Heal her broken heart
She tried to restrain the tears pickling her eyes,
But it was impossible to contain them,
She felt the pain that hounded her in her heart,
She had all her spirit crushed,
It was lying up in the dust of the ground,
But she had to take a deep breadth to control her emotions.

Thus did not help for she failed miserably,
Tears rolled down her cheeks,
She was desperate to be all alone,
She just needed a hidden corner,
To unburned her tears from prying eyes,
It was so painful to bear.

She nearly cried her heart out,
And the tears didn't stop at all,
But she was at least able to tame them,
It wasn't easy for her,
For the memory was still fresh in her mind,
It hunted her to wonder her feelings for him.

She decided to gasp for air,
As she was recalling the horrendous sight,
But she tried so hard to recompose herself,
She wondered where she could find,
This humane person, just to mend her heart,
The best thing is that she beloved to find one.