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  • How The Leaves Came Down
    “I'll tell you how the leaves came down,”
    The great tree to his children said,
    “You're getting sleepy, Yellow and Brown,
    Yes, very sleepy, little Red....
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Tree 1 Yellow 1 Brown 1 Hear 1 Stay 1 Great 1 Wide 1 Good 1 White 1 Head 1

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Sammydcraig: lazy susan is jennifer coolidge’s best character- real ones know.
Ohnoitslos: i just found out jennifer coolidge voiced lazy susan in gravity falls
Johncadamssf: clover by susan coolidge is the sequel to the what katy did trilogy. find out what katy really did next right here at john c adams reviews.
Sarahk8gosling: new every morning every day is a fresh beginning; listen, my soul, to the glad refrain, and, spite of old sorrow and older sinning, and puzzles forecasted and possible pain, take heart with the day, and begin again. susan coolidge (full poem
Sashannarcy: everybody talking abt jennifer coolidge but when ppl mention her i only think abt lazy susan☠️
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