Who is Alice Meynell

Meynell in 1912 Meynell by John Singer Sargent, pencil, 1894
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Alice Meynell Poems

  • Parted
    Farewell to one now silenced quite,
    Sent out of hearing, out of sight,--
    My friend of friends, whom I shall miss,
    He is not banished, though, for this,-- ...
  • A Song Of Derivations
    I come from nothing; but from where
    Come the undying thoughts I bear?
    Down, through the long links of death and birth,
    From the past poets of the earth, ...
  • Maternity
    One wept whose only child was dead,
    New-born, ten years ago.
    "Weep not; he is in bliss," they said.
    She answered, "Even so, ...
  • Cradle-song At Twilight
    The child not yet is lulled to rest.
    Too young a nurse, the slender Night
    So laxly holds him to her breast
    That throbs with flight. ...
  • The Return To Nature.
    IT was the south : mid-everything,
    Mid-land, mid-summer, noon ; ...
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Heart 11 Sweet 9 World 9 Night 9 Life 8 Bright 7 Long 7 Sky 6 Summer 6 Young 6

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Comments about Alice Meynell

  • Artistwithwords: happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of the mind. alice meynell
  • Mapp_project: excited to announce that the mapp bio of alice meynell, written by dr. kimberly rodda, is now live! meynell was a well-reviewed modernist poet and prolific essayist--max beerbohm suspected her column would become a “substitute for the english sabbath.”
  • Carylloper: happiness is not a matter of events; it depends upon the tides of the mind ~alice meynell
  • Egirlbiz98: a child is beset with long traditions. and his infancy is so old, so old, that the mere adding of years in the life to follow will not seem to throw it further back - it is already so far. :- alice meynell
  • Soulecting: happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of the mind. alice meynell
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