understand their feelings & emotions
I learnt to show some respect to those who ain’t need it
I learnt to fool those ones who’s fooling me
And ignore those who can’t do nothing for me

You can’t hustle me!
I learnt to differ wolf from a sheep
I learnt to smile even I’m in pain
I learnt o standup and lame when I’m down
And learnt to live with a truth I fear.
Stop playing with me
You can’t hustle a hustler!