Solace. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


One Autumn evening wandering when the sun was hanging lowA
Through a woodland where the music of a streamlet's gentle flowA
Commingled with the rustling of the yellow golden leavesB
And the idling breeze's sighing as it floated through the treesC
I heard sweet voices whispering in accents soft and lowA
That lulled to rest the troubled soul like those of long agoA
Enchanted thus I lingered by unseen hands fast boundD
My willing fancy captive to the magic of sweet soundD
And eagerly I listened to the whispering voices tellE
Of happy days of childhood and the tear unbidden fellE
As were pictured to the mind again the halcyon scenes of yoreF
And loved ones that no more I'll meet till on the silent shoreF
And as the slanting shadows fell athwart the scattered leavesB
The language that the voices spoke was formed of words like theseC
You may mingle with the sordid world in eager restless hasteG
To struggle for the golden fruit that Mammon loves to tasteG
But find at last the end attained that there are better thingsH
To satisfy the longing heart that sweeter solace bringsH
Thy Springtime thy Summer and thy Autumn's mellowed hazeI
If rightly lived and rightly spent will bring rare happy daysI
That temper with their sunshine the frigid Winter's wrathJ
When gathering storms are darkling o'er life's declining pathJ
And lend a ray celestial that hoarded gold ne'er gaveK
To lighten all thy journey from the cradle to the graveK

George W. Doneghy


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