To Seem The Stranger Lies My Lot, My Life Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


To seem the stranger lies my lot my lifeA
Among strangers Father and mother dearB
Brothers and sisters are in Christ not nearB
And he my peace my parting sword and strifeA
England whose honour O all my heart woos wifeA
To my creating thought would neither hearC
Me were I pleading plead nor do I I wearD
y of idle a being but by where wars are rifeA
I am in Ireland now now I am at a th iacute rdE
Remove Not but in all removes I canF
Kind love both give and get Only what wordE
Wisest my heart breeds dark heaven's baffling banF
Bars or hell's spell thwarts This to hoard unheardE
Heard unheeded leaves me a lonely beganF

Gerard Manley Hopkins


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