Faith Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Lord how couldst thou so much appeaseA
Thy wrath for sin as when man's sight was dimB
And could see little to regard his easeA
And bring by Faith all things to himB
Hungry I was and had no meatC
I did conceit a most delicious feastD
I had it straight and did as truly eatC
As ever did a welcome guestE
There is a rare outlandish rootF
Which when I could not get I thought it hereG
That apprehension cur'd so well my footH
That I can walk to heav'n well nearI
I owed thousands and much moreJ
I did believe that I did nothing oweK
And liv'd accordingly my creditorL
Believes so too and lets me goK
Faith makes me any thing or allM
That I believe is in the sacred storyN
And where sin placeth me in Adam's fallM
Faith sets me higher in his gloryN
If I go lower in the bookO
What can be lower than the common mangerL
Faith puts me there with him who sweetly tookO
Our flesh and frailty death and dangerL
If bliss had lien in art or strengthP
None but the wise or strong had gained itQ
Where now by Faith all arms are of a lengthP
One size doth all conditions fitQ
A peasant may believe as muchR
As a great Clerk and reach the highest statureL
Thus dost thou make proud knowledge bend and crouchS
While grace fills up uneven natureL
When creatures had no real lightT
Inherent in them thou didst make the sunU
Impute a lustre and allow them brightT
And in this show what Christ hath doneU
That which before was darkned cleanV
With bushy groves pricking the looker's eyeW
Vanisht away when Faith did change the sceneV
And then appear'd a glorious skyW
What though my body run to dustX
Faith cleaves unto it counting ev'ry grainY
With an exact and most particular trustX
Reserving all for flesh againZ

George Herbert


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